Dream about a dog with no legs or legs cut off (1)

Dream about a dog with no legs or legs cut off interpretation

A dream about a dog with no legs means you have certain friendships that are bad for you. It’s about friends, colleagues, or acquaintances that might jeopardize your journey to your goals either intentionally or unintentionally. The bottom line is they are not good for you.

Dream about a puppy with no legs

A dream in which you see a puppy with no legs or with one or more legs cut off, means you will soon have a chance to start up a new friendship that might do you more harm than good. It could be a relationship or mere friendship, but it might not go well for you. If there are some people that are about to enter your life, you might want to be careful.

Dream about a limping dog

A dream in which you see a limping dog means something might or has happened that has the potential to ruin a good friendship of yours. It could be because of something you or the other person did, or it could be because of circumstances with no one to blame. This dream means you have to do what you can to sort out your issues and save your valuable friendship.

Dream about cutting off a dog’s leg

If you dream about cutting off a dog’s leg, it means there is something you have failed to stop doing, to part ways with, that you will soon manage to let go of. The dog is a reference to something you have befriended, something you are addicted to and cannot stop. You have tried and failed but this dream means you will no longer have this problem on your journey.

Dream about someone else cutting a dog’s leg

If you see someone else cut a dog’s leg in the dream, it means someone will try to break you away from something harmful that you nonetheless love. It symbolizes the people that could be trying to break you away from the harmful people, habits, or things in your life that you have failed to let go of.

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