Dream about torn shoes meaning

A dream in which you see yourself wearing torn shoes could be a sign that there is something wrong with the way you are approaching your goals. It does not mean that you are on the wrong path. It just means there is something broken in the way you are going about it all.

Here are some more meanings about a dream in which you see torn shoes.

There is some neglect hindering your approach toward your goals

A dream about torn shoes could mean that you are neglecting an important aspect of your journey towards your goals. The tear in your shoe represents damage that might soon get too bad to ever be repaired unless you drop your ways of neglect.

You might need a bigger pursuit

Seeing a torn shoe in a dream could be a sign that you have outgrown your current pursuits. In a sense, the shoes have become too small for you hence the tear. This applies even if you were not wearing the shoes in your dream. You have to see how you can expand your current domain to match your growth.

You might be soon tempted to abandon your goals because of a minor problem

A dream about torn shoes could mean that you might soon face a hiccup that will make you consider quitting your pursuits. The dream is some sort of warning telling you to be patient and maintain some consistency as you chase your goals. The symbolism is that these tears in the shoe could be repaired even though abandoning them might seem the right thing to do.

Here are some examples of some dreams in which you see torn shoes

Dream about torn white shoes

A dream about torn white shoes means you will soon face some discouragement to stick to the straight and narrow as you chase your goals. This is despite the fact that up until now, you have endeavored to stay away from any dubious deeds as you try to achieve your goals.

Dream about torn black shoes

A dream about torn black shoes means there are some things you are doing against your conscience in a bid to achieve your goals. You will soon lose far more than you are gaining from your dubious deeds. The tear in the shoes means that the time has now come to absolutely abandon your wrong ways.

Dream about torn boots

A dream about torn boots means that you are exerting too much effort as you chase your goals. You need to strategize and map out your moves for more efficiency. The dream could mean that you are spending too much time on work, neglecting family, friends, and other areas of your life.

Dream about torn high heels

A dream in which you see torn high heels, or high heels with a broken heel means that you are attempting to live above your means and this is leaving you feeling stressed out. The high heels stand for luxury, and the fact that they were torn means you are living a luxurious life before actually earning it

Dream about torn sandals

A dream in which you see torn sandals means your approach towards life is a bit too casual and you need to standardize things a bit more. A laid-back casual approach will only work to hamper your advancement in life.

Dream about torn slippers

A dream in which you see torn slippers means you are feeling ungrounded in one part of your life. The slippers symbolize the sense of not having a firm grip on your affairs. You will need to take a step back and see how you can realign yourself in order to have a firm grasp of your affairs.

Dream about sneakers

A dream about torn sneakers means you are taking too much time off important aspects of your life. It is important to relax and have times of leisure. However, too much of this will impact your growth negatively.

Dream about finding torn shoes

A dream in which you find torn shoes means you might soon come upon a half-baked opportunity that still could be of much help to you if you handle it well. You might be tempted to pass up on it but this would be a mistake.

Dream about new torn shoes

A dream in which you see new torn shoes means that you might soon be tempted to abandon your old path for something new and shiner. However, this would be a mistake if you do not weigh your opportunities well.

Dream about torn old shoes

A dream about old torn shoes means you have stayed in the same place for too long and there is a need for you to make some changes, at least if you care about growing and advancing in life.

Dream about stealing torn shoes

A dream about stealing torn shoes means there is something you are envious of that you do not really understand. Once you manage to have it, you might find that it’s not all you thought it would be. The dream could also mean that there is someone who is jealous of you without knowing what it is exactly that they are jealous of.

Dream about a child wearing torn shoes

A dream in which you see a child wearing torn shoes means that there is something that you have always wanted to do that you abandoned because things did not pan out the way you wanted them to. However, this may have been a mistake.

Dream about someone tearing your shoes

A dream in which you see someone tear your shoes means there are some people close to you that might want to jeopardize your journey to your goals. This could be jealousy regarding your business, education, relationship, career, etc.