Rat Dream Meaning

A dream about rats, for the most part, has a negative meaning. It means there is destruction in your life that you are anxious about. The destruction could be from either yourself or someone in your court. Rats in the dream also spiritually symbolize work without gain. It comes from the idea that rats steal farm produce.

Here are all the meanings of rats in the dream.

Dream of rats running meaning

To see rats running around you or from you means you are just about to come out of a very confusing situation that may have left you worried and without any direction. Rats can also symbolize confusion as they are some very disorderly creatures.

Seeing them scampering about in every direction means the confusion is now over, be it in your relationship, your career, or your business. It does not mean things will just fall into place. There will be some action needed to be done on your part.

To see rats running from you also means you are about to come out of a time of anxiety and into mental clarity. Life’s issues can be overwhelming. But you will soon be able to process one thing at a time, which you should have done right from the start.

What to do: You have to take a breath and know that a way has now opened up with this dream. Now is the time to set things straight with logical action. You may actually need to step back for a while to get your mind cleared.

Spiritual meaning of dead rats in dreams

Seeing dead rats or mice in the dream implies problems that you have not dealt with for a long time. You ignored them thinking they would go away, but they will now just be a new form of problem.

The rats were once alive. You did not deal with them then, hoping they will just go away. But they are still here even though they now are dead. Soon, they will decompose and start smelling.

The dream can manifest if there is something bothering you that someone did to you. It could be someone in your family, a friend, or even a mere co-worker or classmate.

Dead mice or rats in the dream mean there is some emotional trouble from the past that has been buried underneath but the seed is still there and from time to time, it will surface and cause trouble.

What to do: You will need to be honest with yourself and face all the unresolved emotions from the past. If it means talking to someone who hurt you from the past, so be it.

Dreams about rats or mice biting your hands

Seeing rats in the dream biting your hands means your work is at stake. It means there is some looming trouble that will affect your income. If you are at school, it means your education is at stake for some reason. The problem could be your health or something that a jealous person is trying to do to you. All in all, it will affect your ability to make progress in life.

What to do: Identify what could be the problem and deal with it before it manifests. If it could be a jealous someone, check among those around you to see who could be the fake or dishonest one. sometimes, our troubles come from those closest to us so you would do well to evaluate even your family members to see those that might be insincere.

Seeing rats biting your hands in the dream could also mean that there is something you are doing that is self-destructive. This could be a bad habit that is sure to harm your life and that of those around you. It could also mean you are doing something with good intentions but that will actually end up backfiring.

What to do: Scan your life and get rid of any bad habits in your life. This could be destructive habits such as drug abuse, or traits such as laziness.

Dreaming of rats or mice while pregnant

To dream about rats while pregnant means your child will be very clever. That is if you simply see rats. To see them in your dream while pregnant means your child will be intelligent. The dream also means the child will most likely be a boy.

But, if they are attacking you, it means you are having a hard time adjusting to the new change that is about to come. You could be worried about taking care of the child emotionally, financially, and physically. The anxiety is what is leading you to have such distressing mouse dreams.

What to do: Relax. There is nothing to fear. You will go through this just fine. All you have to do is take everything step by step, one day at a time.

Spiritual meaning of rats or mice in the house

To dream about rats in the house spiritually stands for the great loss that you may be going through or that may soon be at your doorsteps. It means something you have worked for as a family is about to be lost.

The problem may strike just one family member but everyone, or at least almost everyone, will be affected. This usually means there will be financial loss which will manifest as a loss of a job or the destruction of a business.

What to do: You will need to stick together and everyone should play a role. However, the fact that you are seeing this dream means you have something of a central role to play.

Biblical meaning of rats in dreams

Biblically, rats are unclean and they stand for theft and destruction of things you have worked hard for. They stand for destructive habits that rob you of your ‘produce’. In some cases, rats and mice in the dream may biblically represent spirits that can be seen as mere inconveniences than anything to worry about. However, over time, even these little inconveniences add up to something troubling.

What to do: If you are a Christian and you dream about rats, you will have to pray about it. This becomes necessary if you feel disturbed about the dream after waking up. Your own spirit will know.

Rat tail dream meaning

If you see a rat’s tail in the dream, it means there is a weakness in you that is hampering your progress in this life. However, as it is simply now just a tail, it means things will soon be changing. You are seeing the last of it, which is just a tail.

The dream could also mean you are experiencing a change. A phase of your life is about to end to usher in a new one. This may be causing some degree of distress and that is why your subconscious mind is showing you such dreams.

What to do: The only constant thing is change. You will have to embrace whatever new things are happening in your life.

Dreaming of rats crawling on you

If you see a rat crawling on you, it means there is someone currently disturbing your life, someone out to get you. They may not be an all-out enemy, but the fact is they are doing something you find irritating. They could be a co-worker, a classmate, a friend, or even a family member.

The thing to note is that there is still time as the enemy is still merely preparing to attack you. However, with time, they will launch their attack and it will be a big blow to you.

