Elephant Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Elephants in the dream stand for greatness, growth, and stability. As a negative dream symbol, they can mean overwhelming problems, depression, and laziness or a reluctance to act. The actual meaning depends on the details of the dream.

Here are some dreams about elephants and what they mean.

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Angry elephant dream meaning

Seeing an angry elephant in the dream means you are out of touch with the calm and stable part of your psyche. Here is what you have to do if you are to get to the next stage in life.

A calm and stable demeanor will save you from many avoidable problems that might arise from rashed or panicked decisions. There might soon be an opportunity that will require you to act with calmness in stressful situations.

What to do: Practice being calm in every situation whether important or insignificant. This might just prepare you for the coming opportunity.

White elephant dream meaning

A white elephant in the dream stands for your confidence, stability, and growth. The dream means your subconscious mind has sensed that there is an opportunity for growth and advancement towards your goals and destiny. However, you first have to develop your confidence and courage.

What to do: You might soon notice an opportunity pop up. Do take it up even if you feel intimidated. If you do, you will move closer to your goals.

Elephant chasing you dream meaning

Seeing an elephant chasing you in a dream means there are some overwhelming responsibilities you are reluctant to deal with. You know there is something that needs to be done but you keep delaying to take action.

With time, these issues will get out of hand and you will no longer be able to deal with them. They might even spill over to your other departments in the long run.

What to do: There is no way you can run from what is truly your responsibility. Deal with everything you know you should. Take one day at a time if you have to.

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Dead elephant dream meaning

Seeing a dead elephant in the dream means there is a great opportunity that you just missed due to a lack of courage. This is an opportunity with the potential to set you onto a great path. The dream could be tied to your relationship, your career, education, or business.

What to do: You will need to act with more courage without taking careless risks. Do not just focus on the price you have to pay. Set your mind on the lot you could gain.

Is it good or bad to see an elephant in the dream?

Normally, elephants are positive dream symbols. They might be intimidating, especially if your dream sets you too close to them. However, unless the elephant was attacking you, the interpretation is positive.

Negative elephant dreams are the ones that make you feel anxious and fearful. Sometimes even after you wake up, you will normally have a bad feeling about the dream. In such a case, you have to pay attention and try to see what message the dream might have been carrying.

Lions and elephants dream meaning

Seeing lions and elephants in dreams means you have the courage and strength to realize your goals but you are too reluctant to act.

The dream symbolizes a clash of two traits within you. You have the courage and strength of a lion, but you also have the timidity and slow action of the elephant.

What to do: You should not confuse patience with timidity. Your reluctance to act should not appear to you as being cautious.

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Elephant and snake dream meaning

A dream in which you see an elephant and a snake means your light is constantly dimmed by the fake people around you.

You are clearly great, an obvious presence in everything you do. However, your next stage of growth is being hampered by the jealousy of a few fake friends around you. These could be colleagues, friends, and even relatives flinging all sorts of mud at you from gossip, slander to sheer smear campaigns.

What to do: You need people but definitely not malicious and fake ones. Vet your circle and get rid of all those with even just a hint of jealousy.

Charging elephant dream meaning

A dream about a charging elephant means there is a battle you have decided to fight alone out of pride and the need to prove yourself to those around you. This is something you know you cannot handle alone and if you go ahead, things might spin out of control.

What to do: If you dream about a charging elephant, you should consider being more interdependent with those around you. We should be self-reliant, but working together is something we equally have to embrace if we are to go far in life.

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Elephants in dreams spiritual meaning

In dreams, elephants spiritually represent your intrinsic greatness—your God-given destiny, which will bring the best out of you, should it be allowed to fully manifest

Elephants in dreams might also spiritually symbolize your greatest, deepest desires—those that stem from your inner core. These are desires that, when fulfilled, will have you feeling content and purposeful.

Elephant chasing you dream meaning

If you dream about an elephant chasing you, it means you have an immense lack of confidence stemming from the trail of failures from your past. You feel everything you attempt will end in failure and this has made you reluctant to act.

It is out of this fearful, unconfident mindset that you have developed the habit of putting off issues that you even know are within your capacity to handle. These, unfortunately, will never go away but will build up into one overwhelming problem.

