Dream About Playing With a Lion

A dream about playing with a lion means you will do things that most people are scared of. It could also mean something extraordinary will soon happen in your life, something that rarely or never happens at all. Below I explain more meanings in detail, as well as different examples of playing with or befriending a lion in the dream.

Something extraordinary will happen

It is extraordinary to play with a lion. It is rare to befriend one and so playing with a lion in the dream could mean there is something positive and extraordinary that will happen in your life. It will be significant and life-changing. In fact, many people around you will know about it and marvel.

This extraordinary occurrence could be in any department of your life. It could happen in your career, your business, your health, your relationship, etc.

There is someone you are scared of that really is your friend

There are some people that we observe from a distance and come up with all sorts of conclusions about them. We convince ourselves we should be scared of them, that they are mean, antisocial, or that they are not our level and therefore cannot be our friends.

Seeing a friendly lion, or playing with one in the dream means the person you are scared of could be friendly towards you if only you got close to them. In fact, they could change your life for the better.

You will be favored by your boss or anyone of authority

The lion you saw in the dream symbolizes your boss or any authority figure in your life. This is someone you are sure might not want to interact with you because they are so high up. By playing with the lion in the dream, it means you will be favored by this authority figure.

There are many ways that someone of authority such as your boss or a political figure could bestow favor upon you. It could be a promotion, an appointment, a significant gift, a business deal, etc.

You will do things that most people are scared of

There are things that we fear based on what other people say. But just because someone had a bad experience with something does not mean you too will. If you play with a lion in the dream, it means you will succeed at things that most people normally fear.

But you too will need some courage to do this. This is just like you still would have to suppress your fear if you came across a friendly lion. It’s not like you would not be initially afraid. You just have to muster some courage before you realize there was nothing to fear in the first place.

Fake friends

On the negative end of things, playing with a lion in the dream could mean you have a fake friend that is just waiting for your downfall. Just like playing with a friendly lion still has the risk that it might turn on you, this friend of yours might be good for now but they will attack you when they get a chance.

It does not have to be really a friend. It could be a workmate, a business partner, a classmate, or even a neighbor. You might want to check your circle to see if there are any people that seem fake. Look for signs of jealousy, especially.

Bad habits

There are some bad habits that seem benign at first but eventually, their bare their teeth, hold you tight in their claws, and ruin you. A dream about befriending a lion feels positive, and it for the most part is. However, it could also mean that there is a bad habit you are getting yourself into that could ruin you.

Hearing this, you might think I am referring to drugs. I am, but there are many other habits that could harm you. Gambling, laziness, stealing, lying, etc. Once you get used to these things, it becomes hard to live any other way. At the end of it all, though, may lie ruinous losses.

Do not be afraid

There are some things you are afraid of that have kept you from being your true self or going after your desires and goals. Playing with a lion in the dream means you need to get rid of your fear as there is nothing to be afraid of. Lions are the stuff of fear in real life. The fact that you saw a friendly lion in the dream means what you are afraid of should not be feared at all.

Perhaps you would like to be a public speaker but are not sure how that might turn out, or you are looking to start a business but are scared of failure. Whatever your fear might be, this dream is telling you it will be okay.

Examples of dreams about befriending or playing with a lion

There are many dream settings in which you might play with a lion. I have picked some of the most common situations and interpreted them. Although your dream might have different details, you can pick one that’s roughly similar to yours and use it to come up with an interpretation.

Playing with a lion cub

A dream in which you play with a lion cub means you have a huge task ahead, a lofty goal, a big vision that you should handle with baby steps for a start. Big dreams can be daunting. However, if you start slow and small, you will make it.

The baby lion or baby cub, in this dream, represents the idea of starting right from the seed stage and working your way up to success. It is often better this way instead of handling big things with zero experience.

Walking with lion

A dream in which you see yourself walking with a lion means you will soon be connected to prominent people that will help you along your journey to your goals. The lion stands for big people that have been there and done what you are trying to do. They have experience in the thing you would like to achieve.

Walking with a lion could also mean you will never walk alone. Although you will find yourself in trouble from time to time, there will always be a way out. Even those that may try to bring you down will do so in futility. You will be protected and provided for until you achieve your goals.


Playing with a black lion

Playing with a black lion in the dream means you will manage to turn a problem into an opportunity. This will be a scary problem that could easily cause others to give up. But you, with the courage and inner strength of a lion, will come out not just victorious but you will turn the fearsome problem into something that will take you closer to your dream.

Playing with a white lion

A dream about playing with a white lion means you will meet a prominent person who will be good to you. This person will change your life for the better not because they want something from you but just out of the kindness of their heart. They might help you in your education, your business, your career, etc.

Playing with a lion in the house

A dream in which you saw a lion in the house means there are some problems that seem common in your family or circle of friends. However, you will overcome this and things will go differently for you.

For example, if your family feels the business is hard and a waste of time and money, you might just start one that would be successful. Or maybe there are too many divorces among your relatives and your friends. This dream could mean you might succeed at holding your relationship together.

Seeing a child play with a lion

There is a fear in you that stems from an incident in your childhood years. However, seeing a child play with a lion means this is something you should not fear. You will have to work through this if you are to be all you can be.

The fact that you are had this dream means there is an opportunity coming that you might miss if you do not confront the fear. It could be a fear of public speaking, a fear of relationships, problems with low esteem, etc.

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