Dream about eating rat or mice

If you see yourself eating rat or mice meat in the dream, it means you have recently been filled with thoughts that would only be classed as unclean. These thoughts include temptations to cheat, temptations to steal, or temptations to lie in order to gain some sort of advantage.

But this is against your nature and there is some inner trouble within your heart. This inner anxiety is the reason you had this dream.

What to do: Cheating and lying are not for you. You may gain a little by lying but the end result will be a net loss. Such action will even come as a shock to those around you and you will lose their trust.

Dream about rat chasing you

To see a rat or mouse chasing you means people that are much lower than you are sending negative energy toward you in the form of jealousy. The mice stand for malice from people that are of lower social, financial, or moral standing than you. They are driven by jealousy even though you may not know this.

What to do: Negative energy can be harmful. Spot whoever might be jealous of you and get rid of them. If they are family, and you could not possibly get them out of your life, then you must at least reduce the time you meet with them.

Dream about rat eating your shoe or socks

A dream about a rat eating your shoe or your socks means your sense of direction is at stake. A shoe in the dream means your advancement in life. If you see a rat eating it, it means you are worried or anxious because you are having a hard time advancing in your life.

The rat represents a pesky problem that has proved elusive over the years. You have tried to solve it but you just can’t seem to get it.

Your shoes also stand for your sense of protection in this life. To see a rat eating your shoes means that there is something happening in your life that is leaving you feeling exposed and without any sense of protection.

What to do: Your advancement has to do with your cardinal departments such as your relationship, your career, your job, or your education. Do not take anything for granted. Your life is made up of multiple little comforts. Losing these one by one will eventually leave you with a rocky life with time.

Dream about a rat eating your clothes

If you have a dream about a rat or mouse eating your clothes such as shirts, t-shirts, skirts, and pants, it means your reputation is at stake.

Your clothes represent the image those around you have about you. Dreaming about a rat eating your clothes means there is something that has happened or is about to happen that will leave you feeling ashamed.

Clothes in the dream stand for your reputation or image. The dream might mean the fake friends around you will slander and spread gossip about you.

Here are some more dreams about rats eating your clothes and what they might mean.

Rat eating your hat dream meaning

A dream in which you see a rat eating your hat means you will soon make a decision that might lead you to depression, anxiety, and worry. You will be knocked off your feet and will remain feeling ungrounded. Hats in the dream stand for your intelligence, wisdom, and peace of mind.

What to do: You need to watch your decision in the coming day to avoid making any rash mistakes.

Rat eating your jacket dream meaning

A dream about a rat eating your jacket means there is a series of small problems you are not dealing with that will with time leave you feeling vulnerable and insecure. A jacket in a dream stands for your ability to feel secure and grounded.

What to do: Guard all the things that matter to you. Do not leave any problem undealt with whether it is in your relationship, career, health, or family.

Rat eating your beddings

A dream about a rat eating your beddings symbolizes a time that might soon come when you will need to work extra hard to solve problems you earlier could have avoided. Your reluctance to act might soon cost you your peace of mind and sense of rest.

It does not mean you are doomed. With some effort, you will get things back to normal but you will still have to go through a time of restlessness. Beddings in the dream stand for your inner peace and sense of serenity in life.

What to do: Be watchful and attentive. Maintain awareness of your life and everything going on around you. A small problem that eludes your radar might tomorrow grow into hell for you.

A dream about a cat and rat is about the collision of destructive forces in your life (symbolized by the rat) with your independence, pride, and self-reliance as symbolized by the cat.

The meaning of your dream depends on what exactly happened, but the interpretation will surround these traits.

Cat killing rat dream meaning

A dream in which you see a cat kill a rat or mouse means there is some chaos in your life brought on by a lack of independence. You pay too much attention to what people think and try too hard to get the approval of those around you.

You cannot go anywhere if you spend your life trying to please everyone around you. The only people that deserve such a privilege are those that care about you and want the best for you.

What to do: You need to develop your independence. Listen to the advice of those around you but ultimately do what you know is right.

Cat eating rat or mouse dream meaning

A dream in which you see a cat eating a mouse in the dream means you have always had it in you to be self-reliant. You do not like depending on others for every little thing and this will lead you into a chaos-free life.

A degree of chaos and destruction will be dealt with just by your self-reliant nature.

What to do: Continue trying to develop yourself so that you can be a pillar that stands by itself and on which others lean.

Cat chasing rat or mouse dream meaning

A dream in which you see a cat chasing a mouse or rat means there is a problem in your life that requires the tenacity of a cat in pursuit of a mouse. The dream also means if you will not develop this particular trait, your life may wind up in a series of small problems here and there that will eventually overwhelm you.

What to do: Check your life and see what major issues need addressing immediately. Go after these with determination and tenacity.

Rat killing a cat or mouse dream meaning

A dream in which you see a cat get killed by a mouse means your journey towards your destiny and goals will be disrupted and perhaps even diverted because of your pride and your unrighteous desire to be independent.