What to do: Your current and future endeavors should not be viewed through the lens of your past failures. You failed in the past with no reference to the future. Likewise, your attempts today should not refer to your past failures as regards what you can and cannot do.

Elephant attacking you dream meaning

A dream about an elephant attacking you means the pursuit of your goals might soon be disrupted by your overconfidence and ego. Your inability to accurately measure yourself will set you on an undertaking that will at first look easy but ultimately turn out to be a major bump in your life.

What to do: Know what you can and cannot do. Develop the habit of testing the water with your feet before taking the plunge.

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Elephant falling from the sky dream meaning

If you see an elephant falling from the sky in the dream, it means you will soon get a chance to shine your greatness and grow unexpectedly. Just like elephants are not expected to fall from the sky, this is an opportunity that will come from a place you least expect.

What to do: Do everything with passion and all your might. You never know where your next blessing will come from.

Dream about elephant while pregnant

A dream in which you see an elephant while pregnant means the baby you are carrying is one that will be a pillar that others will lean on. The dream means your child will have the heart and soul of a natural leader.

What to do: You will need to nurture your child as a leader if the dream is to be fulfilled. It simply means the child will have the ability to be great but you will still have to bring this out of them.

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Falling off an elephant dream meaning

A dream in which you see yourself fall off an elephant means you will soon taste victory that you will likely lose in a short while. The loss will come from your change in habits after getting your feet on the road.

This dream is a warning and if you heed it, there will be no sudden fall after your hard-earned rise.

What to do: Do not quickly change your habits every time you find yourself lifted in life. Instead of discarding the mindset and habits that got you there, you should find a way to improve on them in order for you to rise even higher.

Elephant caught in a trap dream meaning

The elephant is a big animal that most people do not associate with traps. In our psyche, this is an oddity and is rarely expected. Seeing an elephant caught in a trap in the dream, therefore, means you will soon score a win that you did not think was possible.

This will be something significant that will improve your life as well as the lives of those in your circle of friends and family.

What to do: You are to take up every opportunity that comes your way. Even if it seems impossible, give it a try.

Dream about an elephant’s eyes

A dream about detached elephant eyes means you are feeling directionless and lost. You have a strong drive and a willingness to work towards your destiny but you just do not know where to start.

What to do: If you are feeling stuck, you should try to seek direction from those around you. Find someone you can trust, someone you feel is wise.

Pulling an elephant on a rope dream meaning

A dream in which you see yourself pulling an elephant on a rope means you have the ability to be great but there is just one little weakness that is leading you away from your greatness. The fact that it is a minor weakness is what makes you ignore it, thinking it won’t harm you.

What to do: Scan your life and see if there are any little weaknesses that you are ignoring. Nip whatever little problem in the bud before it becomes unmanageable.

Blind elephant dream meaning

A dream about a blind elephant means you have greatness within you that must be brought out. However, you are wasting your efforts on the wrong things. It’s like you are a powerful missile but just a misdirected one. You actually do feel something is out of place but you cannot put your finger on it.

What to do: You will have to look at your life and see if you feel content and at home with what you are currently pursuing. Are the things that you are spending your energy on the very best you could be doing right now?

Riding a blind elephant dream meaning

A dream about riding a blind elephant means there is an endeavor that you are thinking of going into but are afraid because you cannot see where it will eventually lead and how it will work.

This dream means you can go right on ahead even if you are not sure about how things will work out. Every one that did great things never knew how things would work right out the gate but they went ahead anyway.

What to do: All you have to do is take the first step and things will become clear one at a time. This will eventually lead you to great things.

Blind elephant attacking you dream meaning

Seeing a blind elephant attacking you in the dream means there is something you will blindly go into that might ruin your journey towards your destiny.

It will be a case of ‘not all that glitters is gold’ and what you think is the best thing in your life might turn out to be the worst. This could be about your relationship, your education, or your career.

What to do: You will have to be careful with some of the attractive opportunities you will come across in the next few months.

Blind elephant dying dream meaning

Seeing a blind elephant die means there is something you want to give up on because you cannot see any future in it. This is something you have invested a lot of time and effort in and quitting now might be a loss unless you are certain quitting is indeed the right thing to do.

