Dream about being a police officer

A dream about being a police officer symbolizes your strong conscience that makes it hard for you to perpetuate wrong deeds. You are bothered by your occasional slip-ups, as you are policed by your conscience. This is not just about you. You are also a pillar of right within your circle, and people trust you. Here are some more meanings of a dream in which you see yourself as a police officer.

You will manage to prevent a major loss in your life

If you see yourself as a policeman or policewoman in the dream, it could mean that you will soon deal with the potential loss of something important to you. However, this is something that you will successfully prevent.

You will get out of the clutches of anyone or anything that controls you

Being a cop in the dream stands for control. If there is anyone in your life that controls you, they will soon lose their grip on you. The dream could also be an allusion to things that control you: habits such as lying, stealing, cheating on your partner, etc.

You are a defender of the weak

If you see yourself as a cop in the dream, it means you will soon find yourself defending someone weaker than you. It is not about physical strength but about financial, psychological, or even social standing.

The dream could also mean you will rise up for someone suffering an injustice by slander and false rumors.

You need to loosen up a bit

If you dream about being a cop, it could mean that you are too strict and serious and you need to loosen up a bit. A police officer on duty is always vigilant, ready for anything. This is okay just as long as it does not become your default state of being.

Dream about arresting a person as a police officer

A dream in which you see yourself as a police officer arresting a person means you pay too much attention to what people do. You have a controlling attitude and this might put off those around you. It literally means you police the people that are close to you.

Dream about going to the police academy

If you dream about training at a police academy, it means you need to be more serious in a certain area of your life. It could be your relationship, your work, your education, etc.

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