Horned snake dream meaning

A dream about a horned snake symbolizes difficulties with accepting significant change in your life. The dream means you are having challenges accepting certain difficult shifts in your life that are necessary for your growth. These changes could be in your job, education, location, or even behavior. Snakes in dreams symbolise change with reference to their ability to shed their skins.

Here are some more meanings of a dream about a horned snake.

Your wisdom and intelligence will help you prevail in life

Horns are symbols of strength, confidence, and the ability to push forward through the many situations you might face. Snakes, on the other hand, stand for wisdom and intelligence. Seeing a horned snake in the dream, therefore, means your intelligence and wisdom will help you prevail against storms and get you to your destiny or goals.

You might need to shed your ego

The horned snake might also stand for ego and overconfidence in your own abilities. As a horned snake would find it hard to go into a really narrow hole, you too might be finding it hard to get your goals because of pride.

Your pride, which is symbolised by horns, is making it hard for you to receive the blessings meants for you. Perhaprs you are reluctant to accept a job or take up a business because you think it is beneath you, or maybe you do not want to team up with someone because you feel they are too inferior.

You will be recognised for your ability to adapt

The conspicuous horns on the snake you dreamed about stand for recognition while the snake itself is a symbol of adaptation. Seeing a horned snake in the dream could therefore mean you will be recognized for your ability to adapt to fast changing situations around your life. You are able to hold yourself together through storms and make the necessary changes to use the situation to your advantage.

Your enemies will find it hard to get you 

A horned snake would make it a little harder for its enemies to take it down. Those horns would be one more weapon of intimidation to any aggressor. Seeing a horned snake in the dream is a message that essentially says those who plot against you will find it hard to pull you down because of your wisom, intelligence, and tenacity, which are all traits associated with snakes.

Your uniqueness is your strength

If you see a snake with horns in the dream, it means you are unique and in this lies your strength. Horned snakes are not the norm and seeing one in the dream symbolizes your uniqueness. You usually have a different way of looking at things than those around you, and are not afraid to let this be known. Because of this, many people will admire you even though some will attack you for it.

You are willing to go the extra mile

Seeing a horned snake symbolizes your willingness to go the extra mile to get what you want. Snakes have their defenses and weapon in the form of venom, scales, and agility. Horns would be an extra feature and this symbolises your ability and willingness to do more or go the extra mile to realize your goals.

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