Meaning of Dream About Falling

A dream about falling means that you are currently in a very precarious situation, a situation in which anything can go wrong at any time. It is a sign that you do not have stability in your life and this is your subconscious mind screaming for a solution.

But the actual meaning of falling in the dream depends on the nature of the dream. Here are all the different falling dreams and what they mean. But before we start, let’s look at what caused a falling dream.

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What causes a falling dream?

Dreams of falling are caused by insecurities. They could also be triggered by past traumatic experiences and current fears. Such could arise from problems in your school, your education, or your business. One thing is to note is that the fear surrounds a pivotal part of your life. It is a fear that leaves you feeling ungrounded and disconnected from the earth.

Examples of cases in which you could see yourself falling in the dream include during times of exams, times of arguments with your significant others or family, or differences with close friends. Having this dream means that your subconscious mind is venting.

It could be a sign to let go

Having a falling dream could mean that you need to let go of some things in your life. There are sorts of things that we may hold on to. These include unfruitful friendships, bad relationships, jobs that we do not like, and businesses that are failing. Letting go is sometimes necessary, and it is at times the only way out.

What to do: Look at your life and try to see what things you seem to be struggling with in futility. All areas in which you are not fruitful need to be examined. It could time to set yourself free and just let go.

Dream of someone else falling

To see someone else falling means that they are going through a tough time and might be crying for help. It means they feel insecure, exposed, and cannot feel their feet on the ground. While interacting with them, you may not have noticed it but your subconscious mind is able to pick on subtle hints. This could be your husband, your father, your mother, or your brother, teacher, lecturer, friend, neighbor, uncle, auntie, cousin, or classmate.

What to do: Get closer to them. The fact that you are seeing this dream means that you have a role to play in helping them get out of whatever situation they could be going through.

Fear of falling dream

Many people have a fear of dreams about falling. The dream can leave you feeling traumatized and scared. This is one dream that most people never forget because they often wake up just after having it.

There is no need to worry about what it might mean for you. Instead, look at what the dream might mean by referring to this dream dictionary and see what you have to do. Fear just waters whatever it is that we are scared of and causes it to flourish.

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Dream of a child falling

The meaning of a dream in which you see a child falling could mean many things depending on the details. If you know the child, it is a sign that he or she could be going through some trauma that you may not know about. The dream could also be a sign that you are worried about the child, worried about their wellbeing or future, worried about how you will take care of them.

Wat to do: Pay more attention to the child you saw falling in the dream. They may be going through some issues that they cannot express or do not even understand, But these may have an impact on their development.

A dream about a falling child could also mean that you yourself have some emotional issues stemming from your childhood. If it really affects you, and it probably does since you are seeing this dream, you may have to seek professional help.

What to do: Try to get help and do not let any past issues drag you down. Most people do not value emotional health even though it is just as important as your physical help. But when neglected, your emotional health can ruin your life altogether.

Falling dreams scientific explanation

Dreams do not have that much science behind them as far as what they mean goes. However, it is well agreed among psychologists that falling dreams are a manifestation of your anxiety.

The anxiety stems from a significant part of your life. It could be that you are worried about your finances, your education, your business, or your relationships. The dream may come in times of despair, times when you feel hopeless and lost.

Falling in dreams then waking up

Most times, people wake up just after having a falling dream. That is why most people remember this dream since it is the last one they have before waking up. But why do people wake up after a falling dream?

People wake up after having a falling dream because in the dream, the mind cannot distinguish between real life and a dream. So as you see yourself fall, the body goes into distress mode in order to survive because in your mind, this is real.

This leads to you waking up as your body attempts to survive. Although almost all muscles are disengaged in your sleep to prevent you from acting out your dreams, this struggle to survive the fall in your dream is enough yo cause you to wake up.

Why do you find yourself sweating, breathing rapidly, with your heart beating fast when you have a falling dream?

After waking up from a falling dream, you may find yourself breathing heavily, sweating, with your heart beating fast. That is because your mind was truly in distress. It thought you were really falling and so fired up the adrenaline to help your fight or flee.

Dream of someone falling off a balcony

Seeing someone falling off a balcony in the dream is a sign that they are about to lose something significant in their life. It could be that their relationship will come to an end, or that there will be a disruption in their education, job, business, or career.

Whatever it might be, this disruption will leave them feeling insecure, ungrounded, and exposed. The problem will manifest in a very important part of their life.

What to do: The person you see falling off a balcony could be your friend, father, mother, brother sister, cousin, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, colleague, neighbor, or classmate. You may have to be a close friend and help the get through whatever issues they could be experiencing.

Falling in a dream and hitting the ground

Falling in the dream and hitting the ground does not have a good meaning. If you fall and wake, it means you have some anxiety about something but you might be able to dodge it. However, seeing yourself hit the ground in the dream is a sign that things may spiral out of control. It means one or more areas of your life could soon be broken.

What to do: You will need to hold yourself together no matter what happens. Be ready for anything but keep hoping for the best as worry will only make things worse. You may also need to surround yourself with good people.

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Dream of a child falling off a roof

To see a child falling off a roof is a sign that the child’s sense of protection is at risk. It could be that the child is experiencing some kind of fear about something, or that you yourself are worried about the well-being of the child.

