Spider Dream Meaning

Spiders are creepy critters. A dream about spiders means there is emotional trouble going on within you, or that there is trouble coming, at least.

The specific meanings depend on the specificities of the dream, whether the spiders were many, whether the spider was giant, or whether they were attacking you.

Here are all the dream meanings of seeing spiders in the dream.

Dreams about lots of spiders

Dreaming about a lot of spiders means you have too many fears that are crippling your life. Spiders stand for fears that may either be rational or irrational.

Seeing multiple spiders in your dream means there are things going on in your life that are causing you to live in intense fear. It could be problems at work, school, in your relationship, or at work.

The kind of fear is in some cases the fear of physical harm or loss. It means your finances, your properties or your physical well-being could be at risk.

What to do: You may be overwhelmed and taking things on all at once will not work for you. You need to take things one day at a time, as long as you are making some progress.

Dream about killing spiders

A dream about killing spiders means your subconscious mind is telling you to rise up and take control of your life despite all that you fear.

The dream is a warning that your life is about to be overwhelmed by problems from all directions.

This should not be a reason to be afraid or worried. The fact that you are seeing this dream means there is some room for redemption.

What to do: You saw yourself killing spiders in the dream. It means you have the power to overcome your immediate problems.

But you will need to summon the power within and rise to the occasion. Things won’t happen by themselves.

Dreams about spiders hanging over you

A dream about a spider hanging over you implies an enemy in your life who is only slowly planning to attack you.

You can feel that there is a problem, you have sensed that this person is not really who they claim to be, but are just not sure yet.

The dream could also be interpreted as a problem that you think is no big deal but that may soon wreak havoc in your life. It could be a bad habit that you are entertaining.

You do know it could get out of control and this is a source of some degree of anxiety in your life.

What to do: You have to take a thorough look at your life and spot out any possible sources of trouble that you might be overlooking.

Spider dreams while pregnant

A spider dream while pregnant means your child will be a multiple-business person, multi-talented, and will lead many people. The legs of the spider imply that your child will have many businesses, many sources of income.

They will be someone many people will look up to. But that is if you simply saw a spider in your dream and it was not trying to attack you.

If you were scared of the spider in the dream, it means you are anxious about the well-being of your child.

You are too concerned about your baby’s health, the finances to take care of your baby, and if at all you will be able to handle the change that will come in your life.

What to do: Do not worry about anything. Everything will be fine as long as you do what you are supposed to do. You are not the first person to have a baby.

There have been those in your family that did before you. Learn from them.

What does it mean to dream about spiders jumping on you

If you dream about a spider jumping on you, it means there is some trouble that will come at you out of nowhere.

It will just jump at you from out of the blue without a warning. It can be a problem in your relationship, your job, your business, or your career.

What to do: Prepare yourself for anything. Since you do not know what is coming, you will not be able to prepare yourself physically. But, what will be beneficial is to prepare yourself mentally.

Spider web dream meaning

If you dream about a spider web, it means your life is currently such a puzzle that you do not know where to start.

Things have gone wrong in one of your departments, either in your relationship, your business, our your job, and this is making things complicated even in other areas of your life.

Things are as complicated and sticky as a spider web.

What to do: There is no problem without a solution. Even though things may seem sophisticated, you can still make everything right by taking everything one step at a time. Relax, take time to meditate.

Dreaming of spiders everywhere

If you dream of spiders everywhere, it means you are surrounded by fake people. Not everyone could be fake, but most of them are.

They are simply trying to take as much as they can from you. Some are jealous of you and are willing to betray you, steal from you, slander your name, and ruin your reputation.

The result is that you will feel like you have nowhere to turn to. Even the people you helped will seem to be against you.

What to do: This will be momentary and you will be led to great places. Do not make things worse by taking actions that may damage you.

Relax. Take a deep breath, take a break and try to have a clear picture of what’s going on, and who is exactly who.

What does it mean to dream about spiders attacking you

To dream about a spider attacking you implies energetic enmity. By energetic enmity, I mean there is a great deal of negative energy coming your way from those around you. It is usually in the form of jealousy.

There are lots of jealous people around you and these will attempt to bring you down out of their fear that you will succeed and get the things that they could only imagine or dream.

What to do: Keep your stand. You will not be harmed if you do not let the energy get to you and affect your inner emotions. The water outside a boat cannot sink it. As long as it is outside, you will remain afloat.

Spider dream meaning psychology

A dream about spiders can be psychologically interpreted as facing many confusing problems in your life.

A spider stands for the confusion that entangles you more and more the more you try to get yourself free. The confusion could be in your relationship, your education, or your job.

Destroying a spider web in a dream meaning

To destroy, a spider web in the dream means you have reached a point at which you will now sort out your problem. It means a time is coming when you will say enough is enough, and deal with your issues once and for all.

The dream essentially means you now have gathered the power and courage to solve your issues. You may not consciously realize this as this is all in your subconscious mind.

What to do: Now is the time to start making plans to dismantle your problems. The dream usually comes when you feel like giving up is the only way to go. It means you actually have it within you to overcome. Start by taking things one day at a time, inch by inch, you will get there.


Dream about killing multiple spiders

A dream about killing multiple spiders means you are about to cut ties with many people in your life that are not beneficial to your walk in this world. They do not have to be your enemies necessarily, although some are, the list will include people who had no value to you. It does not mean they are useless, it means they are just not for you.

