Dream about your ex running mad interpretation

A dream in which you see your ex lose their mind or run mad could mean they are feeling a little – or even very – off because they are not with you. They could be experiencing these feelings randomly, right after, or long after your break up.

However, the dream could also just mean that your subconscious mind still has not resolved the new state of affairs. Things still do not make sense and mental adjustments are still on-going.

Dream about your ex in a psych ward

A dream in which you see your ex in a psych ward means the breakup may have left a serious dent on their inner being and they are still trying to regain their bearings.

Even if they may have been the instigator of the break-up, or perhaps seemed happy to break up with you, letting go of a relationship comes with shock waves. Seeing them in a psych ward could just be the universe telling you that they are having one of such waves—waves of devastating feelings.

Dream about ex mad on the streets

To dream about your ex mad on the streets symbolizes the search for a new footing after being knocked off the former, which is you. The state of being mad on the street stands for a search for their new place in this world since a big chunk of their life has been disrupted.

This symbolism applies whether they were at first eager to let you go or even seemed happy after the breakup.

Dream about mad ex asking for money

Seeing your ex as a crazy person asking you for money stands for their disrupted productivity after the breakup. No matter how strong one might be, breakups take a toll on emotions and this could lead to diminished focus. It is simply harder to be productive.

If the breakup happened long before the dream, it might simply mean your ex is wondering whether their life would have been better with you around—better in their relationship department which would have also positively affected their work or productivity.

Dream about trying to help an ex that has gone mad

Seeing yourself trying to help an ex that has lost their mind in the dream means that deep down, you may have wanted an amicable break and would not have wanted to see your ex distraught about the breakup.

It means some part of you might still care for them even though getting together might be out of the question. You may have been trying to hold them down in the dream or give them mental medication. The meaning is still the same.

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