Dream about killing a frog meaning

A dream in which you see yourself kill a frog means you are supposed to see sudden growth in your life but you are doing something to sabotage this growth.

The frog in your dream stands for sudden growth. The symbolism is drawn from the jumping ability of the frog. While other animals throw one leg after another to move forward, the frog moves in single leaps.

Although this dream means you might sabotage your own sudden growth, it should not be seen as a negative dream. It should be taken as a warning for you to be careful with how you handle your life’s affairs.

Here are some more meanings of dreams in which you see yourself kill a frog in a dream

Dream about someone killing a frog.

A dream in which you see someone kill a frog means someone might want to sabotage your growth. There is an opportunity that you have or soon will have that will propel you forward. However, someone will try to sabotage you.

You should be careful who you share your good news with. Most of those that seem to be with you are not really with you and will destroy you the first chance they get.

Dream about killing a giant frog

A dream in which you see yourself kill a giant frog means you will soon find yourself with an opportunity that will seem too much for you. You will look at it as being too overwhelming and there is a possibility that you will let it pass you by.

This dream is some sort of assurance that you can and should take it up. You should have belief in yourself and just move on ahead.

Dream about a frog bitting or attacking you

A dream in which you see a frog bite you means you have an opportunity at your disposal that you need to handle well. If you do not, it might bring you more harm than good. The dream is more like a warning, and not a prediction of calamity for your life.

Dream about a frog chasing you

A dream in which you see a frog chasing you means you have an opportunity for great growth. However, you are missing this opportunity either because of fear, laziness, or a lack of belief in yourself. Look around you to see if there are any opportunities staring you in the face that you are not taking up.

The fact that the frog is chasing you means this is something that really is your destiny and you probably cannot run from it.

Dream about a frog running from you

A dream in which you see a frog run from you means there is something you are doing in pursuit of greatness. However, you are going about it the wrong way and these same actions of yours are actually keeping you from growing and achieving your goals.

You need to step back and reevaluate your methods and see where exactly you are hurting yourself.

Dream about killing a black frog

A dream in which you kill a black frog means you have to be careful how you look at the circumstances around you.

The black frog stands for adversity that has a blessing behind it. You need to take a second look at the things you consider problems in your life. Some of them might have opportunities in disguise that could lead to your growth.

Dream about killing a green frog

A dream in which you see yourself kill a green frog means that you will have a great opportunity to grow your financial status.

The green color of the frog stands for prosperity, especially financial prosperity. The act of killing the frog means you will take on its symbolism, namely the ability to move forward in giant leaps.

Dream about killing a yellow frog

A dream in which you see yourself kill a yellow frog means fear has been keeping you from growing but you will soon be capable to move in bravery.

The dream means once you overcome this fear, you will be able you be able to see sudden growth that you were supposed to have seen a long time ago. It was supposed to have to append over a period of time but because of your fear, you remained in one place. This dream means you will see all that growth in one leap.