Alien Dream Meaning

A dream about an alien, extra-terrestrial, or ET, symbolizes situations and people that do not understand. It could also be a reference to your uniqueness and the fact that people do not understand you, as it could well be about your loneliness.

Here are some interpretations of dreams about aliens or extra-terrestrials.

You are misunderstood and judged

Seeing an alien or aliens in a dream could mean you are misunderstood and judged. Your subconscious mind knows that the world knows nothing about aliens yet there are all sorts of fearful judgments about them.

The dream could be a reference to your own life. People have failed to figure you out so they end up filling in the blanks with all sorts of conclusions.

You are afraid to take up an opportunity you do not understand

The alien in this dream could be a reference to a great opportunity that you are scared of taking up because you do not understand it. You would wonder whether approaching an alien would result in a peaceful meeting or your own demise.

Likewise, you are wondering whether taking up this opportunity would build or ruin you. In order to make a confident decision, you might want to take your time to dig into what this opportunity is all about before accepting or rejecting it.

Something unexpected coming into your life

You could be going through a situation that you have never gone through, a situation that is alien to you. The alien in this dream is a symbol of situations that are unexpected and completely new to you.

You might be feeling perplexed, scared, or worried, and these are feelings you would have if you encountered an alien in real life.

You have a hard time fitting in

Just like an alien would stick out among humans, fitting in is difficult for you. You like being yourself, doing your own style, and walking your unique path. However, people try to change you by attempting to shame you for your unconventional tendencies.

But this is just who you are and you couldn’t change even if you wanted to. It would be imprudent of you to change yourself for the sake of acceptance. Soon, you may find others that still do not like you. Would you keep chasing acceptance and approval?

Feelings of loneliness

The alien you saw is a reference to your own feelings of loneliness. You perhaps are in a new city where no one knows you, or maybe you just did something that has made people shun you.

Sometimes, you might find yourself being lonely because you cannot seem to connect with everyday people. You feel you need something deeper, more intelligent, and more engaging but for some reason, you just cannot get this from the many people around you.

It is possible to have friends and family around you and yet feel as lonely as a Martian alien. This often happens if you are going through things they would not understand.

Alien invasion or attack dream meaning

A dream about an alien invasion means you feel overwhelmed by things that you do not understand from all angles of your life. There could be things going wrong in your relationship, issues at school or work, and all sorts of problems hitting you at once.

Such seasons in life show up occasionally and the only right thing to do is to push on. The alien attack will not last forever. After some time, you will be able to figure out what is going on exactly and deal with it accordingly.

Alien attacking your dog

A dream in which you see an alien attack your dog means you could be going through some conflicts with a conflict with a friend because one of you has gone cold. They are reluctant to interact with people because of something going on in their life.

They have now become as strange as an alien to you, having become so aloof that you no longer know anything happening in their life.

Alien in your house

A dream in which you see an alien in your house means as a family, you are faced with a decision that you have never had to make before. You feel uncertain about what direction to take, not knowing anything about the options on the table.

The house in this dream represents your family, meaning this is something that not only affects one person but everyone. Whether the situation is positive or negative, what you need is to make sure you know what exactly you are dealing with before taking any steps.

Alien in your car

A dream in which you see an alien in your car means that for you to move ahead toward your destiny, you will need to embrace your unique self. You may not be able to fit in with the crowd.

However, your personality is just the right fit for the goals and aspirations you have set for yourself. A glance through the pages of history will reveal that some of the greatest people could not be defined using any common terms.

They had unique perspectives and unique dreams. Even though they were sometimes disliked and opposed, they went on to achieve great things. Perhaps this is the life that awaits you. Just be yourself and move forward.

Fighting with an alien or ET

A dream in which you see yourself fighting with an alien means you are struggling to accept your true self because you are different. You keep putting on a mask for the world just so they can accept you.

The fact that you dreamed about fighting with an alien could imply your growth in life will only happen if you allow your true self to shine through the mask you have created. Let those who love you for you remain in your life, and let those that cannot accept the true you get out.

Helping or befriending an alien or extra-terrestrial

A dream in which you see yourself helping an alien means you are quick to understand situations and people. You have intelligence and wisdom that allows you to figure out things that you have never come across, things that you had no prior knowledge of. This is great if you have any leadership aspirations.


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