Dream about chickens chasing you interpretation

A dream in which you see chickens chasing you symbolizes fears that need not be feared. The dream can also mean you are hanging with the wrong crowd, basically that some of the people in your life will not take you as high as you potentially can go. It can also be a call for you to pursue your greatness, to aim higher than you currently are.

The central symbolism behind this dream has to do with the traits of a chicken and the need for you to purge them from your life.

Here is the detailed interpretation of a dream about a chicken or chickens chasing you.

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You are afraid of something you should not be scared of

A dream in which you see chickens chasing you means there are certain fears in your life that you really should not be afraid of. This does not necessarily refer to objects or animals that you might be afraid of but shouldn’t be. It has to do more with the fear of ideas and pursuits.

There are some things you have always wanted to do but for one reason or another, you are afraid. The fear might take many forms. You might be afraid that you will fail or afraid that you will be laughed at and thought of in a non-flattering way.

This dream means you have nothing to fear. You have what it takes to follow your dreams, and the opinions of those around you should not hold you back.

You feel like you do not belong

Seeing chickens chase you in a dream means you have feelings of not belonging. You feel where you are is not where you are supposed to be. The symbolism of the chickens chasing you, in this case, is that your place is not among them. You need to make changes to your life that will secure you a place right where you should be.

You are hanging with the wrong crowd

This interpretation is a lot like the last one. Seeing yourself being chased by chickens in the dream means the people you are hanging around with are not the ones you should be with. For one reason or another, they are not for you. Your dreams, worldview, goals, and aspirations do not align.

This is something you feel deep down but are not willing to act on. The symbolism behind the chase means you do want to be there and leaving would be against your will.

Pursue your weaknesses

In animal symbolism, chickens are not usually mentioned in the same line as such ideas as courage, tenacity, and a strong will. Seeing these flightless birds chase you, therefore, means it is time to leave behind such traits and aim for the greatness that lies within you. To put this another way, you do not belong among chickens. You are to fly with the eagles.

Do not let everything bother you

The attacks of a chicken in real life shouldn’t really be a bother. There really would be no need to run. That you are running from them in this dream symbolizes the idea of letting small things bother you.

You should not let everything get to you. The words of those around you, your little mistakes, your little insecurities, etc. You cannot really go anywhere if you stop to attend to every little thing or if you let everything unsettle you.

You need to organize your life more

Chicken are chaotic birds. That they were chasing you in this dream means you need to organize your life more, to purge the chaotic traits of the chicken. Order is necessary if you would like to go anywhere in life. There is no telling where a chaotic life lands you. If you wish to have any control over where you end up in your life, it is necessary to be more organized.

Need to stop acting on impulse and be more calculating

Chickens can be considered impulsive. They have no feeding time, no resting time. As long as there is light and food, a chicken will eat. As long as an insect hops into view, a chicken will go for it.

The fact that your dream had chickens chasing you means you need to get rid of such behavior. You need to purge impulsive behavior and be more focused. Consider lions and tigers. They are deliberate in their actions. They will hunt when it’s time to hunt, wait patiently with focus, and attack at the right time.

Here are some dreams about chickens chasing you and what they mean.

Dream about a giant chicken chasing you

A dream in which you see a giant chicken chasing you means there is a problem you think is too big for you to handle. However, if you look at it closely with no panic, you will see that it can be handled. The symbolism is that although the chicken in your dream is gigantic, it still is just a chicken. You can handle it.

Dream about a flying chicken chasing you

A dream about a flying chicken chasing you means there is a problem you mistakenly think is easy to handle. You misunderstood or misjudged it but once the dust rises, you have realized that you made a mistake. You have to be sure about what you are fighting. Do not go into a fight grossly underestimating your opponent.

Dream about a black chicken chasing you

A dream about a black chicken chasing you means there is a conflict going on between you and people you might consider to be of a lower class than you. To put it bluntly, you are potentially engaged in a conflict with an ‘idiot.’ Well, you know what they say about arguing with idiots. They drag you to their level and beat you at the game they are so good at.

Dream about a white chicken chasing you

A dream in which you see a white chicken chase you means there are those around you that you consider being of lower standing than you. Although you should hang around people that inspire you, there are some things you can learn from those you consider to be below you, too.