Dream about losing a dog or puppy

Dream about losing your dog (Dog going missing)

Dogs and puppies in dreams stand for companionship. That is a positive meaning but they also have a negative interpretation, which is that they could represent cowardice. Losing your dog in a dream, therefore, could mean that you are going through a time of loneliness, or that you might soon experience one.

This dream could also simply be about your connection with your pet, but this is something we will not discuss in detail since it’s obvious. There are other meanings and different dream variations. Here are some interpretations for dreams in which you lose a dog. Note: This is different from a dream about losing your dog to death. This article is about your dog going missing.

Feelings of loneliness

If you lose your dog in a dream, it could mean that you are, or might soon go through a time of loneliness. The dog you saw stands for companionship or friendship, and losing it could symbolize a deep sense of loneliness in your waking time.

You do not have to be literally alone for this interpretation to stick. You could be in a relationship and have many friends but still feel lonely if the people around you do not give you time and attention.

You need to cut off some bad friends

This dream could sometimes be a prompt for you to look at your friendships and see if you need to get rid of some. Some friends in our lives do more harm than good. This could be out of deliberate malice on their part but it could also simply be an issue of incompatibility with no one to fault. Your destinies might simply be worlds apart.

You might lose a friend

A lost dog in the dream world could correspond with a lost friendship in real life. It could be a foretelling of a friendship that you might soon lose. If you really love the people in your circle of friends, you might want to be careful how you handle things in order to maintain them.

Dream about your lost dog

A dream in which you see a dog that you lost in real life is a call for you to revisit some of the things you gave up on in life. It is your subconscious mind telling you to try again and things could possibly work this time.

The dream could also mean that there are some important people you are no longer in touch with. These are individuals that could play an important role in your life. On the much simpler end of things, it could simply mean you are going through a time of missing your lost dog.

Dream about finding your lost dog

A dream in which you find a dog you lost in real life means something you gave up on could soon be revived. There are goals that we pursue with vigor for a moment, only to abandon them later.

This dream could mean you will get an opportunity to achieve a long lost goal. You might also want to keep your eyes open. Soon, you will reconnect with a friend, colleague, classmate, etc., that you have been out of touch with. This reconnection will lead to good things in your life.

Dream that your lost dog or puppy is dead

If you lost your dog or puppy in real life but then dream about it being dead, it means you should not let your hopes of finding it die. You might have forgotten about it but, unless it has been really long since you did, this dream is telling you to revive your hopes of finding your dog, and you just might get it back.

This dream, on the more negative side, could mean something you have been neglecting will die. It could be that you have friendships and relationships that you are not putting enough effort into. It could also be about a business or skill that you are not giving your full attention. This dream could mean you will totally lose the things you have forgotten about.

Dream about your dead dog in real life being lost in your dream

This dream means you need to learn from your losses or risk losing more. Your dead dog or puppy in this dream stands for things you lost as well as your mistakes. However, your mistakes and losses should not be forgotten. You should hang on to them as lessons that will keep you from suffering more losses.

For example, if you lost a relationship, you should not forget about it entirely. Never lose the memory of the lessons you learned so your next relationships will have a higher chance of standing.

Dream in which you cant find your dog

If you dream about not being able to find your dog or puppy in a dream, it is a sign that you are not benefiting from your friendship and relationships as much as you think you should.

While you do have these connections, it’s like they are non-existent since you do not feel like you are getting as much as you are putting in. Maybe it’s time to talk with those around you about how you feel to see if it can be fixed. If it can’t be rectified, maybe you should try to make new friendships.

Dream about finding someone else’s lost dog

If you dream about finding someone else’s dog or puppy, it means you are the kind of person that brings people together. You help those around you forge new friendships and relationships.

It also means you are a peacemaker and you often find yourself as a mediator between waring friends. You are an encourager and you help people regain their lost goals and dreams. You keep people going when they feel like giving up.

Dream about your dog running away

If you dream about your dog running away, it means you might have habits and tendencies that push away those around you. The dream could also mean you are at risk of losing things of value in your life because you are not taking as much responsibility as you should.

Before you buy or adopt a dog in real life, you need to have the requisite sense of responsibility.  The fact that yours ran away in your dream could be a call for you to pay more attention to the people and things that matter in your life.

Dream about searching for your lost dog

A dream about losing a dog is different from one in which you are actively searching for it. If you see yourself trying to find your lost dog in a dream, it means you should now look back to see if you can get back some of the things you lost in your life, things you may have given up on.

This dream means you will get renewed vigor and drive to pursue some of your long lost dreams. If someone was helping you search for your dog, the dream means you will have some help in your bid to get back on track.

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