The same applies to a dream in which you see a rat or mouse chase or bite a cat.

Rats in the dream stand for chaos and problems that start out as minor inconveniences and grow into major catastrophes.

What to do: No one is an island. We all need people around us and trying to do everything by yourself will only work to frustrate your efforts.

Cat vomiting or spitting out a rat or mouse dream meaning

A dream in which you see a cat vomit or spit out a rat means there is soon to be an incident that will tempt you to act with pride. However, if you do, you will only awaken issues you already solved in the past.

The dream comes if you plan to show pride to someone who helped you in the past, thinking you do not need them anymore.

What to do: Do not take those that help you for granted just because you think you do not need them anymore. You most likely will need their hand sometime in the future. Burning bridges would be an unwise thing to do.

A dream in which you see rats running means you will experience a rapid change in your life. It might mean you will find yourself in a multitude of problems or you will soon come out of one. The full meaning depends on where the rat was running to or from.

Rats running into your house

A dream in which you see a rat running into your house means you might soon find yourself in problems that will affect your sense of stability. These are issues that will leave you feeling ungrounded, insecure, and vulnerable. Houses in the dream stand for your sense of stability and security in life.

A dream about Rats running into your house might also mean you might soon experience fights within your family. Houses in the dream sometimes stand for your family or inner circle while rats stand for trouble and confusion.

A dream about rats running

A dream in which you see rats run past you means there will be things that will happen to people around you that will not touch you. It could mean there will be mass layoffs or demotions at work but this will not affect you. Perhaps many of your classmates will soon experience mass failure but you will not.

Rats running out of your car

A dream in which you see rats running into your car means you might soon experience some confusion as far as your journey toward your goals and destiny is concerned. This could come in the form of career or academic troubles or even relationship issues. Cars in the dream stand for your movement towards your destiny or goals.

Rats running from you

A dream in which you see rats running from you means a time is soon coming when you will see many of your problems get dealt with. You will enter a time of calmness and peace of mind and this will all come not effortlessly, but because of effort you have already put in.

A dream about rat droppings or poop means there are some problems in your life you are neglecting that might soon lead to even more problems. Rats in the dream stand for problems, destruction, and confusion. Rat poop is symbolism for these problems resulting in even more unpleasant problems.

Finding rat poop in your food dream meaning

A dream in which you see rat poop in your food means there is an issue you have always delayed to take care of that will soon spill into other departments of your life. You may have thought it was no big deal but this issue will now affect other good things in your life unless you deal with everything quickly.

Rat poop on your bed dream meaning

A dream about rat poop on your bed means there are some problems you have been overlooking, thinking they are insignificant. However, with time, they will soon rob you of your serenity and peace of mind. Your bed stands for your sense of rest and peace of mind in life.

Rat poop in the house dream meaning

A dream in which you see rat poop in your house means there are some tensions within your family or among your friends that have lingered on for too long. If not dealt with, these might soon get worse and divide you even further.

Rat pooping on you dream meaning

A dream in which you see a rat poop on you means there is an easy problem you can solve but are ignoring. This is a problem that is as easy as killing a rat that is close enough to poop on you. As you delay solving this issue, it will morph into other problems that will ruin your reputation and image.

The symbolism behind having rat poop on you is a soiled, ruined reputation resulting from the rat you were reluctant to deal with.

A dream about killing rats or mice means there are some issues you first have to deal with before you can move forward in life. There are some problems we can drag on as we move forward in life, but others just cause as to feel like we’ve hit a wall.

Dream about killing a rat with your hands

A dream in which you see yourself kill a rat with your hands means you are going through a problem brought on by your laziness. This is something that will only go away if you roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty.

Dream about killing a rat by stepping on it

A dream in which you see yourself kill a rat by stepping on it means some of your problems will go away as soon as you decide to just move forward with your life.

It does not necessarily mean the problems will cease to exist. It simply means your perception of things will change. As you move on, you will see that they were not worth worrying about.

The same meaning applies to a dream about killing a rat with a shoe.

Dream about running a rat over with a car

A dream in which you see yourself running a rat or mouse over with a car means you do not need to have a paved road for you to reach your destiny. You do not need to iron out every little wrinkle for you to move forward.

Some tiny problems will go away just by virtue of you trying hard to move forward in life. The rat in this dream stands for little pesky problems while your car stands for your will to advance in life.

Dream about killing a rat with a rock

A dream in which you see yourself kill a rat with a rock or stone means you are expending too much energy and time on a minor problem. Hitting something as small as a mouse or rat with a rock is overkill.

The dream might also mean your responses to misunderstandings between you and those around you are out of proportion. For instance, you may be responding too forcefully to issues that only need a few soft words. This will eventually bring you social problems if not dealt with.

Dream about killing a rat with a mousetrap

A dream in which you see yourself kill a rat with a mousetrap means your problems need to be approached with intelligence and planning. Handling them without enough planning and forethought will be a mere waste of effort and might lead to even worse problems.

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