Dream About Snake Eating or Killing Itself Meaning

A dream about a snake eating or killing itself spiritually symbolizes a number of things. One of the meanings of the dream is that an enemy of yours will be consumed by jealousy which will end up ruining them.

The dream might also mean your enemies will do something against you that will end up hurting them. In a nutshell, the dream is nothing to worry about.

A snake eating itself could also be a sign that you have a perpetual problem that keeps resulting in other problems. In symbolism, a snake that swallows itself from the tail implies perpetuity.

Read on to find out all the meanings of the different dreams in which you see a snake killing or eating itself.

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Black snake eating itself in the dream

If you see a black snake eating itself from the tail or any part of its length, it means there is someone close to you who means harm but pretends to be a friend. This person is overly envious of you but the jealousy is becoming overwhelming to them. They are literally not functioning well because from time to time, you pop up in their mind and they can’t deal with it.

What to do: Keep some things to yourself. Not everyone should know about your triumphs and victories. Although the plottings of your enemies may not harm you and may ultimately be their downfall, it is not advisable to have negative energy flowing to you from anyone.

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Seeing a brown, gray, red, or white snake eating itself

If you see a brown, white, or gray snake eating itself in the dream, it means you have an enemy you do know very well is fighting you.

Unlike the black snake, which implies that a friend is secretly plotting against you, the brown, yellow, white or red snake means the person is known as an enemy to you.

They will try to harm you but their assault will backfire and lead to their own downfall.

What to do: Keep your guard up and watch those who threaten you. Yes, their attack will only lead to their downfall but it still will shake you up. Make sure it does not catch you unaware to keep the damage minimal.

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Seeing a Python, Boa, or Anaconda swallowing or eating itself

The python is the largest snake on earth. It is also the most powerful. Generally, these snakes need the power to suffocate their prey as they do not have venom.

Dreaming about a python, boa, or anaconda swallowing, killing, or eating itself means there is a big battle with a big organization that is coming ahead of you.

The battle could also be with a prominent person such as a political leader or head or a company. However, the battle will not end well for whoever will be your opponent. Their own power will be their downfall.

What to do: If you find yourself with a battle with a lawyer, a hospital, a government agency, a pastor, or such people, remember your dream and rest easy. You will win not by your might, but by the folly of your own enemies.

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