Dream About a Mermaid Attacking You Meaning

To see a mermaid attacking you in the dream implies that you have feminine energy troubling you in some way. Feminine energy could come from your girlfriend, wife, mother, female friends, or colleagues.

The mermaid represents this female energy but the fact that it is a water-based creature trying to attack you means it has to do with troublesome emotion.

Water in the dream stands for emotions. This especially applies to seas, lakes, oceans, or large water bodies.

Here are some more dreams about a mermaid attacking you and what they might mean.

Dream about a mermaid trying to drown you

To see a mermaid trying to drown you in the dream means that there is a female trying to manipulate you emotionally. It could be that they are trying to guilt-trip you, attempting to make you feel inferior, or inspire any kind of negative emotion in you.

The dream could also come if you were hurt by a female in the past but have yet to heal from your trauma.

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Dream about a mermaid chasing you

To see a mermaid chasing you with intentions to harm you means that there is an incident in the past involving a female that still haunts you. You do try to forget the incident but somehow, it keeps bothering you.

The incident could have been betrayal, a scam, or anything that left you hurt.

Dream about a mermaid yelling at or insulting you

To see a mermaid yelling or insulting you means that you have had a bad experience with females that has left you unwilling to interact with them.

You do not have to be a man for this meaning to apply. Even if you are a female, it could be that are reluctant to make friends with women or girl because you feel they are up to no good for something someone did to you.

Dream about a mermaid trying to attack you on land

To see a mermaid chasing or attacking you on land means that there are serious emotions that have sipped into other parts of your life. They are misplaced, just like a mermaid on land is misplaced.

The dream could mean you have work issues that are now affecting your relationship and family, or vice-versa.

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Dream about a mermaid throwing things at you

To see a mermaid throwing things at you such as stones with intent to harm you means that there are some negative emotions that haunt you but you cannot escape them. Just like the mermaid in the dream was throwing things at you from a distance, these feelings can’t seem to go away.

Dream about a mermaid shooting you

To see a mermaid shooting trying to shoot you implies that there is someone who is not really in your life or close to you but is causing serious harm to your emotional well-being.

The act of shooting in the dream means that this person could be distant from you but is still able to reach and harm you in some way.

Being distant from you does not imply physical distance, although it can apply as well. What it really means is someone who is not in your life as a friend, partner, or relative.

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