What to do: It is okay to quit sometimes if you think you are not going anywhere. However, you need to be sure there really is nothing going to come out of your efforts before you give up.

Taking care of a blind elephant dream meaning

A dream in which you see yourself taking care of a blind elephant means there is something you are refusing to give up on thinking it will eventually lead to something great. The dream is about hanging on to something that is irretrievably damaged, mainly out of the delusion that it is important to your life.

The dream might be a reference to your relationship, career, education, or business. Ask yourself if there is anything that you should let go of.

What to do: Even if you are emotionally attached to something, it is no use holding on to it if it is clearly not going anywhere. Find it within yourself to just let it go.

Group of blind elephants dream meaning

Seeing a group of blind elephants in the dream means there is something that you are thinking of going into that will affect many people around you. This is something you will go into without knowing what exactly you are doing. The problem is that you will be convinced that what you are doing is indeed the right thing.

What to do: Do not be blinded by illusive golden prospects. Whatever you want to go into, be sure to also look at the negative side as well.

Elephant with no trunk dream meaning

A dream about an elephant without a trunk means there is a very big opportunity coming ahead that you currently are not prepared for. This is something that has the potential to alter your life for the better but you will feel incapable of doing anything, just like an elephant with no trunk.

What to do: Do not let it pass you by. If you are not prepared for the opportunity the time it appears, try to do all you can to equip yourself.

Dancing elephant dream meaning

Seeing a dancing elephant in the dream means you have a very big opportunity that you are not taking as seriously as you should. This could be about your relationship, career, education, or business. You do not treasure it but once it is gone, you will realize what you have lost.

What to do: Check your life to see if there is anything that you are taking for granted. Consider what the implications would be if you lost it because that is a possibility if you neglect it.

Elephant on fire dream meaning

A dream about an elephant on fire means that something that’s important and a pillar to your life will be threatened, leaving you in intense panic.

It does not mean total destruction but you will merely experience a disruption that will leave you confused. This is usually something to do with your finances, education, or business. The fact that the elephant is on fire means you will panic in response to the looming problem.

What to do: Whatever might happen, do not panic as that might impair your ability to make the right decision. Try not to make a rushed or panicked decision as that will just worsen the situation.

Elephant breathing fire from the trunk or mouth dream meaning

If you see an elephant breathing fire from the trunk or mouth in the dream, it means that you are spending too much effort on just one big thing in your life. This imbalance has left your other departments of life to suffer.

No matter how important something is to your life, it should not make you neglect other areas of your life completely. This is often about you focusing too much on school or work while neglecting your relationships and friendships.

What to do: Try to balance your time, effort, and energy. Imbalance is harmful to your life in general and in the longterm.

Elephant defecating dream meaning

Seeing an elephant defecate in the dream means there is something you think is the biggest and most important part of your life that will eventually bring you problems. This does not mean the thing is bad per se. The only reason it might bring you problems is due to your poor handling of it.

What to do: Look at all the important things in your life. Make sure you handle your responsibilities in a way that won’t cause things to backfire.

Elephant in a ditch dream meaning

A dream about an elephant in a ditch means that you are having problems and feeling stuck due to your big ego and pride. The dream means if you sort out your egotistic tendencies, you will see your greatness unfold.

What to do: Do not let your pride or ego ruin your opportunities. People enjoy, and might even cause the downfall of those who appear proud and boastful. Be humble as long as you do not overdo it.

Elephant with broken tasks dream meaning

Seeing an elephant with broken tusks means you are feeling inadequate and ill-equipped to pursue your greatest ambition. Elephant tusks in the dream stand for your ability to pursue the greatness within you. We all have something we can be great at but yours feels out of reach because of your being ill-equipped.

What to do: Allow yourself some time to grow. Take a break to learn as much as you can. You might also want to ask those that have done what you are trying to do for guidance.

Elephant escaping from the zoo dream meaning

A dream about an elephant escaping from a zoo means you have misplaced your talents—talents that might lead you to greatness if you could apply them well. It could be that you are good at speaking but are using this for bad.

