Dream about setting a snake on fire meaning/symbolism

A dream in which you see yourself set a snake on fire symbolizes reacting to a problem inappropriately, making things worse in the process. It could also imply dealing with an enemy in a manner that attracts more condemnation to you than to the very aggressor.

The snake you burn in the dream could be a giant snake, baby snake, long snake, snake with legs, brown snake, yellow snake, white snake, etc.

However, as with all dreams, the meaning depends on the details and feelings surrounding the dream. Here are some dreams and what they might represent.

Burning a snake in your house dream meaning

A dream in which you see yourself set a snake on fire in your house symbolizes a disproportionate response to someone within your inner circle.

This is a reaction to an attack that leaves you looking – and even being treated – like a villain.

Dream about burning a snake with gasoline

A dream in which you set a snake on fire with gasoline stands for an angry reaction to a problem or an enemy that sets off a chain of events that you regret but cannot stop or reverse.

It could represent such things as uttering piercing words in anger and it leading to a severed friendship or relationship and even more things breaking apart as a result.

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Dream about burning a snake with wood

A dream in which you see yourself burn a snake with wood symbolizes losses incurred as a result of dealing with an enemy or problem disproportionately.

The wood stands for an excess in response that costs you undue time, money, or energy. Additionally, the dream means your reaction could attract criticism.

Dream about setting a black snake on fire

A dream in which you burn a black snake symbolizes an irreversible reaction to a mistakenly identified enemy or problem. The dark color of the snake means you are in the dark about this problem or enemy and have mixed things up.

An example of this is when you crudely and irreversibly sever a friendship for something the other person did not do, or spend huge sums of money on a car part with which the problem you are experiencing has nothing to do.

Setting a green snake on fire dream meaning

A dream in which you set a green snake on fire symbolizes permanently getting rid of something or someone whose importance to your life isn’t apparent to you.

This is something or someone you mistakenly believe is a problem to you but when all is said and done, you will realize you have just gotten rid of an important part of your life.

Dream about burning a flying snake

A dream in which you see yourself burn a flying snake symbolizes a treacherous enemy that attempts to paint you as the villain after you react to their attacks.

The flying snake symbolizes their treachery and tricks, and the act of burning it means your actions will be used to paint you as an angry, harsh, vindictive person.

Dream about burning a snake with horns

A dream in which you set a horned snake on fire stands for a problem that leaves remnants of itself to haunt or trouble you long after you have dealt with it.

It could also stand for an enemy’s attacks that leave you with scars that trouble you in one way or another even after you win the war.

Dream about burning a snake with two or more heads

A dream in which you burn a snake with two heads stands for a problem or enemy that you cannot deal with because they are also beneficial to you in a very vital department of your life.

An example would be someone like a very bad boss that still pays you great money, a high-paying client with a terrible attitude, etc.




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