Puppy licking you dream interpretation

Puppy licking you dream interpretation

A dream in which you see a puppy licking you means there is something you will soon start that will go well for you. It is a sign that the endeavor you are about to embark on has, so to speak, accepted, and embraced you. The puppy could be white, black, brown, or gray.

The puppy in the dream symbolizes your new undertaking. It also represents acceptance since dogs are symbols of friendship. In this case, it means your new journey has accepted you and it will go well. Here are some dreams about a puppy licking you and what they mean.

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Puppy licking your feet

A dream in which you see a puppy licking your feet means you are about to go on a new journey that will work well for you. It could be about business, work, education, etc. The feet in your dream stand for your journey while the puppy symbolizes the idea that it is a new journey. Since it was licking you, a sign of acceptance, it means your journey will go well.

Puppy licking your face

A dream in which you see a puppy licking your face means there is something you are about to start that will bring you a good reputation. It will succeed and change the way people see you. The face stands for your public image or your reputation, while the puppy symbolizes new endeavors.

Puppy licking your hands

If you see a puppy licking your hands in the dream, it means the works of your hands will be fruitful. There is something that you will soon start working on that will go well for you. It is possible that this will change your life in far-reaching ways.

Dream about many puppies licking you

If you see many puppies licking you in a dream, it means you will win the hearts of many people with a new endeavor. You will start something that needs people to accept you, and many of them will. It could be a leadership position or even a business.




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