Perhaps you are a good musician but you are not fully applying yourself. Deep down you are feeling out of place and have a desire to be somewhere meaningful in life.

What to do: Life is short and once this moment passes, you will never get it. You better put it to good use.

Eating elephant meat dream meaning

A dream in which you see yourself eating elephant meat means your diligent pursuit of greatness will soon pay off if you keep at it.

The dream means that a time of more reaping and less sowing is coming. This is often to do with academics, business, or your career.

What to do: If you dream about eating elephant meat, you should keep working towards your goals, expecting payback with time. Even if you face hiccups you should move right on forward until you get what you want.

Elephant drinking water dream meaning

Seeing an elephant drinking water in the dream means your greatness is tied up due to your inability to handle your emotions.

Drinking water in the dream symbolizes your emotions. The fact that an elephant was doing so means you need to learn how to control your emotions if you are to unlock your potential.

What to do: Practice controlling your emotions every single day and in every single setting until you get good at it. Emotional control encompasses every part of your life.

Elephant trampling car dream meaning

A dream about an elephant trampling a car means that your journey towards your destiny will be disrupted because you are paying a mammoth amount of attention to just one part of your life. With time, the neglected areas will fall apart and drown you in problems.

What to do: No matter what, never neglect other parts of your life completely while focusing on just one. The end result will be that everything around you will crumble.

Elephant crossing river dream meaning

Seeing an elephant crossing a river means you will see many people render help to you as you work towards your greatness. Water bodies in the dream stand for people. Sometimes people might work to ruin us but in this case, this dream means many will help you move ahead.

What to do: Make sure you respect and treat everyone around you right. You just never know who will turn out to be who in the future. You cannot know where your help might come from.

Happy baby elephant dream meaning

A dream in which you see a happy baby elephant means you are going through a time of humble beginnings in one area of your life. If you keep at it, this is something that will lead to great things and leave those around you marveling.

What to do: If you are thinking of starting something new, you might want to go right on ahead. It appears the universe is on your side and has made ready a way for you.

Angry baby elephant dream meaning

Seeing a very angry baby elephant in the dream means you are about to start something that you will not be able to handle—something you will underestimate.

This is something that might leave you in immense regret, depression, and anxiety. At first, it might appear both manageable and beneficial. However, with time, it will become apparently disastrous.

What to do: If things are going to go wrong, let it be because that is just how life is. But do not let trouble come upon you due to neglect, careless underestimation, or overconfidence.

Pulling elephant’s ears dream meaning

A dream in which you see yourself pulling an elephant’s ears means you will soon come across a great opportunity that you will not know what to do with. You will recognize its potential but you just won’t know what to do and where to start.

What to do: Should you find a great opportunity, take it up and try to figure things out afterward. Ask for help and advice from those around you and the path will be clear.

Cutting off elephant tail dream meaning

Seeing yourself cut off the tail of an elephant means a tiny problem might soon upset the entirety of your life. At first, this is a problem that you will think is a trivial matter. However, you will soon realize your miscalculation and this might rob you of your peace of mind, leaving you depressed.

What to do. Keep a vigilant eye out and remedy every little wrinkle you see.
Even small inconveniences might end up deeply hurting you.

Elephant exploding dream meaning

Seeing an elephant explode in the dream is about your overconfidence and ego bringing you problems. There are opportunities that you might ruin due to your arrogance and overconfidence. This could be about your relationship, business, or work.

What to do. It is necessary to be confident but do not confuse it with arrogance. The latter will make you blind to the little traps and pitfalls you might find on your way to your greatness.

Elephant breaking down your door dream meaning

A dream in which you see an elephant break down your door means there are responsibilities and problems that you have decided not to face. These will with time grow into unbearable problems that you will no longer be able to run from.

What to do: Muster the necessary courage required to deal with your responsibilities. You cannot dodge them. What will happen is that all of these issues will show up at once and overwhelm you.

Dwarf elephant dream meaning

A dream about a dwarf elephant means that you might soon miss a great opportunity due to your misjudgment. You will think little of it but in reality, it will be something that could move you far towards your greatness.

What to do: Do not dismiss anything before examining it thoroughly.

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