Dream about broken sandals meaning

A dream about broke sandals means your destiny is at risk because of your casual approach to some aspects of your life. Some departments of your life require you to go all out and take them seriously. A laid-back, casual approach could be ruinous to your journey to your goals.

Here are some more meanings of a dream in which you see broken sandals


You need to be more grounded

A dream in which you see broken sandals means you are feeling ungrounded. You feel a sense of instability in your life and aren’t really sure about where you are going. What you need is to take the time to reanalyze your life and see how best you can establish your stability and get your feet back on the ground.

You need to work with what you have

Seeing broken sandals in the dream could mean that you have a chance to pursue some of your goals but you will have to state from the very bottom. The symbolism here is that instead of having or wearing shoes, you are seeing sandals, but even those are broken. You will have to make do with that until you get to where you want be.

It could be time to upgrade

Seeing sandals in the dream could be a sign that you need to move to another level. The symbolism is that you have been at the sandal level for a long time and you just have to find something better since these are now broken. There could be something coming your way if only your push yourself to a higher ladder rung.

Here are some dream examples in which you see broken sandals

Dream about sandals with broken straps

A dream in which you see broken sandal straps means you need to take some time to relax. It means your need to take a break about just be casual is not being met. You are always worrying and anxious, always striving and sweating for one thing or another. The strife could be mental or physical. Learn to take some time off.

Dream about new broken sandals

A dream in which you see new yet broken sandals means there is an imperfect opportunity coming your way. It may not be perfect and this might cause you to pass up on it. However, should you take it up, you will see that it is far better than it first may appear.

Dream about fixing broken sandals

A dream in which you see yourself fixing broken sandals symbolizes your ability to work with what you have. Instead of tossing the broken sandals out, you took the time to fix them. This is a reference to your ability to persist and face all hurdles until you get what you want.

Dream about receiving broken sandals

A dream in which you see yourself receive broken sandals implies that you will meet a benefactor who will be willing to help you no matter how little they might have. It does not mean they will have little. The dream is an allusion to their desire to help you even if they may have nothing much.

Dream about breaking sandals while running

A dream in which you see yourself break your sandals while running means there is something you will need to prepare yourself fully before you embark on your next project. If you start off without being ready, you might end up blowing it all.

Dream about a child with broken sandals

A dream about a child you do not know with broken sandals means there is something you have always wanted to do but that you have not taken the time to work on. It means you could do that which you have always wanted if you are willing to start from the bottom and work your way upwards.

Dream about old broken sandals

A dream in which you see old broken sandals, whether you were wearing them in them or not, means the time has come to ditch your old approach to your goals. It does not mean you have to find new goals. All you have to do is reinvent the path to the same. You may actually remain on the same path but just make a few adjustments. The broken nature of the old sandals refers to the idea that you can no longer use your old approach and definitely should change.