False Teeth Falling Out Dream Meaning

To dream about false teeth falling out has a positive yet uncomfortable meaning. The dream means there is something you have not been honest about for your own benefit. However, there is coming a time when you will be found out. Here are all the meanings of dreaming of false teeth falling out.

Dreaming of false teeth falling out

The dream, although ultimately positively since you will be more truthful, may be seen as negative since it may come with some embarrassment. There is something you have been lying about, a falsehood you have been perpetuating. There is some pretense in your life that is hampering you and needs to be rectified.

Seeing false teeth falling out in your dream means the time has come for you to face the truth. The false state of affairs has been bothering you and you know that you have to fly straight and not lie. This battle within you has left you feeling anxious and worried in your subconscious mind hence the dream.

What to do: You will need to face the truth head-on. You cannot sustain your lie forever as that can bring so much negative energy into your life over the years. You will need to make arrangements and prepare your mind for the truth to come out. At the end of it all, you will be more respected and loved.

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Dreaming of false teeth breaking

A dream about false teeth breaking means you are just recovering from a loss but you will soon experience another loss. There was a storm in your life and you have just been picking up the pieces. However, another storm will come that will result in further loss.

What to do: The dream might mean it is time to let go. You have been fighting the wrong fight, a fight that should have never been in the first place. It okay to give up, it is okay to try the other side of the sea.

Dream interpretation of dentures falling out

Dentures falling out in the dream symbolizes the loss of ‘your clutch’. It means you need to grow and stand on your own without the need for external assistance. The dream means there is something you have been hiding behind instead of cultivating the necessary image yourself.

To see dentures fall out could also mean that you have not been letting people see you for who you are. There is some lingering fear about showing your true self. You do not let people know your opinion and try too much to please people.

What to do: Seeing your dentures falling out is a call to be more authentic. You alone can know what areas of your life the dreams might apply to.

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Broken false teeth dream meaning

Seeing broken false teeth in the dream means you are being faced with a certain truth that you have been afraid to accept. The dream means you can longer dodge this truth and the time has come to make the necessary changes.

To see broken false teeth in the dream can induce some anxiety, and this feeling is representative of how much afraid you are of facing the truth.

What to do: You will need to be willing to let people know who you truly are. You will not grow unless you are more transparent.

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