Is a Snake Bite in the Dream Good or Bad?

A snake bite in the dream is generally not a good thing. How bad it is depends on other aspects of the dream such a where it bit you and how you came into contact with it. A snake bite might spiritually symbolize some hidden deceit that will affect your life in a major way.

We often call back biters and two-timers as ‘snakes’. A snake bite in the dream may mean someone is about to betray you. This is someone you trust, someone within your inner circle. You will not see it coming but at least with your dream, you have an idea there could be some betrayal coming.

How bad is a snake bite in the dream?

It depends on where it bit you. If the snake bit you on your foot, it might affect your advancement in life. Your feet spiritually symbolize your journey through this life. They symbolize moving from one level to another in your career, your job, your education, or your relationship.

A snake bite on your hand or arm in the dream means your productivity will be affected. The works of your hands will either slow down or come to a complete halt. That could have serious implications.

A snake biting your face in a dream can also be bad. Your face symbolizes your reputation or how people see you. If a snake bites your face, it means someone close to you is about to do something to you that may ruin your reputation.

These are all bad, but some are worse than others. To determine how bad a dream about a snake biting you is, you can also look at how you felt both in the dream and immediately after waking up.

If the bite really felt painful, it might mean the symbolism is quite negative, and the impact on your life might be far-reaching. if the bite was not painful, you might expect some moderate negativity, but negativity nonetheless.

If you felt really terrified after waking up, you could also take this to mean that the negativity to come is intense. You should also consider the color of the snake that bit you. A bite from a black snake is the worst, a gray one is not so bad, and a white snake biting you has the least negativity.

Should you be worried?

No, worrying about the dream, dwelling on it, reliving it, etc, just makes it more likely to manifest. You have to understand that nothing is set in stone. A dream does not mean what you see will come to pass. It simply means depending on your current life’s trajectory, what you see is what may happen. However, you can dodge it by changing your current trajectory.

Instead of worrying about it and giving it more energy, just try to take a few steps to make sure the dream does not come to pass. You can also use affirmations to help prep your mind for a different path than the one leading to the manifestation of your snake bite dream.

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