What to do: The process will happen naturally. Your subconscious mind has realized the need for this and you will start dropping people one by one.

Killing a tarantula in your dream

If you see yourself killing a tarantula in the dream, it means you have overcome a deep negative emotion that was hindering your life. This could be a deep fear, anxiety, insecurity about your abilities or appearance, or something you regret greatly from the past.

The dream is a positive one and should not worry you. It means you have grown enough to step over your emotional barriers that may have been hampering your advancement in your life.

What to do: You are powerful enough to overcome your fears, worries, and insecurities. Your dream is a sign that you can take any step you deem necessary but have always been unsure about.

Spider and pregnancy superstitions in dreams

There are many spider and pregnancy superstitions. But if you dream about a spider in the dream, it means that your child will be multi-talented and may have many businesses. You child will lead many people just like a web traps many insets in its web.

As a spider makes a web and stays in the center, it means your child will be the center of attention.

If you dream that a spider is attacking you in the dream while you are pregnant, it simply means your fears and worries about your child and how you will take care of it are affecting you.

Dreaming of walking through spider webs

A dream in which you walk through spider webs means your life has too many problems that you will ultimately overcome. However, at the moment, these issues are crippling your judgment and obscuring your mental sight just like a spider web does.

What to do: If you apply yourself, solving these problems will be as easy as walking through spider webs. There is nothing to fear, just as spider webs are harmless even though they may look eerie sometimes.


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Giant spider dream meaning

To see a giant spider in the dream means you have one deep anxiety that is towering above everything in your life. It is a sign that you are feeling helpless and do not know what to do. The giant spider is simply a symbol of that feeling of directionlessness.

What to do: You need to seek as much help as you can. You have a tendency of trying to do things by yourself. It is a good trait, but it has also hampered you because no man is an island.

Eating a spider in a dream

If you see yourself eating a spider in the dream, it means there is a situation you have found yourself in that is tempting you to be dishonest and do things that you know are wrong.

There is a battle going on within you. Should you do it to get the gains even though this is wrong? This inner battle is what has manifested as eating a spider in your dream.

What to do: You will need to think through everything before you do it.

Dream about stepping on spiders

If you see yourself stepping on spiders in your dream, it means there has been a journey that you have always wanted to take but some kind of fear or doubt was stopping you. It could a business you have always wanted to start, or a relationship, or even an education course you may have thought to start.

What to do: The dream of yourself stepping on spiders implies that your inner person is really dying to go into new things, and the fears that have always stopped you are no longer in your way.

Dream of black widow spider bite

If you dream of a black widow spider bite, it means there is something you are doing that you think is right but that will come back to bite you. The dream comes when you are on a path that you think is leading you to great places but only ends up getting you in trouble.

The dream shows up if you are tolerating a bad habit, have bad friends that you retain in your life despite knowing they are not good for you.

What to do: Take responsibility for your life. Remember that you are in control.

Dream about someone killing a spider

If you see someone kill a spider in a dream, it is your subconscious mind telling you to let more people into your life and let them help you. There is deep anxiety within you and the more you try to get things sorted out, the worse they get. This dream is a sign that you will need to just ask for help from whoever.

What to do: Do not be closed up. Let people in and let them help you. Ask for it and stop pretending like you can hold everything together when you really collapsing inside.

Removing cobwebs in dream

If you see yourself removing cobwebs in the dream, it means you have familial issues that you have to deal with. Cobwebs are found in the house and other buildings. The house in the dream symbolizes your family. The cobwebs stand for different issues in your family such as fights, health issues, vendettas, jealousies, and others.

What to do: You do not need to get along with everyone in your family. However, you cannot do away with your family altogether. They will always be attached to you but just don’t give them your time or attention.

What does it mean to dream about spiders crawling on you

If you see spiders crawling on you, it means you are are right in the court of trouble but it has not just yet erupted. You are in a situation that has left you feeling confused but things will only get worse from here. Your subconscious mind knows this. It has processed this and has foreseen the troubles coming.

What to do: The trouble has not yet fully set in. There is room for you to sort things out but you will need to take measured action and not act out of fear. Every step has to be rational and calculated.

Dream about spiders multiplying

A dream about seeing spiders multiplying means there is some deep anxiety you are going through that you cannot see the end of. There is trouble but since you are in a state of anxiety, you will only make things worse if you try to solve it. The result is that you will, even more, anxious which put you in no place to solve your issues.

What to do: Do not act if you have no mental clarity. You need to take a step back and see everything in a clearer light. Seek help from those around you, if they are willing to help.

Red spider in the dream meaning

To see a red spider in the dream means there is emotional turmoil that has arisen from your own sexual passion.

The dream could also mean that trouble is still coming ahead. It will shake up your relationship and this may sip into your other departments of life.

The red spider in the dream could also mean there is some event coming in your relationship that will leave you feeling anxious.

What to do: You will need to be absolutely honest in the coming month when it comes to your relationship. It is also a warning for you to be careful with the people you start a relationship with.

Black spider dream meaning

To see a black spider in the dream means there is someone in your life who is not being sincere with you. It means they have ulterior motives and are actually setting up a snare for you.

This person may have started out as a good friend but may have changed along the way. The change may have come as a result of jealousy, most likely, and they are trying to bring you down.

What to do: You will have to take a look at those around you. Anone who shows any signs of jealousy or insecurity should be cut off. It does not matter who they are. They could actually be family. Whoever they are, get rid of them.

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