Dream about a dog with no teeth

Dream about a dog with no teeth meaning

A dream in which you see a dog with no teeth symbolizes having a friendship that is not beneficial to you. In fact, this is a friendship that could instead be harmful to your goals. The dog you saw stands for friendship while the fact of not having teeth symbolizes whatever is wrong with this friendship.

There are many different meanings depending on the details of the dream. Here are some more meanings.

Your fear is keeping you trapped

Dogs, apart from symbolizing friendship and loyalty, might also stand for cowardice. Seeing a dog with no teeth means there is something you know you are supposed to do but are not doing because of fear. Every worthwhile endeavor will always come with a risk.

You have a pretentious friend that is misleading you.

Seeing a dog with no teeth could be a sign that you have a friend that is pretending to be something they are not and this is making you feel inadequate. 

This could be pretense about their relationship, perhaps acting like they are doing great, pretense about their finances, or pretense about their education. Whatever it might be, it is making you feel inadequate.

Being abandoned by friends when you need them most

Seeing a dog with no teeth might stand for friends that never show up when you need them most. The toothlessness of the dog stands for the no-show nature of your friends. It might also stand for unavailable partners.

Here some examples of dreams about seeing a dog with no teeth.

Dream about being chased by a toothless dog

A dream about being chased by a toothless dog chasing you symbolizes a friend that just won’t go away because of a perceived benefit they are gaining from you. 

This is a friendship that you know is bad for you and are trying to end it. However, the other person is unwilling to sever ties with you. It could be that they have something to gain financially, emotionally, or socially.

Dream about being bitten by a toothless dog

A dream about being bitten by a dog with no teeth stands for a fake friend that you are underestimating. You have sensed that they are fake and malicious but you mistakenly think that they can’t do anything to you. By the time you realize there has been damage inflicted on you, it will be too late. The toothless dog will have miraculously done some damage.

Dream about fighting or killing a toothless dog

A dream in which you see yourself fighting a toothless dog symbolizes a friend you are mistakenly blaming for something. You may have misjudged their intentions and seen malice where there was goodwill. You might end up severing ties with an otherwise good person, someone who might help your journey to your destiny.

Dream about a toothless puppy

A dream about a toothless puppy symbolizes a budding friendship that would be more of a liability to you than a benefit. The fact that the toothless dog you saw was a puppy symbolizes the new friendship. The fact that it has no teeth stands for the non-beneficial nature of the friendship. The dream means you need to scrutinize your friendships to nip the non-beneficial ones.

Dream about helping or feeding a toothless dog or puppy

A dream in which you see yourself helping a toothless dog or puppy, perhaps by feeding it, means there is a dying friendship of yours that you feel still has potential.

This is a friendship that is hot and cold, sweet, and bitter. However, you feel the good outweighs the bad.

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