Dream about killing someone in self defense

A dream in which you see yourself kill someone in self-defense means your enemies might soon realize that they underestimated you. Those that attack you will not only fail but will actually propel you forward unintentionally. It means your enemies did not understand just how hard you can fight back. They are fighting a losing … Read more

Dream of Someone Stealing Your Dog Meaning

A dream in which you see someone steal your dog symbolizes loneliness, failed relationships or friendship, and betrayal. There are other interpretations and meanings as I will explain below. Some meanings are positive while others are negative. However, even the negative ones should be taken as positive if you can act on them appropriately. You … Read more

Lost dog returning dream meaning

A dream in which you see a lost dog return is an all-around positive dream. Well, it might not necessarily mean that your dog will return but the dream still means a lot of good for you. In a nutshell, seeing a lost dog return symbolizes reconciliation as well as things being where they are … Read more