Dream about a black bird snatching your phone

A dream in which you see a black bird snatch your phone means a disappointment with something that has the promise of taking your life higher, causing you to disconnect and withdraw from those around you.

It can be interpreted as an opportunity with the potential to make you soar and shine but that ends in depressing disappointment.

Symbolism of the black bird in your dream

The black bird you saw in your dream stands for a great opportunity in which you have high hopes, something that you think could change your life.

The fact that it is black means this opportunity could come to naught and this could leave you feeling incredibly depressed. If you were to see your aura at this time, it would be a dark gray color.

The phone that the black bird snatched in your dream stands for the aftermath of your ordeal, which will be characterized by a reluctance to be social with friends and family. The disconnection and withdrawal from your social circle might make things worse.

Black bird snatching your phone then dropping it

Seeing a black bird snatch your phone and then drop it symbolizes broken relationships as a result of the failure of an endeavor that has the potential to make you soar in life.

The act of the black bird dropping your phone implies broken relationships. The phone in the dream can be interpreted as a symbol of your social connections.

Black bird trying to snatch your phone

If you see a black bird attempt to snatch your phone, it means you have the ability to regulate your emotions despite going through failure.

The act of the bird struggling to snatch your phone stands for a failure that could potentially make you withdraw from society. However, you will manage to withstand this without your emotions taking any hit.

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