Does A Dream About Teeth Falling out Mean Death?

A dream about teeth falling out does not mean death. Yes, it may mean something of yours has died or is about to die, but it does not mean the death of a person. Teeth in the dream symbolize our confidence, power, and ability to deal with the world and thwart threats. The fact that you see yourself losing teeth means there is some change that has occurred or is about to occur and this is leaving you feeling anxious.

So what has a dream about teeth falling out have to do with death?

Teeth falling out in the dream means something in your life has or will die

Teeth falling out in the dream means something has died in your life and this is causing a great deal of anxiety. It does not mean you or someone you know will die. The dream really is just a manifestation of the anxiety and worry you are feeling due to the demise of something in your life.

The dream may come as a result of your relationship, your job, your education, going through a problematic patch. This is where some people think the dream means death. However, it is not the death of your person, but the death of a part of your life, and this is just so that there can be new things in your life.

Teeth crumbling means something will fall apart

It does not mean there will be a death in your family or among your friends. It just means something in your life has crumbled and fallen apart and you are feeling uncomfortable and worried about the new state of affairs.

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Teeth rotting means something in your life will work against you

If you see your teeth rotting in the dream, it means something that you consider your strength will actually work against you. You may have been the best at your job and this may have led to a promotion.

However, you have now found yourself in trouble directly due to your promotional position. It’s not just about your job. It could be your education, your job, or even your relationship. Perhaps there is a friend that you thought would be great but has actually left you in trouble.

Teeth turning black or gray means you are misunderstood

Teeth going gray or black means you are being misunderstood and this is causing severe anxiety. There is so much restlessness due to this. The misunderstanding may be genuine but in most cases, it is out of malice. People are pretending to misunderstand you just because you are different and you can’t seem to get it.

Seeing someone else lose teeth does not mean they will die

If you see someone lose their teeth, it does not mean they will die. It simply means something about them will change. The dream means they are in distress because they are going through a shift that is uncomfortable.

Whether the change will be good or bad depends on how well they manage their life. Nothing is set in stone. The dream may be negative, but it can be turned into something positive.

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