Dog Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dogs in the dream stand for friendship and loyalty. As negative dream symbols, they might mean cowardice and immorality. These are the basic meanings but there are others depending on the details.

Here are some dog dreams you might have and what they might mean.

Hugging dog dream meaning

A dream about hugging a dog means that you will experience friendship like never before.

People, even the closest of friends, can be fake and mean but this dream symbolizes a time in which you will see that true friends really do exist.

What to do: Open your heart no matter what you might have gone through in the past. Embrace the fact that there are people that enjoy just being good to those around them.

Dog with two legs dream meaning

A dream in which you see a dog with two legs means you have a friend who secretly interacts with your enemy. This fake friend plays the both of you and might even be the reason you are at odds with the person you consider your enemy.

What to do: Take a look at your life to see if there could be any two-faced crook in your circle. If you spot anyone with such traits, discard them from your life.

Dog with three legs dream meaning

Seeing a dog with three legs means you have a friendship that is on the verge of break down. This dream, however, means the companionship can go on despite the differences.

The friendship is not perfect but still is beneficial to both of you, and there is no need to pull the plug. Your friendship might even be tied to your destinies.

What to do: Friendships should be valued and if you have any good yet imperfect friends, try to mend your relationship at any cost. Do not discard it at the first sign of cracks.

Dog with one leg dream meaning

A dream in which you see a dog with one leg means you have a friendship that really should just die but you are forcing it.

The fact is that there is no connection but you are forcing things due to the delusion that you might lose out on so much if you let go. If this goes on, you will only end up bruising yourself emotionally.

What to do: It’s not easy to give up on something you’ve held onto for so long, but you have to understand that longevity does not necessarily equate to quality. Sometimes it’s okay to just let go.

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Dog eating your food dream meaning

Seeing a dog eating your food in the dream means that you are spending too much time with your friends, neglecting the most important things in your life.

Friendships are important but it all comes down to how you spend time together and what influence you have on each other.

This dream is a warning about possible disruptions in your finances, at work, or at school due to the colossal amount of time you are spending with your friends.

What to do: It is okay and even necessary to spend time with your friends. However, there should be a limit, and no other department should be starved of time and attention because you are giving it all to your friends. 

Dog running with your phone dream meaning

Seeing a dog run with your phone means you have a friend that you might soon stop talking to for one reason or another.

It could be that you will differ and perhaps fight, or you will simply drift apart. Whatever it will be, it will result in broken communication.

What to do: It is up to you to determine whether the friendship is worth saving. The fact is some friendships need to just die after a certain period and forcing them beyond their expiration date feels like a tedious chore.

Dog running with your bag dream meaning

A dream in which you see a dog running with your bag means you will lose something you have been working on for a long time as a direct result of the actions of your friends. It does not matter whether they will do it accidentally or out of malice.

The symbolism is drawn from the fact that bags are storage items and they stand for things you have been working on or gathering. The dog running with your bag stands for your friends ruining whatever you have been working on.

What to do: Be careful who you allow into your most sensitive business. Some parts of your life should only be opened up to the closest of people.

Dog on a leash dream meaning

A dream in which you see a dog on a leash means that you have friendships that have the potential to usher all parties into their greatness.

However, your interactions are often vain and empty and this is taking you nowhere. There are some things you are all looking for that you can help each other find, but you need to change the core subject of your interactions.

What to do: You do not need to outrightly tell your friends you want to change the way you interact. All you have to do is act in a manner you think is appropriate and slowly, your friends will follow the path as you pave it out.

Dog breaking leash dream meaning

A dream in which you see a dog break a leash means that you have a limitation that a good friend will soon point out and then help you overcome.

This is something whose effects you have noticed but you just cannot figure out where the actual problem lies. It could be something affecting your relationship, education, career, or business.

What to do: Stay close to all the wise, intelligent, well-rounded friends. Crazy friends are great but you also need friends you can consider wise. These might do you some good as far as your destiny is concerned.

