Dream about chasing after a bus

Dream about chasing a bus interpretation

Busses in the dream could symbolize people, mainly the ones around you that have an influence on you – directly or indirectly. Seeing yourself chasing a bus in the dream could, therefore, mean you will soon be tempted to follow your peers, you are not where you are supposed to be, or that you are destined to achieve all that your role models have done.

Those are just a few examples. Here are some more dream interpretations as well as examples of dreams about chasing a bus.

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You feel left behind by your peers

Since we have said busses in the dream sometimes symbolize those around you, such as your peers, seeing yourself chase one could mean you feel left behind by your peers. This could be about any area of your life. For example, you could find yourself lagging behind careers-wise, education-wise, or relationship-wise.

While you cannot avoid comparing yourself with others, even if just with a fleeting thought, it is important to still understand that you are your own person, with your own spotlight and your own ladder to climb. It is okay to get hints and clues from those around you, but do not feel pressured to tag tightly behind.

You will manage to achieve what your role models have

The bus you saw could be a representation of the people you consider to be your role models. Seeing yourself chase a bus in a dream could imply that you have what it takes to chase after the things that those that inspire you have achieved.

The chasing itself symbolizes your iron will to get where your role models are. It is incredibly hard to chase after a bus on foot. But as this is exactly what you are doing, it is a sign that you are willing to do anything to get yourself a spot on the high table, sitting next to the ones that inspire you.

You have too much on your plate

The fact that you are chasing this bus in your dream means you have very little time to do everything you need to do without having to rush. In dream symbolism, this situation could mean you have too much on your plate. You perhaps might want to cut down on your responsibilities, leaving only those that matter.

Giving yourself too many responsibilities could jeopardize your life’s journey as a whole. In the end, you might end up not achieving anything. You will need to focus your attention, your will, and your time on things that matter so you can, symbolically, get on the bus without having to chase it.

You will need to resist peer pressure

Peer pressure. We have all succumbed to it before. Sometimes, the results are inconsequential but they can be as devastating as to derail your entire life in some cases. Seeing yourself chasing a bus could be a call for you to self-introspect and see if you are bulking under peer pressure in any way.

This could manifest in ways such as keeping up with the joneses or simply following whatever the crowd is up to. The dream does not mean you are prone to peer pressure. It simply is a warning for you not to be overpowered by it.

You feel you are not where you are supposed to be

Seeing yourself chase a bus in the dream could mean you do not feel like you are where you are supposed to be. The good thing is that this dream means you are willing to fight and do all you can to change your life. The bus-chasing implies desperation to change your current life’s situation.

Dream about chasing after a bus barefooted

Chasing a bus on foot is hard. Chasing a bus barefooted takes great will. It means you really want to catch the it. A dream about chasing a bus barefooted, therefore, means you have a very strong will and will fight for what you want. It also means you work with what you have and you never wait for situations to get better.

Dream about chasing after school bus

If you chase after a school bus in the dream, it means you are about to embark on something that you feel you are not ready for. You need to do more preparation and learn more about the endeavor before you jump in.

Seeing yourself chasing after a school bus could also mean you are looking for a certain truth. There is some information you want. Perhaps you feel someone is lying to you and you want to get to the bottom of things.

Dream about chasing and catching a bus

A dream in which you chase and catch a bus means you will get something that you desperately want. It could be a job, a business, a relationship, marriage, acceptance into school, etc. The fact that you had to chase this bus to catch it means you will have to push hard for the things you want. However, this dream is an assurance that you will succeed.

Dream about chasing after a bus and being left behind

A dream in which you chase after a bus and still get left behind means you will need to put in more effort to get the things you want or you will not succeed. This is not a negative dream as it is merely prompting you to work hard to succeed. The effort you are putting in is not enough.

Dream about chasing after a red bus

Red is the color of passion. Seeing yourself chase after a red bus means you are currently not doing the things you are passionate about, and this is affecting your psychological well-being. You are looking for something that will make you feel alive. This dream means you will find it and have it if you look harder.

Dream about chasing after a yellow bus

A dream in which you chase after a yellow bus means there is something you are looking for but are afraid to go after it. For example, you could have a chance to get into a relationship but  feel scared of getting hurt and wasting your time. Perhaps you are thinking of starting a business but are worried about how it will all go. Yellow is the color of fear, in this case.

Dream about chasing after a black bus

A dream in which you chase after a black bus means you will be tempted to do shady things in order to get the things you want. It does not mean you actually will, but you will have to watch out for the temptation to do so. The dream is a warning, letting you know that you might actually lose more if you go the dark way.

Dream about chasing after an orange or brown bus

A dream in which you chase after an orange or brown bus means you have a great desire and drive to become wealthy. This dream is a kind of promise, telling you that if you chase hard enough, you will get the wealth you want. Orange and brown are symbolic colors of the earth’s minerals and therefore symbolise wealth.

Dream about chasing after a green bus

If you see yourself chasing after a green bus, it means you will soon enter a life of all-round prosperity. Your whole life will enter a season of wellness. This covers all departments of your life such as relationships, career or business, and education.

Chasing after a green bus in the dream could also mean that you need to take certain steps in order to have the health you should have. You will need to make certain sacrifices in the form of avoiding certain foods, exercising more, etc. Green is the color of health and well-being.

Dream about chasing after a golden bus

A dream in which you chase after a golden bus means your efforts will take you to a place of royalty. Of course, it does not mean you will be king or queen. It means you will be looked up to, you will be respected, and your life will flourish. You will be influential and people will seek your advice and opinions.

Dream about chasing after a silver bus

If you see yourself chasing after a silver bus in the dream, it means your efforts will make you shine and stand out. Your name will go far and wide and you will be respected in your field. The color silver symbolizes standing out and shining.

Dream about chasing after a blue bus

If you chase a blue bus in a dream, it means your success will be as wide as the sky. Everything you try will succeed. That is not because you will be lucky, but because you are a hard worker, great at doing your homework and groundwork. You have unflinching perseverance.

Dream about chasing a small bus or minibus

If you see yourself chasing after a minibus or small bus, it means you are wasting your efforts on unrewarding things. Your effort and time, if well-applied and directed at the right things, can get you so much more. The dream means you are capable of much more but your current goals are too small.

Dream about chasing a double-decker bus

A dream in which you see yourself chasing a double-decker bus means you will get more than the things you are working towards. In short, you will get double rewards for your efforts. You could be looking for a simple job but end up getting one that pays double what you expected.

Dream about chasing a bus before it crashes

If you see yourself chasing a bus that ends up crashing in a dream, it means you could be aiming at the wrong goals. Perhaps you need to do your homework to try and understand what you are getting yourself into. Do not be blinded by the opportunities. You need to consider both the pros and cons of your endeavors.

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