Dream about having big hands or feet interpretation

A dream about having big hands symbolizes your immense potential for achievement. Dreaming about having big feet stands for your ability to move far ahead in life than where you currently are. Your feet symbolize your journey towards what you might term your destiny while your hands stand for your ability to work hard and achieve.

There are, however, other meanings of a dream about having big hands or big feet. Depending on the details, the dream might also mean the following:

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You are working too hard

Seeing yourself with giant hands in a dream stands for your excessive dedication to your work. The dream means you are dedicating a disproportionate amount of time to your work at the expense of other departments of your life.

You are focusing too much on moving ahead

Having giant feet in a dream could mean in your bid to move ahead in your field, you might be overlooking certain things around you. These things include the feelings and interests of your friends and family.

You feel overwhelmed

Seeing yourself with big hands or feet in a dream could symbolize a feeling of being overwhelmed, ill-equipped, and unprepared. The dream could be in relation to a business, an academic endeavor, or something to do with relationships. It is simply saying you need to be more prepared.

There is a big opportunity ahead

If you see yourself with big hands and feet in the dream, consider this as being anointed for great things to come. There are some big opportunities that might come your way which you need to mentally prepare for.

Dream about your hands or feet swelling 

A dream in which you see your hands and feet swelling could symbolize the idea of biting more than you can chew. You provoked a situation that you cannot handle, embarked on an endeavor without adequate preparation, or started off on a journey that you had no capacity to finish.

Dream about having big hands that are difficult to lift

Having giant hands that are difficult to lift stands for overkill in terms of your handling of certain issues in your life. The big hands or feet symbolize putting too much effort into something than is necessary. It could be that you are investing colossal amounts of time and energy into something that only requires a little.

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