Dream About a Lion Attacking a Child Meaning

A dream in which you see a lion attacking a child means that the foundation of your life is at stake. The child represents you and your foundation, while the lion in this dream stands for troubles that shake the very core of your life.

Childhood in the dream represents your foundation since that is how we all start out in life. But this does not refer only to the foundation of your life, but also the foundation of anything such as your relationship, your job, your business, your career, etc.

The dream has many meanings depending on what you saw and who the child was. If it is your child, your brother’s child, your sister’s child or the child of anyone you know such as a friend, workmate, or classmate, the meaning will be different.

Here are some dreams in which you see a lion attacking or killing a child and what they might mean.

Lion attacking or killing your son dream meaning

A dream in which you see a lion attacking your son means that you are concerned about his well-being. If your son is young, the dream could manifest as a result of your fear of failing to provide for him and raise him right.

If your son is a teen or older, a dream about a lion attacking him could mean that you are worried about how he might turn out. It could be that you are worried about the company he is keeping, and worried about him picking up bad habits such as drug use promiscuity, etc.

A dream about a lion could also simply means that you are really afraid of losing the things that matter to you.

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Lion attacking your daughter dream meaning

To see a lion attacking your daughter means that your daughter will be at risk of bad influence from her friends, something that can ruin her entire life. Since you are the one seeing this dream and are the parent, it will be important for you to monitor her and protect her from this threat.

A lion attacking your daughter in the dream could also mean that she is going through the emotional trauma that may leave her scarred for life. Just like the attack of a lion can leave significant life-long scars, this trauma will also be hard for your daughter to shake off and it may affect her life’s trajectory. Again, it is important for you to be available in her life and protect her as much as you can.

Lion attacking your baby dream meaning

To see a lion attacking your baby in a dream is usually a sign that you are worried about the well-being of your child. Things such as finances, the availability of your significant other, health issues, and the hostile nature of society can leave you feeling anxious at a subconscious level. This can manifest as a lion attacking your baby.

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Lion killing your neighbor’s child dream meaning

To see a lion attacking or killing your neighbor’s child is a sign that the child is going through some trauma that the parents may not be aware of. The child knows he or she is going through some kind of problem but the age has made it impossible to know what to do, and that is a call for help. The child might actually be thinking it’s normal.

Try to get close to the child if that is possible and see what might be going on and how you could help.

Lion attacking your sister’s or brother’s child dream meaning

To see a lion attacking, chasing, or killing your sister’s or brother’s child in a dream is a sign that your niece or nephew is going through some serious anxiety about something. This is not a trivial matter and it is something that can affect them for life.

Your brother’s or sister’s child may need your help since you are the one seeing this dream. Get close and see if you can unearth whatever might be the problem.

Lion attacking your friend’s child dream meaning

To see a lion attacking your friend’s child implies that your friend might be going through some troubles that have sipped into the life of the child. The trouble could be anything such as bad finances, poor health, a bad relationship between your friend and their significant other, etc.

Lion attacking a baby in the dream meaning

To see a lion attacking a baby in the dream means that there is unlocked potential within you that is being barred from manifesting due to one or two issues. It could be that fear is keeping your boxed from being all you can be.

Whatever it is, the infant abilities in you are having a tough time manifesting and growing because of these issues, and that is why you saw a lion attacking or killing a baby in your dream.

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  1. I dreamt a line came into the house and it tried to grab my baby girl frome someone’s arms and my dad saved the day by shooting the lion. I was in another room so when I heard the screams I came running. When I got there the lion was on the floor dying. When I asked what happened, the whole thing replayed to me. It replayed in a way that I thought the lion wasn’t dead and it’s attacking my baby again, but my dad assured me that I must stay calm because I am just being shown what happened. I’m so confused by this dream. It has scared the living day light out of me. If anyone can explain to me what that means.
    (in the dream a lot happened before we got to what i explained above. At some point the lion was in a cage)

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