Dream about a snake with no eyes meaning

A dream in which you see a snake with no eyes represents a backstabbing friend that you have been very good to. This is someone for whom you have sacrificed a lot—someone that you have done so many things for, but, blind to all that, they opt to repay you with malice.

Here are some more meanings of dreams about a snake with no eyes.

An enemy that does not know who you are

A blind snake in the dream symbolizes an enemy that starts a war with you minus knowing what they are getting themselves into.

What they think they have seen is a mere pixel in a much more complex picture. By the time the last blow is thrown, they will have realized their mistake in taking you on.

Dream about a blind snake biting you

A dream about a blind snake biting you stands for an enemy you look down upon, thinking they do not know what they are doing.

It symbolizes the biting consequences of a laid-back, contemptuous stance regarding those that would bring you down. It goes against the overused bit of combat wisdom, “Never underestimate your enemy.”

Dream about a blind baby snake

A dream in which you see a blind baby snake symbolizes an enemy that you choose to hold yourself back from, out of either sheer pity or contempt.

Although they are oblivious to the damage you could do to them, you recognize the depth of their predicament. They are weak and, worse, they are ignorant of their own weakness.

Dream about a long blind snake

A dream about a long blind snake stands for a dangerous enemy that is only weak towards you because they lack certain bits of knowledge about you.

This dream represents an enemy that has the motivation and the weapons to harm you and all they need is a bit of ammunition. Such enmity has to be dealt with before every necessary piece of information is in the hands of your adversary.

Dream about flying blind snake

A dream about a flying blind snake symbolizes the great lengths and heights that an enemy mistakenly goes to in attempts to bring you down.

The blind flying snake means that the enemy’s final assault, in which they may put much time, thought, and effort, will backfire. They are blind to the trap that they themselves have laid.

Dream about a giant blind snake

A dream about a giant blind snake represents malicious slander that somehow gets to those around you, turning them into one collectively misguided enemy against you.

This could happen at your place of work or school, or even on social media. If you can manage to hold your ground in such times, your name eventually could get cleared.

Dream about fighting a blind snake

If you see yourself fighting a blind snake, the symbolism has to do with breaking the silence about something unfair done to you.

The blind snake represents enemies that are genuinely ignorant of your innocence or that simply choose to ignore it. If you handle the situation with patience and intelligence, your attackers might end up stepping on their very landmines.

Dream about killing a blind snake

A dream in which you kill a snake with no eyes symbolizes the end of an injustice perpetrated against you over a period of time. This dream announces the coming of a time of relief from a very unfair thing inflicted on you.

The blind snake could imply a lie sustained against you in your neighborhood, at your place of work, or at your school. It could also stand for a long-standing misunderstanding or even a lawsuit.

Blind snake in a tree dream meaning

A blind snake in a tree represents disrespect held against you by people that do not fully understand your situation.

The symbolism lies in the idea of the snake being up a tree, looking down on you for things it really does not know because it is, in fact, blind. Perhaps if the people around you knew how brutal your battles really are, they would hold you in high esteem.

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