Cat Dream Meaning and Symbolism

The symbolism behind a cat dream is drawn from the animal’s independent, self-reliant, and focused nature. As a negative dream symbol, the cat represents pride, anger, and vindictiveness. The full meaning of a cat dream, however, depends on the details and how you feel during and immediately after the dream.

Here are some common cat dreams and what they mean.

Cat jumping at you dream meaning

A dream in which you see a cat jump at you means you will suddenly find yourself in a situation that will require you to work out a solution by yourself.

This is something that most people will not even know about and you will feel reluctant to talk about it. The dream foreshadows a time in which your ability to stand by yourself will be tested.

What to do: You should mentally prepare yourself for battle. Whatever might come, just take it one day at a time and you will go right through it.

Cat talking to you dream meaning

A dream in which you have a cat talking to you means that you are about to learn an important life lesson from a very unexpected source.

The lesson you will learn will make you wary of people and might force you into loneliness. However, this is merely because the full meaning of the lesson will not be apparent immediately.

Once you grasp its meaning, you will have a better way of dealing with the different characters that surround you.

What to do: Keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to everything going on around you. If you do not learn the lessons you are supposed to get from the things happening in your life, you might find yourself going through a loop.

Cat walking between your legs dream meaning

A dream in which you see a cat run or walk between your legs means you might soon find yourself not moving forward due to your rigid nature.

It is impossible to live with people while demanding everything be done your way. This trait will make your journey towards your destiny far much slower.

What to do: Train yourself to be more accommodating of other people’s points of view. We all need people around us but that requires us to accept their wants as they accept ours. It cannot be a one-way street.

Cat eating your food dream meaning

A dream in which you see a cat eat your food means you do have the pride of a cat and this is causing you to pay too much attention to what people think about you.

This is eating up much of your mental energy and time, and it might just cause you problems.

What to do: It is not advisable to totally ignore what people think about you, but this should not be your main preoccupation.

Cat biting your right hand dream meaning

A dream in which you see a cat bite your right-hand means you have a problem trusting people and you find it easier to be alone.

It is sometimes necessary to be untrusting of those around you but according to this dream, this tendency might just make you underproductive. Furthermore, it might hamper your ability to unlock your full potential.

The right hand in your dream stands for your ability to be productive and generate an income.

What to do: Surely, there has to be some people you can trust within your circle. All you have to do is watch the people around you and whoever will be clearly authentic should be kept close. Keep out all backstabbers, backbiters, and two-faced serpents.

Cat bringing you a bird or mouse, dead or alive dream meaning

A dream in which you see a cat bring you a bird or rat, whether dead or alive, means you have the spirit of self-sufficiency and this will soon bring you rewards.

You do not like bothering people for every little thing and this has made you a pillar to those around you. Soon, people will start to see you as a leader and this is where your destiny might lie.

What to do: Continue being self-dependent but do not let this kill your ability for teamwork. Independence has its place and in some cases, interdependence is what will get you to the greatness you desire.

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Cat with no tail dream meaning

A dream in which you see a cat without a tail, either because it was cut or the animal was born like that, means you will soon get an opportunity that will seem incomplete.

You will see it as a great opportunity but it will seem like something is missing from it, and so you will be tempted to let it pass.

However, if you do let it pass, you will be throwing away a chance at something great. This is something that, once successfully taken up, will make you build your individuality and let the spotlight shine on you.

What to do: Examine the opportunities that come your way and take up all those you resonate with. They do not have to be perfect. It is okay to start with a limp until you get perfect with time and experience.

Colorless cat dream meaning

Seeing a colorless cat in the dream means you will soon find yourself in a situation that will make you question who you are and what exactly you can and cannot do.

You will have to choose between staying true to yourself or letting your pride take a hit. This might be one of the strongest temptations you have ever faced.

What to do: This will be a choice between a troubled conscience and injured pride. Both are undesirable but a restless conscience can be a hard thing to carry.

Cats falling from the sky dream meaning

A dream in which you see cats falling from the sky means you will soon face people that are extremely stubborn—people that cannot be negotiated with.

This might be about your work, business, school, or family but one certainty is that you will be left feeling overwhelmed.

What to do: You will still have to stand your ground as much as you can. If their stubbornness gets unreasonable, maybe it’s time to cut ties and never work with them again.

Finding a cat in your bag dream meaning

A dream in which you find a cat in your bag means you have been carrying a burden in your life that you think is unfair. This is something that leaves you asking, “Why me?”

However, out of it will come a unique ability to be a fighter, be wise, and stand by yourself. These are traits that will get you to high places. Soon, you will be glad you had endured your burden once the good in it becomes apparent.

What to do: Whatever burden you might be carrying, look at it from all angles and try to find the good in it. We cannot choose when burdens come and go but we can choose how to carry them.

Finding a cat in your car dream meaning

A dream in which you find a cat in your car means things are set for you to move forward in life but there are obstacles you first have to deal with by yourself.

The dream means you have to develop faith and confidence within and only then will you see yourself advance. Cars in the dream stand for your ability to move towards your destiny.

What to do: Begin to motivate yourself and feel yourself with confidence. A great way to do this is to use these I Can Affirmations.

Taking care of an orphaned kitten dream meaning

A dream in which you see yourself nursing a stray or orphaned kitten, maybe because the mother was killed, means you do have the positive qualities of a cat. However, these traits are in their infancy and you will only get to develop them through service to others.

You have to momentarily put self-interest on hold and do things purely to serve and grow. This will leave you with traits like courage, self-reliance, and self-confidence.

What to do: Look around you and try to see where your hand might be needed. Even if you find a particular charitable endeavor challenging, try to push yourself until you get it done. This will develop traits within you that will take you far along your journey toward your destiny.

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