Dream about a blind person chasing you

A dream in which you see a blind person chasing you means that you have enemies that do not understand who you are. These might be people you have done a lot for but they still cannot see your goodwill toward them and instead choose to fight you. They might even be people that depend on you and would not go anywhere without you.

A partner or friend is underappreciating you

If you see yourself being chased by a stranger in the dream it could mean that you feel underappreciated by the people for whom you care. They cannot see how much you do for them and how much they need you. In short, your presence in their lives is not appreciated.

It’s not just that these people do not appreciate you but they might actually be trying to get you out of their lives. Once they lose you, though, they will realize just how much you mattered in their lives.

People hate you based on falsehood

A dream in which you see a blind person chasing you might symbolize misplaced hatred by those around you. The dream could mean people hate you based on lies made up against you, or they hate you simply because they do not understand you.

You might be blamed for something you have not done

Seeing a blind person chasing you could symbolize wrongful accusations. Something might soon happen for which you will be wrongly blamed. The dream also means this will, in time, get resolved and you will be rewarded in one way or another.

Someone is trying to get into your life for the wrong reasons

If you see a blind person chasing you, it means someone might be trying to get into your life for the wrong reasons. They might be attracted to you for things they mistakenly believe you have, thinking they can use you.

However, once they get to you and see that they cannot get what they thought they could get from you, they will flip and turn hostile towards you.

Someone thinks they are smarter than you

Seeing a blind man chasing you in the dream could mean someone is trying to take advantage of you thinking they can outsmart you. However, once they are in deep, they will realize their mistake and you will have both the upper hand and the last laugh.

You will dodge a serious problem

Seeing a blind person chase you in the dream could mean there is a problem that you will dodge. This is something serious enough to give you anxiety, but just when you think all hope is lost, you will realize you actually can overcome it and you will. It is about underestimating yourself while overestimating your problem.

Dream about an old blind man or old blind woman chasing you

A dream in which you see an old blind man or blind woman chasing you means there is an old fear of yours that you really should not worry about. The dream could also be about a lack of confidence in an area of your life when you actually have everything it takes to shine.

The old age of the blind person that was chasing you in your dream stands for just how long this misplaced fear has kept you trapped. Since you are having this dream, it also means you will overcome this problem.

A dream in which you see an old blind man or woman chasing you could also mean you have deep-rooted beliefs that are not just wrong but are also keeping you from being all that you can be.

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