Dream about killing a black cat interpretation

A dream about killing a black cat symbolizes conquering such habits and emotions as pride, jealousy, and self-importance. Cats can be great symbols in dreams. However, a black cat is often associated with negativity. The negative traits of the cat and the act of killing it in your dream mean you will overcome these hampering negative traits.

But black cats, in some cultures of Europe, actually are symbols of good luck. In this case, killing a black cat in the dream could mean there is a blessing in disguise that you are pushing away without knowing. You need to be careful not to judge everyone and every situation without first understand them.

Here are some more meanings of a dream in which you see yourself kill a cat.

You will soon overcome your loneliness

Cats are solitary animals for the most part. They are not social cats like lions and are more like tigers or leopards. In a dream, a black cat could stand for your feelings of loneliness. It does not mean you do not have friends or family.

It means there is something in your life you are dealing with alone, something that those around you know nothing about. Since you killed this black cat in your dream, it could mean you will finally beat your loneliness and have those around you help you.

You will soon do something good against your pride

Seeing yourself kill a black cat in the dream could mean you will soon do something against your pride. There is something that you know you have to do but are afraid of the embarrassment that might come with it. It could be that you are down on your luck but have a not-so-fancy job opportunity that you are ashamed of.

Perhaps you need help with something but are too proud to ask. Since you had this dream, it means you will manage to overcome this and see your life move forward. The proud part of the cat is not helping you and, just as you killed this cat in your dream, you need to drop the pride.

You will receive help from many around you

A black cat in the dream could stand for the habit of not asking for help, thinking you can do everything by yourself. Since you killed a black in your dream, it means you will find it in yourself to overcome this habit.

You might feel less impressed with yourself by asking for the much-needed assistance. However, it is necessary for you to achieve your goals. You might soon realize that many of your problems are not necessary, and are a mere result of not asking for help when you know you should.

Dream about killing a black kitten

A dream about killing a black kitten means you have traits such as pride, selfishness, isolation, etc., that must be dealt with before they bring you into serious trouble. Right now, you might not have many reasons to think these traits are bad for you. However, with time, you will soon see your life crumble because of them.

You need to deal with them while they are minimal and can be controlled. Once they grow and get rooted, you will find it hard to deal with them.

The meaning of a dream about killing a black kitten could be tied to the fact that in parts of Europe, black cats symbolize good luck. Seeing yourself killing a black kitten in the dream, therefore, means there is a blessing in your life that seems so little that you see no point in accepting it. But this could be a mistake because, after some time, the blessing you deem too little will grow.

Dream about killing a big black cat

A dream in which you see yourself kill a big or giant black cat means you will get a big opportunity if you could just get past your pride, open up to those around you and get over your habit of isolation. The big cat you saw stands for a big opportunity that is hindered by the negative traits of a cat. Killing it means you will finally be able to control these problematic traits.

Once again, cats in some parts of Europe symbolize good luck. Killing a big black cat could therefore mean there is a huge blessing hiding in a big problem but all you are seeing is the negative part.

There is no telling what might come of any situation. For example, you might lose your job only to get a far much better offer from somewhere else. Perhaps someone has left you, only to make room for someone far much better. You always need to look at the silver lining. It’s always the best thing to do.

Dream about killing many black cats

A dream in which you see yourself kill many black cats means you are overwhelmed by something you thought you could overcome by yourself. You feel you need to call for help and accept your failure. However, your pride is getting in your way and this might not end well for you. The act of killing the cat means you will overcome these tendencies if you try hard.

Dream about killing a black cat in the house

A dream in which you kill a black cat means you have issues of disunity that could ruin your friendships or relations. This disunity is the result of pride and isolation. The house in which you killed the black cat symbolizes family and friends. It could also stand for your sense of security and feelings of being grounded.

Dream about killing a black cat with your car

A dream in which you see yourself kill a black cat with your car means your journey towards your destiny is being hindered by pride and isolation. These are some of the negative traits of a cat and you will have to work yourself through them if you want to go anywhere in life. The fact that you hit this black cat with your car means you will be able to overcome your pride and this will see you cruise towards your goals or destiny.