Dream About Snake Biting Your Mother Meaning

If you dream about a snake biting your mother, it means there could be some negative feelings that she may be having concerning you. Please note that this does not necessarily mean your mother hates you or anything like that. It could mean she is worried about you and the feeling is deeply affecting her.

It could also mean there is something about you that she is not happy about. It could be something you did to her or someone in the family, something you said or did not say. Snakes symbolize hidden feelings, negative feelings mainly.

The snake biting your mom is a sign that she has feelings toward you that she is not telling you about for some reason.

The dream could also symbolize something else. Your mom is the source of your life and without her, you would not have been here. Your mom, therefore, stands for sustenance and your grounding in life. She stands for all things on which your life depends.

If you see a snake bite her in the dream, it could mean your business or career is at stake. If you are still in school, it could mean your education is about to go through a shake-up.

Dream about a snake biting your mother’s leg or foot meaning

A dream in which you see your mother being bitten by a snake on her leg or foot could mean there are unresolved issues between you and your mother that deeply affect her. These issues affect her enough to destabilize her grounding in life hence the bite on her leg or foot.

The dream does not necessarily mean your mother’s issues have anything to do with you. It could also mean there is someone close with whom she has issues. Not only does she have these issues but because snakes symbolize secrecy, she has kept the problem in her heart.

However, since you are having this dream, it means you could help in some way. It is your subconscious mind, as it sees all, telling you to get closer to your mother. Talk to her more and she might just open up about her inner feelings.

Dream about a snake biting your mother’s arm or hand meaning

As earlier stated, your mother may symbolize your source, sustenance, your daily bread, the things that maintain your life. If you see a snake bite your mother on her hand, it means you need to give more.

Your lack of giving is harming your very sustenance. Stretch out your hands and be more giving. Give more of your time, your resources, and the universe will increase your vineyard, that is your sustenance, your grounding on earth symbolized by your mother.

Dream about a snake wrapping or coiling around your mother’s leg

This symbolizes binding. Your mother, again, symbolizes your grounding in life and the things on which your life depends. If you see a snake wrap around your mother’s leg in a dream, it means you have to avoid any major changes in things that may affect your life’s sustenance. If you are planning to make a risky move in your business, do not do it in the coming few weeks.

If you are planning on making a move that may affect your education in a serious way, do not do it as the risk may actually manifest and ruin you.

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