Alligator dream meaning

A dream about an alligator means you are dealing with deceptive fake friends in your life. It could also symbolize your naivety and underestimation of situations. There are other meanings as explained below. You will also find over 17 examples of dreams in which you might see an alligator.

Here are some detailed interpretations of a dream about an alligator.

Unreasonable fear

You have a serious fear that has somehow limited your life. However, this fear is misplaced and you really should not be afraid. You do know that your fear is unwarranted but you can’t help it.

The symbolism of this dream is that most people are scared of alligators. However, the fact is that alligators rarely attack humans. An adult human is too large for them to handle. Just like people are terrified of alligators when they really shouldn’t be, you too are afraid of something that should not really scare you.

Deceptive enemies

Alligators and crocodiles are deceptive hunters. They remain motionless underwater or on land and allow prey to come as close as possible. They hide the danger they pose and make the prey think all is well.

This is exactly how deceptive some of your fake friends are. They disarm you and make you drop your guard. Once they are close enough, they push in their knives of malice. They get close to you just to gather information about you. Once they have it, they use it to spin and spread gossip and slander

Deceptive situation

Just like alligators symbolize deceptive fake friends, they also represent deceptive situations. These are situations you approach with naivety and underestimation. Once you have both feet in the river, that’s when you see what kind of hell you have gotten yourself into.

Bad habits can also be deceptive. They start out benign but eat you up with time. Smokers start out with just one cigarette. It seems okay at first and they see no reason to stop. Before they know it, they are smoking a pack per day. Their health declines but they cannot stop. This is exactly like a deceptive Aligator that hides and allows its prey to get really close before striking.

Emotional problems

Alligators are water reptiles and water symbolizes emotion. A dream about an alligator could mean you are experiencing problems due to your emotions. Maybe it is anger, fear, mistrust, hatred, regret, worry, etc. The bottom line is that just like an alligator is found in water, your problem is based on your emotions.

If you are known as an angry person prone to outbursts most people would not want to work with you. You might end up losing many opportunities this way. If you are fearful, you will never get anywhere because all endeavors come with a scary aspect.

Examples of dreams about alligators and their interpretations

Here are some detailed dream situations in which you might see gators. To understand these interpretations, you need to have read the first part of this article.

An aligator attacking a dog

An alligator attacking a dog in a dream means you have a deceptive fake friend who will try to turn your other friends against you. Dogs in dreams stand for friendship, loyalty, etc. As earlier stated, alligators symbolize deceptive friends.

The idea of an alligator attacking a dog means can be interpreted as this fake friend trying to break you away from your loyal ones. You need to watch the people around you and stay away from those you think are enemies in disguise.

Alligator and snake fighting

Earlier in the article, I explained why an alligator symbolizes unwarranted fear. The snake in this dream symbolizes transformation since snakes are able to shed their old skins for new ones. If you see an alligator and a snake fight in the dream, it means you have a chance to transform your life but you have a strong fear holding you back.

This transformation is in a sense a new beginning. Perhaps you have a business opportunity, a relationship opportunity, a chance to go to school, etc. However, you are discouraged by a fear you cannot control.

You need to work through this fear or it will keep you from moving ahead.

Aligator dreams while pregnant

Alligator dreams while pregnant could mean you have too many fears, anxieties, and worries about your pregnancy. However, these fears are not necessary. Your pregnancy will go just fine and you will deliver a healthy baby. That is because as earlier stated in this article, alligators symbolize unwarranted fear so you should not have anything to worry about. However, there is more.

Alligators also symbolize situations that you underestimate or approach with naivety. They also stand for bad behavior that starts out benign but gets out of hand with time. If you dream about alligators while pregnant, the dream means you should watch your habits while expecting. There might be some habits that you think are okay but that might bring you trouble down the line.

killing alligator dream meaning

You have someone in your life pretending to be who they are not but you will soon see them for who they are. This could be a fake friend, a treacherous colleague trying to cozy up to you with malicious intent, etc.

Being chased by an alligator

A dream in which you see an alligator chasing you symbolizes a habit that you really would like to drop but are addicted to. In the beginning, this is something that you may think would be easy to control and you see no harm in it.

But once you go far into it, you get to realize that you cannot escape its detrimental grasp. The symbolism is that this habit chases you as you try to get away from it, just like you saw the alligator chase you in the dream.

Aligator in your swimming pool

A dream in which you see an alligator in the swimming pool means you are emotionally attached to someone or something that you know is harmful to you.

An aligator attacking a child

A dream in which you see an alligator attack a child means there is a gift within you that you have not developed because of unwarranted fear. The gift has remained ‘young’ and underdeveloped. This is the symbolism behind the child in your dream.

There are many fears that keep people from doing things they would like or even things they might be gifted at. These might be:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of the opinions of others
  • Fear of not being good enough

But, as I said earlier on, alligators symbolize overblown fear or fear that should not be there at all. This is fear rooted in the lack of understanding of the situation.

Saving an alligator

  • Coming to terms with your negative side: If you see yourself save an alligator in the dream, it means you are coming to terms with the negative aspects of your life. You have realized that these are a part of you just as much as the positive parts. Your acceptance of these unpleasant parts will empower you to learn how to deal with them instead of denying them.
  • Making peace with an unpleasant past: Saving an alligator in the dream could also symbolize making peace with your past pain, regret, and embarrassment. These unpleasant experiences can be traumatic when they happen. However, the problem is that we get to be tortured by them years after they have occurred. Our memory just can’t let us forget them, and we relive the shame, pain, and regret every time we remember them.
  • Be careful who you help: But saving an alligator in the dream could also be a warning for you to be careful with the people you choose to help. There are some you have done well for that turned out to be among your worst enemies. Your very help might become a doorway for your enemies to enter your life and attack you from within. If you think through your life, you will realize that this is true and may have occurred a number of times.

Hitting an alligator with your car

You are moving forward despite your fears and enemies. The car stands for advancement in life towards your goals. The alligator you hit represents all the things and people that would want to drag you down and slow down your climb to the top.

This dream could be about anything in your life:

  • Relationship: Your relationship might face several problems but you will move on despite everything and everyone that would want you to split.
  • Education: There could be certain problems that could dash your dreams for the academic qualification you might be pursuing. However, you will move along despite your fear, health issues, emotional problems, and anything that could stop you.
  • Business and career: Business is scary. There is an abundance of examples of people that tried their hands-on business but failed miserably. There might also be pessimistic people discouraging you besides the normal difficulties of business. But all these things, represented in your dream by an alligator, cannot stop you and this is why you saw yourself hit the reptile.

Aligator in your house

Seeing an alligator in your house means you will solve a problem that may have gripped your family for a long time. The house stands for your family while the alligator stands for problems affecting everyone in your family circle. The fact that you saw this animal in your dream means you will figure the problem out and bring it to an end.

Recurring dreams

Lots of alligators

A dream in which you see a lot of alligators symbolizes your pessimism and general negative outlook. You see fear and danger everywhere you look. You feel that everyone is out to get you in some way, and you find it hard to trust people.

If you read the first part of this article, you will see that I said alligators symbolize irrational fear, deceptive fake friends, deceptive situations, and other things. But seeing a lot of these reptiles means you are now seeing deception, enemies, trouble, and fear where there should be none.

Lots of alligators in a dream can also mean you are a shining star and this attracts all sorts of secret enemies. There might be a lot of people wishing you a failure. These are jealous people that wish they could be like you but cannot. So they attack you while pretending to be your friends.

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