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Dog hunting rabbits dream meaning

A dream about a dog or pack of dogs hunting rabbits means you and your friends will collectively get a blessing that you wouldn’t have gotten as individuals.

This could be direct cash, or cash coming in the form of a well-paying project.

What to do: Should you get an opportunity as friends, do not overlook it. The universe has sent you a signal showing you that there is something good coming to you as a group or pair.

Dog howling dream meaning

A dream about a dog howling means something will happen that will bring sorrow in your friendship. This is an incident or series of incidents that will affect your entire inner circle of friends.

It could be that you will all lose your jobs at once or nearly at once, or you will somehow experience serious relationship issues during the same period.

Whatever it might be, though, the howling is also the heralding of new things to come. The losses you might suffer will simply make room for even better things.

What to do: Try as much as possible to keep your composure should things fall apart. Acting on impulse will only make things worse.

Dog disappearing into thin air dream meaning

A dream about a dog disappearing into thin air means you will soon get a new friend who will only come to get one thing and one thing only.

Once they have what they want, they will give you the cold shoulder and it will be as though they never even knew your name.

In fact, a disappearing dog in the dream means this fake friend might even act mean towards you.

What to do: Do not let just anyone that comes at the threshold of your house in. Make sure you know who they are and what they really want from you.

Dog appearing out of nowhere dream meaning

Seeing a dog appear out of thin air means you will get an unexpected friendship in high places that will ease a very desperate situation of yours.

There will be something that will send you from office to office and it is there that you will strike a friendship with a big name.

From there will come a favor that you will be in desperate need of. In short, seeing a dog appear from nowhere in a dream is a positive dream that signals soon-to-come salvation.

What to do: Be open to new connections especially with ‘big-name’ people. Do not feel too small to be worthy of their friendship.

Dead dog being alive dream meaning

If you have a dead dog but then have a dream about it being alive, it means you will lose a relationship or friendship that you will find incredibly hard to let go of. You will not understand why the other person will just change out of nowhere.

Seeing your dead dog alive in your dream is just a symbolic vehicle that the universe is using to warn you of things to come.

Most importantly, the dream means the friendship or relationship that will break apart is not meant to be, and trying to keep it together will be a mistake.

What to do: Yes, you do need people but there is no single person that your soul is attached to. There is always someone to take their place.

Dead dog dying again dream meaning

Seeing a dog that is dead in real life die again in a dream symbolizes a second wave of pain from a relationship or friendship that has long broken down.

The first wave of pain will be the actual breakdown of the relationship or friendship. This is symbolized by the fact that you are seeing a dead dog.

The second wave of pain will come from the fallout from the breakdown of your relationship. It might come in the form of slander and gossip by your now-former partner.

This is symbolized by the death of a dog you know is already dead in real life. In a nutshell, the symbolism behind the dream is synonymous with adding salt or insult to injury.

What to do: The word betrayal exists for a reason – it happens. It has happened before and it will happen after you. It is just your unfortunate turn to go through it. Try not to take it to heart lest it break you.

Dead dog being pregnant dream meaning

If you see a dog that is dead in real life become pregnant or give birth to puppies in the dream means you will soon realize that ending a particular relationship or friendship was a mistake.

You will see how the now-ended relationship or friendship would have been pivotal in your life. A certain serious blessing would have come from it and only it.

What to do: Salvage the relationship if it’s not too late. If it means eating humble pie, then you will have to do just that.

Angry puppy that does not want to play with you dream meaning

A dream in which you see an angry puppy that does not want to play with you means that you have a friendship in its infancy that you should not allow to grow.

You can actually see that this is the wrong company but there are some benefits to mingling with these people that have blinded you.

If this friendship grows, it will do more harm than good and the price you will pay will be drawn from all areas of your life.

What to do: Listen to your intuition. As a matter of fact, intuition is not necessary here since it is all in black and white that these are not the right friends for you.

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Dog burning dream meaning

A dream about a dog on fire means you will experience a time of extreme emotions in your relationship, often in form of anger.

