Airport Dream Meaning

A dream about an airport symbolizes flow, transformation, movement in life, things, and people coming and leaving your life. It could also be a call for you to be patient and learn to understand the times and seasons of your life.

Here are some meanings of dreams about airports.

You are going through a transformation

A dream about an airport could mean you are expecting to go through a major change in your life. In real life, when you are at an airport, the next thing you expect is to board a plane that takes you to a new destination.

The change in location symbolizes transformation: new perspectives, understanding things better and going after bigger and better goals. It stands for a better life in general.

Someone leaving or coming into your life

Airports are symbols of movement: arrivals and departures. This dream could mean there is someone that you feel is about to leave your life. It could be a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a wife, a husband, etc.

This parting of ways could be amicable and under quite happy circumstances. For example, if a friend has to go and live in a far-away state for a job. In some cases, though, it could be a result of a fight or quarrel.

Conversely, a dream about an airport could mean that you are expecting someone to come into your life. Perhaps you are about to start a new relationship, a new business partnership, or a new friendship. Whoever this person might be, the bottom line is that if they come into your life, it will transform for the better.

Losing or gaining something

Airports are dream symbols of people departing from or arriving in our lives. However, they could also mean the loss or gain of things such as jobs, a place in school, a position in an organization, etc.

They can also symbolize the loss or gain of material things such as houses, cars, phones, laptops, and all sorts of possessions. Even the loss of a pet could fall under this interpretation.

If you see an airport in a dream, it could mean that you have a feeling that you are about to lose something – maybe your job, maybe your car, etc. Or, it could be because you have an expectation for these things coming into your life. Maybe you are looking to buy a new house, a new car, or even a new laptop.

You need patience

Airlines are notorious for delayed flights and of course, the only thing you can do is wait patiently.

Seeing an airport could therefore symbolize the need for patience as you wait for the things you desire or need. You will have to be patient as you wait to move on up to the next level in business, education, career, relationships, etc.

Just like there is nothing you can do to make your flight happen sooner, you will need to be still and calm as you wait for the right time for your desires to be fulfilled.

A time of swift advancement but with a price

A dream about an airport could mean you have an opportunity to experience fast growth in your life. This could usher you into a season of effortless growth and prosperity. However, you have to put in some effort before things can take off. This is preparatory work that you might not like but you have to pay your dues as they say.

It’s just like an airport in real life. Once you get on the plane, you get to experience fast transportation. However, you have to go through all sorts of procedures before you can finally get to fly. These are often unpleasant and time-consuming. Once you are done with them, though, you get to relax as the plane takes you to your destination swiftly.

You need to understand life’s times and seasons

Seeing an airport in the dream could be a call for you to pay attention to life’s times and seasons. This is important if you care about doing the right thing at the right time, which is necessary for you to move ahead in life.

Flights are timed. If you are too early, you will have to experience a long time of boring waiting. If you are too late, you miss your flight. This symbolizes opportunities in life. If you are late or underprepared when the chance presents itself, you miss it.

Examples of dreams about airports

Here are some examples and interpretations of dreams in which you might see an airport.

Dream about a burning airport

A dream about a burning airport symbolizes a lost chance for a major transformation in your life. There is something great that you thought would happen and change your life for the better. However, this ended in disappointment hence the dream about a burning airport.

For example, you may have been in a relationship that you thought would take you places. However, as fate would have it, the relationship fell apart. Perhaps there was a business that you felt would be a hit but that turned out to be a loss-maker. Such experiences could spark dreams about a burning airport. It’s like the thing that you thought would launch you to a different and better dimension of life just exploded and burned.

Plane crash at the airport dream

If you see a plane crash at the airport, you are looking at an opportunity that you know could possibly lead to trouble or loss. You need to listen to the tiny voice telling you not to get into this risky endeavor. The opportunity might seem attractive but once the ball gets rolling, you will see it for what it is. This meaning applies if the plane crashed while you were at the airport but were not on board.

If you see a plane you are in suffer a crash at the airport while taking off, it means you have an opportunity that needs very attentive preparation, or else things could fall apart. The launch is a very important part of any endeavor.

If the plane crashed while landing at your destination, it symbolizes poor finishing. After working so much for your transformation or advancement in life, it would be a pain for everything to blow up in your face because of negligence.

Do not get negligent toward the end of an endeavor just because you are confident it would be successful. The journey is not over until it really is, and the trophy is not yours for the taking until you cross the finish line. This dream is much like celebrating too early.

Delayed flight at the airport dream

A dream about a delayed flight at the airport means you are tempted to act in ways you would not normally act because you feel something in your life is taking too long. You are thinking of helping things along by taking a dubious route.

However, you need more patience just like you do when you suffer a delayed flight at the airport in real life. There is nothing you can and should do but wait.

Being lost at an airport

If you dream that you are lost in the dream, it symbolizes a great opportunity that you do not understand. You have a chance to transform your life and take it to the next level, but you just do not know how to utilize this chance. You are filled with uncertainty and self-doubt because this is completely new territory.

What you might want to do in this case is get some help from people that have experience with whatever your opportunity has to do. This is exactly what you would do if you were lost at an airport in real life – ask for direction.

Recurring dreams about an airport

If you have recurring dreams about an airport, it means throughout your life, you have felt like you are not where you are supposed to be. You feel unsettled, restless, and desperate for things to change, for you to get to a new and better place in life. This could be about your life in general or just a department of it.

Some examples could be:

  • being in a long-term relationship that you feel is not right.
  • working at a job that is slowly sucking the soul out of you.
  • or taking a college course or program that you believe is a mistake.
  • Being stuck in a contract that feels like a trap.
  • Living in an area that you feel is horrible.

In such cases, you could dream about airports repeatedly because it’s like you are constantly longing for a journey that will bring change to your life.

People chasing you at the airport

A dream about people chasing you at the airport means you are in the process of transforming your life but you have too many people giving negative opinions about it.

Some might be doing this out of ignorance, while others could simply be trying to discourage you out of jealousy. You have to judge for yourself, figure out what you really want then go for it.

On the other hand, people chasing you at the airport could mean you are surrounded by people that want the best for you, people that would like you to move your life forward. They push you to do better and you know they are right. However, you are ever reluctant to take their advice for… reasons.

In some cases, this dream could mean there are some people that are putting you under pressure to keep up with them. These are people in your circle that seem to be advancing in life, making you feel left behind. You end up trying too hard to change your life in ways that are not suited for you.

Escorting someone at the airport dream

A dream in which you escort someone at the airport means you are in a position to help a friend or relative get to a better place in their life. You may have the resources, the connections, or perhaps just mere information that could transform their life.

However, you could be discouraged to do so for one reason or another. Most people fear helping people in such far-reaching ways because this sometimes just brings trouble instead of blessings.

Dream about an airstrip or small airport

Seeing an airstrip or a small airport in a dream symbolizes opportunities that you underestimate, thinking they cannot take you anywhere in life. It could be a chance for a new job, new business, a place in a college you have no respect for, etc.

This dream is synonymous with the saying, “do not despise small beginnings.” The fact is that whether it is a large airport or a small airstrip, you still would get to a different and better place.

Be careful when turning down opportunities because they seem too small for you. You might end up rejecting the seed that would soon grow into the largest oak tree ever.

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