What is the Biblical Meaning of Color Green?

Biblically, the color green symbolizes prosperity, renewal, fruitfulness, fertility, and rebirth. There are several scriptures that point to this interpretation of the color green although they do not outright say what the color means. Here are some interpretations of the color green anchored on the Bible. Growth The interpretation of the color green as a … Read more

Seeing Zombies in a Dream Meaning

A zombie dream does not have a good meaning and is only good in that it is a wake-up call. The dream means that you are living your life on autopilot and need to take control of your life. You’re being controlled by things external to you like a mindless zombie. The dream meaning does … Read more

Dog Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dogs in the dream stand for friendship and loyalty. As negative dream symbols, they might mean cowardice and immorality. These are the basic meanings but there are others depending on the details. Here are some dog dreams you might have and what they might mean. Hugging dog dream meaning A dream about hugging a dog … Read more