Biblical Meaning of White Snakes in Dreams

The Biblical meaning of white snakes in dreams is that God is giving you the spirit of shrewdness as Jesus said in Matthew 10:16, ‘Be as shrewd as snakes but as innocent as doves.’ Therefore, seeing a white snake in the dream has a positive Biblical meaning.

But why does this snake dream have a good Biblical meaning?

White symbolizes positivity

The reason it might Biblically be a good thing to see a white snake in the dream is that white is a color of positivity. It means although the snake is seen as negative, its white color negates this bad characteristic.

This is why the meaning of the dream is taken from Matthew 10:16 as being ‘God is making you shrewd as a snake for the advancement of your life.

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Seeing a small white snake Biblical meaning

To see a small white snake Biblically means that you do have the ability to be shrewd but this positive trait is still in its infancy. It means you have to pay attention in order to make it grow.

The dream means that you may not advance in your life unless you work on your shrewdness. It is often seen as negative to be shrewd but it actually not.

Being attacked or bitten by a white snake Biblical meaning

To see yourself being attacked by a white snake in the dream means that you are shrewd just as Jesus advised in Mathew 10:16. However, you are not using this trait for good, but are using it for selfish purposes and this might turn out bad for you.

The dream Biblically means you have to look into your ways and straighten them. Your being cunning might bring you temporal gains but will be hell in the long run.

Seeing a long white snake Biblical dream meaning

To see a long white snake Biblically means that you have a long and drawn battle coming ahead that will require to be shrewd as Jesus commanded in Mathew 10:16. Again, this is like a heads up and therefore a good dream. It means God will see you through but you have to be shrewd.

White snake biting someone else Biblical dream meaning

To see a white snake bite someone else, such as your child, father, mother, brother, sister, aunt or friend, means that they are in distress and have to awaken their shrewdness as Jesus commanded in Mathew 10:16.

Since you are the one seeing this dream, it might imply that you have a role in making sure this comes to pass and they raise their potential. However, you can only help if you are close to the person that you saw the white snake biting in the dream.

Biblical dream meaning of a white snake in the car

The car in the dream stands for your journey in life. To see a white snake in your car Biblically means that you will not go anywhere unless you are shrewd and attentive. You will need to work hard and be thorough in all your ways, in everything you find your hands doing.

The dream is a good thing since it means if you do persevere, grow your self-reliance like a snake, you will go far.

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  1. Thank you. With me the snake was snow white though someone came and tried to kill it . It got a cut on the head and eventually cut itself to appear like a sheet of paper the wrapped itself on the man that had come to destroy it. The man and snake both disappeared so i kept wondering what had happened to the white snake and man

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