This is something that will leave you in disarray, and recovery might be very difficult. By the time the dust is settling, you might end up parting ways.

What to do: Seeing a dog burning is not a foreshadowing of a soon-to-end relationship. You can consider it a warning to keep your tempers in check, knowing that things are ripe for chaos if you make no effort.

Dog drowning dream meaning

Seeing a dog drown in the dream means your relationship will suffer because you pay too much attention to what people say and think about your relationship.

In dream symbolism, large amounts of water, such as that of a river, lake, or even swimming pool, stand for people while small amounts, such as drinking water, symbolize emotions.

There are many ways in which your relationship might suffer at the hands of outside people. It could happen by way of made-up accusations and reports, slander, and/or gossip.

What to do: You will need to listen to and trust each other first and foremost. Those attacking you from the outside cannot get to you unless you let them.

Dog in human clothes dream meaning

A dream in which you see a dog in human clothes means there is a friendship in your life that was built on pretense.

Either you or your friend had to put up a high-class act just to get the other to accept them. This friendship will be a source of stress for the pretending party and won’t go anywhere.

What to do: It is tedious to sustain a lie in something as big as a friendship or relationship. You will need to let all forced friendships go. They just never were meant to be.

Dog walking on two hind legs dream meaning

If you see a dog walking on two legs in the dream, it means there is either a friend or partner in your life tied to your personal evolution.

Neither of you will grow nor evolve to the next stage of your lives if you part ways. You will not even be able to pinpoint where and how this person could possibly help you grow. This is something you will intuitively know over time.

What to do: If your intuition tells you someone is important to you, listen to it and try to keep that friendship or relationship going.

Dog with no tail dream meaning

A dream in which you see a dog with no tail means there is a person that you know would like to be your friend but you feel something about them is missing. This is a case of you feeling slightly superior to them.

However, this is a mere misjudgment. The same person you think does not have everything you would like to see in a friend might actually turn out to be the most loyal and the one to help you grow.

What to do: Do not pass on this potential friend without knowing exactly what they are like. Give the friendship a chance.

Half-dog, half-cat dream meaning

Seeing a half-dog, half-cat in the dream is a symbol of a battle between two forces within you.

One force, represented by the dog, is pushing you toward embracing friendships and relationships while the other, the cat half, is telling you to go solo and avoid having any circle of friends.

You have been so mistreated and hurt by people around you that you sometimes feel having no friends or a significant other would be better.

However, there are a few wonderful people that are keeping you from fully adopting such a negative and toxic worldview. Hopefully, this is the force that will win.

What to do: If you are to pick one nature between that of a dog and that of a cat regarding friendship and relationships, you would be better off adopting the social nature of the dog.

Doing away with friendships and relationships altogether would be throwing the baby out with the bathing water. Just do all you can to vet the people around you and keep the true ones close while keeping out the fake ones.

Many dogs in the house dream meaning

A dream in which you see many dogs in the house symbolizes a coming celebration. Something significant and positive will happen to you for which your friends will gather with you to celebrate.

They may not necessarily gather physically but it could also be a gathering in spirit, meaning they will all be thinking and talking about the same thing, i.e. your success.

What to do: Stay positive in the coming weeks or months. A positive attitude will make it easier for you to receive the gifts the universe has in store for you.

Dogs falling from the sky dream meaning

In dream symbolism, the sky is the dwelling place of God. It does not matter whether or not you believe it really is the abode of God, and neither does it matter if you at all believe in the existence of God or not.

For this reason, the sky is subconsciously seen as a source of help. And as already stated, dogs stand for friendship and loyalty.

Seeing dogs falling from the sky, therefore, means you will find yourself in a bind that only your friends could get you out of, and they will. Some of them will be close friends and others might be mere acquaintances.

The help will be unexpected and so overwhelming that it will change your perception of some of the people around you.

What to do: Be open to the help the universe brings you through your circle of friends. Try not to take their benevolent actions with suspicion and just accept them.

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