What to do: You need to pay more attention to the child you saw falling off the roof. You may need to talk to them and give them assurance about whatever it is thjat could be bothering them.

Dream of a child falling downstairs

To see a child falling downstairs means that you or the people close to the child having some kind of anxiety about the child’s development and advancement in life. The dream could also occur if you have worries about the child’s well-being due to illness or worries about taking care of them as far as finances are concerned.

Dream of a child falling from a building

To see a child falling from a building means that their sense of belonging is shaken. IT is not necessarily a bad thing, but it could merely be the result of a change in the child’s life such as the loss of a friend, moving house to a new place, or even losing a toy that they love.

Dream of a child falling in a hole

To see a child in a hole means that the child is feeling trapped and looking for more. They may not know it since they are kids but all they could be feeling is some anxiety due to lack of expression. Let them express themselves. Let them play more, let them have more friends, allow them and even encourage them to talk more. Take them out for outdoor activities to give them a sense of freedom.

Dream of a child falling out a window

To see a child falling out of a window means that although you are doing everything as a parent, there is just one thing that is missing in your parenting. That one thing is the window through which the child will fall. Whatever it is that could be missing in your parenting will affecting them greatly now and in the future.

Dream of a child falling to death

To see a child falling to death does not mean the child will die or that the child is even at the threat of death. It simply means that there is, or there will be a loss they will or are experiencing.

The child may have lost a friend, a toy, or even one of the parents. They do not need to have lost the parent ou of their life, but that there is no connection between them and that person. It could be that you or the other people in his or her life are too absent or just do not show much love.

What does it mean when you feel like you’re falling in your sleep

To feel like you are falling in the dream is just a sign of anxiety, The dream comes during times of trouble when there is so much at risk. Feeling like falling could also be a result of deep-seated fears that you have failed to take control of. It could be that you are insecure in your relationship, your finances, your education, or your business.

Hypnic jerk

A hypnic jerk is a sudden contraction of muscle that yanks you out of your sleep just before you fall asleep. Often, people dream they are falling and then suddenly wake up, or that a ball is about to hit them, o it could be anything dangerous that cause them to snap off of their sleep. Hypnic jerks mean that you are worried or extremely anxious about something. It occurs when you have a very serious fear.

Phrenic nerve falling dream

The phrenic nerve is a mixed nerve that passes from the brain past the lungs and joins to your diaphragm. It sometimes involves din dreams when you dream about falling as you take a sudden, deep breath which startles you out of your sleep.

A phrenic nerve falling dream occurs when you are anxious about something, or you have trouble breathing. After a while of troubled breathing, the nerve engages sharply but to you, you feel as if you are falling and suddenly wake up.

Dream of someone falling out a window

To dream about someone falling out of a window means that there is just one thing in their life that is problematic and may cause trouble in their life. This is serious trouble that could really mess up their life hence the falling action.

The one small window could be problems in their relationship, job, education, health, or any department of their life. Usually, the dreams mean everything is okay except for just that one thing.

Spiritual meaning of falling downstairs

Spiritually, falling downstairs means that you are experiencing some setback or that there will be some setback. In the dream, stais stand for development and advancement in life.

Seeing yourself fall down stais, therefore, is a sign that there will be some backward movement in your life, It could be that you are going through a loss in your relationship, troubles in your education, or troubles at work.

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Dream of someone falling into the water

To see someone fall into water in a dream means that they are going through some emotional turmoil that may destroy their lives. Emotional ill-health can be damaging. This distress could be in their relationship, their business, or their education.

Water symbolizes emotions and the fact the person you fall fell into water means emotional trouble. The person could be your father, mother, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, friend, classmate, teacher, lecturers, grandmother, grandfather, or neighbor, or anyone.

Dream of a child falling into water

To dream of a child falling into the water means that your child, your niece or nephew or any child under your care is going through some emotional turmoil. Water in the dream stands for emotions and seeing a baby fall into it can be interpreted as deep emotional trouble.

What to do: Look around you. Are you paying attention to the young ones around you? Is there anyone among the kids in your care that could be going through some trouble? If so, speak to them and see how you can solve the issue. Childhood emotional problems can have devastating effects in adulthood.

A dream about a child falling into water could mean you have childhood emotional problems

A dream in which you see a child falling into water could mean that you yourself have emotional issues from your childhood that need to be worked on for you to move forward in this life

Dream of catching a falling baby

To dream of catching a falling baby means you have issues from your childhood that need resolving. Sometimes, you may not even know that there is some trauma from way back weighing you down. The act of catching a baby symbolizes your surviving this trauma. It is a sign that your subconscious mind is working on and perhaps has resolved the emotional issue.

What to do: All you have to do from now is focus on the positive. You really do have a choice as to what you think about. You can choose to think about the negative or the positive.

Catching a falling baby could also stand for your desire for a baby

If you have a dream in which you catch a baby, it could be a sign that deep down, you really would want to have a baby, or simply that you do love children. If you already have kids, catching a falling baby could mean you need to pay more attention to your kids. It is a sign that you are probably not caring enough for them for one reason or another.

What to do: If the dream to you means you have a desire for a baby, then you do know what to do – make one already but first prepare yourself and make room for the arrival of the little one. If the dream means that you are not paying attention to the children you already have, then make that change and get more caring.

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