Recurring Dreams About Snakes Meaning, Symbolism and Interpretation

Recurring dreams about snake bites and snakes, in general, are very important. They usually imply deep-seated emotions that greatly affect your life. The dream could also symbolize negative energy that is attached to your psyche that hampers your life in an area or two.

Here are all the meanings of most of the repeated dreams about snakes.

Recurring dream about killing a snake meaning

If you repeatedly dream about killing a snake, it means there is a deep-seated fear that you can’t quite put your finger on. However, your subconscious mind knows it and keeps on fighting it. It is a battle in which the fear attempts to surface, but your strong subconscious mind keeps it under.

What to do: Affirm your strength and courage. Say to yourself, “I am strong, I am brave, I am courageous. You may have no idea what the fear might be, but if it were to take hold of your life, it would affect you significantly.

Recurring dream about black snake chasing or biting you

This recurring dream implies a hurt from the past. The pain comes from something a stranger, or at least someone you did not know very well, did to you. You have not processed it fully and it still haunts your subconscious mind. Until it goes away, you will keep dreaming this black snake attacking you, spitting its venom at you, etc.

What to do: If you know what it is, accept it, and let it go through you once again. Say to yourself, “I accept that this happened and I accept that it hurts. However, I release myself from its hold and it will no longer have any hold over my life.

Recurring dream about white snake chasing or bitting you

If you see a white snake chasing you in the dream repeatedly, it means there is a pain from the past that still affects you. This was done to you by someone you know and it was in the form of betrayal and deceit. This person let you down and hurt you willingly out of jealous and sheer malice.

The betraying friend never even apologized and in fact did not even know just how much they hurt you, although hurting you was indeed their goal.

What to do: Letting them know that they hurt you will not help. In fact, they may just laugh it off and hurt you more. The best revenge is to better yourself and let them see you succeed. You should also keep them out of your life to keep them from hurting you. You might also find some solace in knowing that everyone has their troubles. In fact, if you knew what they are going through, you may just feel sorry for you.

Recurring dream about brown snake chasing you

A recurring dream about a brown snake chasing you implies persistent financial issues in your life. brown is the color of the earth, and the symbolism of that is minerals with means wealth. The snake itself symbolizes enmity.

Recurring dream about yellow snake chasing you

To have a repeated dream about a yellow snake chasing you means that you have a deeply embedded fear that has been haunting you. Yellow is the color of fear and seeing a snake with this color in the dream means you have a fear that is greatly limiting your life.

The fear could arise from a negative experience from your childhood,

Recurring dream about snake killing bird

A recurring dream about a snake killing a bird means that there is an enemy who is jealous of your advancement. The bird stands for your ability to fly and go high in life and the snake stands for your enemies who are trying to bring you down. Seeing the snake kill the bird repeatedly means that there were things done to you that may have left you damaged in your subconscious. It could be that you were betrayed by your friends, family, colleagues, etc.

Recurring dream about snake fighting cat meaning

To see a snake fighting a cat in the dream again and again implies that you have a problem with independence. It does not necessarily mean you are not an independent person but the interpretation is that there are circumstances

Recurring dream about a snake biting your hand meaning

To have a recurring dream about a snake biting your hand means that you have issues with your productivity. You are not working as well as you can for one reason or another. You do feel that you could be more efficient and more productive but for some reason, you just can’t figure out how.

Seeing a snake biting your dream again and again means that you have a persistent problem that is hindering your advancement. The works of your hands have been hampered by issues maybe health, problems in your relationships, bad friends, bad habits, fears, etc.

Recurring dream about a snake biting your leg meaning

To see a snake biting your leg in the dream again and again means that your advancement in life is being hindered by certain problems or even bad people around you. This hampered growth could be in your relationship, your education, your career, your business, etc. Having this recurring dream means that your subconscious mind is hungry for growth and is looking for ways to sort this issue out.

Recurring dream about snakes and spiders meaning

Having recurring dreams about snakes and spiders means that you have a very wicked person in your life that you cannot get away from. The snake stands for your enemies while the spider means that you cannot get away from them. It is like being stuck in a spider’s web.

But having this dream means that it is important that you get rid of this person if you are to advance in your life. The person could be a family, a friend, a colleague, etc.

Recurring dream about snakes everywhere meaning

To have recurring dreams in which you see snakes everywhere means that your life is surrounded by so many things that could go wrong. It means you live in a constant state of worry thinking about possible issues in your relationship, or your business, your education, your job, your health, your finances, etc.

You could even be at a very good place in your life, but the fact that you are seeing these sakes again and again means that your subconscious mind is not at ease. It’s like you are walking in a minefield.

Recurring dream about flying snake

To have a recurring dream in which you see a flying snake means that you have a very elusive issue at hand, something that is very difficult to solve. The snake stands for enmity, while its act of flying means that it is very difficult to get rid of.

The issue could be something that runs in your family such as bad relationships, financial struggles, ill-health, depression, etc.

Recurring dream about a snake biting someone else

Seeing a snake biting your brother, mother, wife, husband, child, uncle, aunt, friend, etc, means that they have a very serious problem that is choking the life out of them. But since you are the one having this dream, it means that you do have a role to play in easing their problems.

What to do: Get closer to them and get them to open up to you. You would be surprised just what they might be going through, and you would be equally surprised just how helpful you might be.

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