Dream of Snake and Cat Fighting Meaning

To dream about a snake and a cat fighting means you have two inner emotions that are competing with each other within you. The cat symbolizes independence and self-reliance. The snake stands for deceit, betrayal, and slander. Seeing these two animals fight, therefore, means your independence and self-reliance could be threatened by someone’s deceit.

Here are some other dreams about a cat and snake fighting and what they mean.

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Dream interpretation of snake biting cat

To see a snake biting a cat in the dream means there is someone for whom you have been doing good things but this person does not appreciate you. It means you have been trying to help your own enemy and their attack has already occurred.

Like a snake that bites a cat and kills it slowly with its venom, your enemy has also attacked you and the damage is ongoing.

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Snake coiled around a cat dream meaning

To see a snake coiled around your pet cat in the dream means that there has been a battle that has been going on that you are not aware of. The snake wrapped around your cat stands for people that have been fighting you and have maintained a stranglehold on you. You just do not know it, but there are people trying to bring you down.

Dream about a snake swallowing a cat meaning

A dream about a snake swallowing a cat means that something that will disrupt your independence and self-reliance is about to, or has already happened. This usually means someone among your friends and relatives is about to betray you and this will result in huge losses on your part.

Cat eating snake meaning

To see a cat eating a snake in the dream means your self-reliance and pride have triumphed over your affinity for cheating. It means you will refuse to take the low road of deceit and slander and take the high way of honesty.

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