Dream about a blind baby interpretation

A dream in which you see a blind baby means you are at the beginning of a miscalculated endeavor. In other words, you do not fully know what you are doing. It does not mean there is something wrong, but just that you need to understand what you are getting into.

The dream could be about relationships, business, or any undertaking. The aspect of the blind baby means this is something at its advent or beginning. It’s in its early stages. The blind part of the dream means you do not fully know what you are doing. Here are some more meanings of dreams in which you see a blind baby.

You need to start afresh but you do not know how

Seeing a blind baby girl or baby boy in the dream could mean you need a new start in life but you do not know which direction to take. The baby part of the dream symbolizes your new beginning. The fact that the baby is blind means you currently do not know which new direction to take.

It could be that you are at a point where you feel you need to start a new business but do not know which one exactly to start. Perhaps you feel you need to get into a new relationship but have no one with whom to get into one.

You are feeling lost and helpless

If you are at a time when you are feeling lost and helpless, you might just have a dream about a blind baby. The symbolism is simple and straightforward. What could be more helpless than a blind baby? There are times when we feel absolutely helpless, to the point where leaving earth might seem a better option. We are, in these times, helpless blind babies.

But the blindness part of the dream is a good thing. It means you do have solutions to your problems but just aren’t aware of them. You need to open your eyes and see things from a new optimistic or positive perspective. You might realize you have always had the answer within you.

You have misplaced fears

Seeing a blind bay in the dream could mean you have misplaced fears and worries. You are afraid of things you really should not be scared of, like a baby fearing the unfamiliar. Just because an experience is new to you does not mean you have to be worried about it. Yes, some apprehension might be expected but it should not choke the life out of you.

The baby part of the dream means you feel lost and do not know how to handle your situation, while the fact that the baby is blind means you are not seeing things the way they actually are. Your perception is clouded by your anxiety and worry.

Dream about someone else having a blind baby

A dream in which you see someone else have a blind baby means the person will go through something that you will have to help them with. They will find themselves in a situation that they have never had before and they will not know what to do. Since you are the one having this dream, it means you will have to step in some way to help them.

The dream could mean they will have a great opportunity and might need your advice in order not to squander it. It could also symbolize a problem with withing your help would be needed. The person having the blind baby in your dream could be your mother, your sister, a friend, etc.

Finding an abandoned blind baby

A dream in which you find a blind baby, perhaps abandoned, means you will soon have an opportunity that you will not do what to do with. It does not mean you will lose said opportunity but it is just a warning for you to be prepared or you might lose it. The aspect of the baby symbolizes the idea that this will be a new opportunity, while the baby’s blindness is a reference to your lack of direction concerning the new opportunity.

Dream about having a blind baby when pregnant

A dream in which you have a blind baby when pregnant does not mean you really will have a baby that cannot see. It simply means that the child you are carrying will have so many opportunities in life. They will have so many things to choose from and will not have their sight fixed on just one thing or a few things.

The child will have many talents and gifts and will not just focus on one but will be multi-talented. He or she will have the ability to be in business, politics, science, and many other fields. They will be good at math, language, musical instrument-playing, and many other gifts. In other words, a dream about a baby that cannot see when you are pregnant is not a bad dream. It is in fact good news.

Dream about a dead blind baby

A dream in which you see a blind dead baby could symbolize opportunities lost due to lack of understanding. There are some good chances you had that you lost because you did not know what to do with them. That interpretation might sound hopeless, but that’s because that’s not all there is to the dream. A dead blind baby means you will get renewed opportunities and this time, the dream says, you need to be more prudent.

Dream about blind twin babies

A dream about blind twin babies symbolizes half-baked blessings that will need your attention for them to come to their fullness. You might be tempted to shun certain opportunities because of focusing on the negative. However, if you could just take a chance and take a leap of faith, you might find that the positive far outweighs the negative.

The dream could be about a business that you know is profitable but requires too much work. If you do push yourself and jump into it, you might just find a way to make the business easier to run while maintaining the profits. Perhaps it is about getting a college or university degree that is strenuous but has great employment prospects. Just get into it and push yourself. You will be glad you did.

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