Dream About Ceiling Falling on You

A dream in which you see a ceiling fall on you means you will overcome a barrier to your success. On the negative end, it could mean you are at risk of losing something you rely on. This dream is just a heads up that should not worry you.

There are other possible dream symbols of a ceiling falling on you, and these are what I will discuss below. But right out the gate, let me say that this is a positive dream and you should have nothing to worry about. Here are some meanings.

Be careful how you move forward

Ceilings represent a barrier to your advancement in life. But the fact that in your dream it fell on you could mean you need to be cautious as you attempt to move forward, or else everything might collapse on you. The main idea is for you to move with both intelligence and muscle. You need to work hard, be bold, be strong, and confident. However, you have to balance that up with a lot of planning, looking before you jump.

For example, an uncontrolled desire to get ahead in business might make you do dubious deeds that might end up undoing all the little successes you may have scored.

You will get over your fear and self-doubt

Fear and self-doubt sure can act as a ceiling to your development in education, business, relationships, or career. This dream could mean that you will have a time when you will crush your self-doubt and this will propel you forward, beyond what you earlier could not go past. Your self-belief will help you break the ceiling, so to speak.

Some of this self-doubt that keeps us from moving forward in life comes from the opinions of others, their insults, and the projection of their own limitation on us. If you are to move forward, this dream means you have to go above this lack of self-confidence.

You will have an open door or opportunity

If you see a ceiling fall on you in the dream, it means you will soon get an open door, a grand opportunity that will allow you to go higher than you have ever gone. This is something you have been waiting for, something that you are well-prepared for.

The opportunity could be in any area of your life such as your relationship, your education, career, or job. But, whatever it is, it will be something really important to you, something that will change your life for good.

Someone might try to ruin your public image

The ceiling you saw in the dream could symbolize your public image and your reputation. That is because ceilings are used to cover the structural part of the roof and make the room more appealing. Well, at least that is part of their purpose. If you see a ceiling fall on you in the dream, it could mean someone is trying to ruin your image or reputation.

This is usually someone who acts like your friend but really isn’t. Because they are in your circle, they are privy to a ton of information about you. All sorts of slander and gossip will be flying around. This dream means you have to check your circle and root out any people that show signs of malice, jealousy, and other negative energies.

You will see things more clearly

One of the functions of the ceiling is to cover the ugly structural parts of the roof. Therefore, they symbolize deceit and hidden truths. If you see one fall on you in the dream, it means you will see things for what they are. You will get epiphanies and perspectives that other people might not have.

Seeing a ceiling fall on you could also mean you will see people for who they are. Just like the ceiling that hides the ugly underside of the roof fell in your dream, the fake image of some people in your life will fall, and you will see them for who they are.

Ceiling falling on your dog

A dream in which you see a ceiling fall on your dog means there is a friend that will help you go higher than a certain point in an area of your life. Dogs stand for friendship and companionship. The dream does not just symbolize someone’s loyalty to you. It could also mean that your loyalty to a friend, a boss, or anyone important in life will be rewarded with help to go higher than you have ever gone. You will break whatever ceiling you failed to go past.

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Ceiling falling on your cat

If a ceiling falls on your cat in the dream, it means you are failing to go as high as you would like to because of a lack of independence. Cats are symbols of self-reliance, confidence, and independence. You have to learn to be self-reliant if you are to break the ceiling that has kept you from achieving all that you possibly could achieve.

People might help here and there but only you know what goals you really want to achieve and only you hold your dream. If you do not take matters into your hands and do what’s necessary, you will never realize your goals.

Ceiling falling on your child

A dream about a ceiling falling on a child has different meanings depending on whether the child is your or not.

If the child is not yours, the dream might have to do with issues stemming from your childhood days. Some meanings include:

  • A barrier from your childhood that has kept you from developing will be broken. It could be a lack of money, lack of a certain type of education, etc.
  • You will overcome a childhood fear that has been keeping you from going beyond a certain level.
  • You will do something you have never done from the time you were a child. This is something you have always wished you could do but for some reason have not been able to.

Ceiling falling on your own child

A dream in which you see a ceiling fall on your own child means there could be some things they are experiencing that are placing mental limitations on them. This could be as a result of negative and abusive language used against them, being constantly made to feel they are not intelligent, not capable, and not worthy of any good.

Ceiling falling on someone else

The meaning behind a ceiling falling on someone else depends on who you saw. It means one thing if you know the person and another if it’s a stranger.

ceiling falling on someone you know

Even though the ceiling may have fallen on someone else, a person you know in this case, the dream is still about you. It means there is a barrier to your success and perhaps to get past it, you might want to deal with things from this person’s perspective.  Well, it is more complicated than just seeing things from their perspective.

You may simply have to draw upon something they went through and apply it to your situation. If you do things right, you will see the ceiling or barrier to your goals break. If it is possible, maybe try to get their advice.  You have to understand that even though this person could be your enemy you still could learn from them.

The learning could be by way of avoiding the mistakes they made or doing the things they did right. In the dream, the ceiling may have fallen on your grandmother, grandfather, friend, classmate, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, uncle, aunt, brother, sister. cousin, etc. The meaning is the same.

Dream about a ceiling falling on someone you do not know 

If the ceiling falls on someone you do not know, you are simply seeing yourself through this person. The same meanings I have outlined in the first part of this article apply.

Dream about a ceiling falling on your mother

If you see a ceiling fall on your mother in your dream, it means you are faced with a situation that requires your mother’s perspective. The situation requires a feminine perspective and mothers are the best dream symbol for feminine energy. Additionally, this dream means the situation that you are faced with could usher you through new open doors if you do everything right. The symbolism of the falling ceiling is that barriers to your success will be broken.

The fact that the ceiling fell on your mother does not mean she will fall into some kind of calamity. That is not how dream symbolism works. These are mere symbols and they may not be as straightforward or as logical as you would expect them to be.

Dream about a ceiling falling on your father

A dream in which you see a ceiling fall on your father means that you are going through issues that could be solved by a masculine perspective. In dreams, fathers are the best examples of masculine energy in our lives. It means you need your father’s knowledge, experience, or perspective.

There are some things that your father went through that you might soon go through as well. It does not mean this is negative. The dream could be about a tough situation that comes with a chance for you to break the barriers to your success. If your father is still around, you might want to ask him for advice. If he is late, just think about how he might have acted if he were in such a situation, or simply refer to some of the things he taught you.

Dream about a ceiling falling on your grandfather or grandmother

A dream in which you see a ceiling fall on your grandmother or grandfather means you will do something that has never been done in your entire bloodline. For example, if there is no one who has gone as far as a degree in your entire family lineage, you will be the first one. This is just an example and the dream could be about any barrier that you will break.

The dream applies whether your grandmother or grandfather is alive or has passed on. Grandfathers and grandmothers in dreams often symbolize patterns that seem to repeat themselves in every generation. The idea of a ceiling falling on them means a barrier that has kept many generations from going beyond a certain point will be breached by you.

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