Dream of Someone Stealing Your Dog Meaning

A dream in which you see someone steal your dog symbolizes loneliness, failed relationships or friendship, and betrayal. There are other interpretations and meanings as I will explain below. Some meanings are positive while others are negative. However, even the negative ones should be taken as positive if you can act on them appropriately.

You have sensed someone attempting to split your friendship

A dream in which you see someone attempt to steal your dog means there is someone your subconscious mind or intuition has sensed to be trying to separate you from one or more of your friends. This could be through lies, gossip, innuendo, and slander.

Almost everyone has someone that pretends to be more of a friend than they really are. Such people can be dangerous since they are within our circle. You might want to pay attention to the people around you to see if there is anyone jealous and malicious towards you.

You are facing a situation that needs bravery

The dog, with its habit of throwing its tail between its hind legs, could symbolize cowardice in dreams. Therefore, someone stealing your dog in the dream could be your intuition noting that you have to be brave. Occasionally, life throws us into situations that call for bravery and courage.

It could be in your relationship, your education, your career, business, or your job. It could be something you really have wanted to do but have been hindered by fear. Maybe now is the time to face it.

You might be losing a friend

Seeing someone steal your dog could mean you feel there is a friend slipping away. You can feel you are slowly growing apart, spending less and less time together. This is premised on the idea that dogs in dreams symbolize friendship. They could also be interpreted as something worse, that is, it could mean you feel your secrets are about to be outed by someone you trust.

Dogs symbolize loyalty. Therefore, seeing someone steal yours means you doubt whether a trusted companion is keeping your secrets. For some reason, you feel they might be telling others about things you told them in confidence. The secret could be about your relationship, your business, education, etc.


This dream could be triggered by feelings of loneliness. Dogs in the dream stand for companionship. If you dream about someone taking yours, it could mean that you will soon enter a time of loneliness. There are many ways this could happen. Your friends could leave, you could grow apart from your significant other, etc. But loneliness does not mean you are alone. You could have many people in your life and still feel alone if they pay you no attention.

There is no need to worry about this dream. It does not mean you will be lonely automatically. It is just a warning for you to pay attention to how you interact with those around you so as not to drift apart.

You might lose something you have been accustomed to

As dogs in dreams symbolize friendship, this could be synonymous with things that you have been accustomed to. Therefore, someone stealing your dog in the dream could mean that you risk losing something you are used to. This is something without which your life would feel far too different.

The loss could occur in your business, education, relationship, job, etc. It could also refer to material loss involving things you love and are used to, such as your home, your car, etc. Now, this dream sounds negative but you should not take it that way. Consider it a warning that should make you watchful of how you handle your life from now on.

You will realize that someone you trust is not who they say they are

If someone steals your dog in the dream, it means that you will see a fake person around you for who they are. Dogs symbolize trust. This dream, therefore, means you will lose your trust in this fake person once they are revealed for who they are. The fake person could be someone you trust but that is secretly trying to bring you down, or someone you think is a genuine friend when they are really just using you.

The dream could be about a ‘frenemy’, a classmate, a colleague, or a neighbor that you feel is good towards you when in fact not. You need to be careful who you trust. Some people cannot control their jealousy and will promptly take up any opportunity to bring you down.

You will be tempted to quit on something

This dream could be a sign that you will be tempted to quit on something you have been working on. The symbolism is that dogs do not give up. They keep doing the same thing until you take some time to train them seriously. The fact that someone stole your dog in the dream means you might lose this ability for stubbornness. Ultimately, it means you might soon give up on something important to you for one reason or another.

This could be about your relationship. For example, after fighting to keep your relationship together, you might be tempted to let it fall apart. Perhaps you have a business that you feel is going south and are thinking of giving up on it. Whatever the case, this dream means you should keep up and not give up.

You may be tempted to be disloyal to someone

Earlier, I stated that a dream about someone stealing a dog could mean that someone will be disloyal to you. However, it could also mean that you will suffer the temptation to be disloyal to someone. There might come a situation in which you will feel like betraying the trust of someone is an option.

It does not mean that you are a bad person. It simply means you will be tempted to be bad. However, you will be able to beat this if you put your mind to it. You have a lot more to lose by giving in than resisting.

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