Dream about matches or lighter not working

A dream in which you see a lighter or match fail to ignite means there is just one little thing missing for you to excel. It means you have everything worked out and all you need is one last small yet vital move. If you do not do things right, this little one thing might throw everything off.

Here are some more meanings of a dream in which a match or lighter fails to work.

Things are going wrong because of poor communication

There are some problems in your life that could be solved with a few words but your reluctance to speak perpetuates the issue. Flames in the dream might stand for the tongue and therefore your ability to speak.

You need to stop the habit of poor finishing

The idea of a lighter or match stick failing to work symbolizes the idea of gathering firewood and getting the whole task ruined at the last minute by a failed lighter or match. It is the finishing move and since it did not work, it stands for poor finishing.

You are overlooking a seemingly small problem

Seeing a lighter or match fail to ignite in the dream means there is a small problem that you are delaying to solve that will prove pivotal in the end. Although it is a small problem, your project might hit a wall because of it.

You have what it takes but need motivation

A match or lighter that fails to ignite in the dream means there is an opportunity you can take up and succeed at but you need a little motivation. The lighter or match stands for the little spark you need to get going.

Dream about wet matches failing to ignite

A dream about wet matches could mean that you do have a chance to be great but you are mixing with people that put out your flame. It does not mean these are bad people. It simply means they are the exact opposite of what you are and want to be.

Dream about a lighter exploding

If you see a lighter explode in the dream, it means you have privileges that you are abusing and this could lead to you losing them. These are privileges that could ignite your life and make you shine but your abuse might destroy them altogether. It could be that you have connections that you are misusing, or that you have money that you are wasting.

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