Snake Biting, Fighting, Killing or Swallowing Cat Dream Meaning

Seeing a snake bite, kill or swallow a cat in the dream means something will happen that will injure your pride as a person. Cats spiritually symbolize pride as anyone who has kept a one may have noticed. They are independent in nature and unlike dogs, do just what they want with no regard to your commands.

Here are some dreams about seeing a snake killing or fighting a cat and what they might mean.

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Seeing a snake biting a black cat

If you see a snake bite a black cat in the dream, it means your pride will be bruised but this will all be something you will bring upon yourself. Pride, boasting, and such traits are generally frowned upon and this will be a lesson of humility to you.

You should also know that this lesson will come from someone who themselves do not mean well and is a proverbial snake. They appear to be your friend but are really not.

What to do: Cut down on your pride. Do not take any actions in the coming weeks all out of showing off or pride as you will regret. The dream is a warning but its symbolism is not set in stone. You can dodge it if you do the right thing. Keep an eye on some of your friends. Some of them do not mean well.

Seeing a snake swallowing a cat in the dream meaning

If you see a snake swallowing a cat in a dream, it means something will happen that will affect your independence, As earlier stated, cats symbolize self-reliance and freedom. Seeing a snake swallow a cat can be spiritually interpreted as a serious looming threat that will hit your career, business, or your main source of income. The results of such an event will be far-reaching and longterm.

What to do: There will be betrayal that will be devastating. You have to be careful how you tread and also watch those around you as the traitor is really close by.

Seeing a snake killing or swallowing a white cat

Seeing a snake swallow a white cat in the dream means something great that you have done and are really proud of is at stake. It could be that you managed to get into university due to your hard work. Or perhaps you have been promoted at work due to your outstanding performance. That all may be at stake and the problem will come from someone close.

What to do: Since the problem will come from a snake, ie someone pretending to be a friend when they really are against you, you will need to watch those around you because once they strike, the damage will be long-term.

The color of the snake in the dream also matters

If the snake is white, it means the traitor will think what they are doing is right, maybe out of revenge. If the snake is black, it means the action will be all out of jealousy and you will have done nothing to deserve the treatment.

It is important not to treat the dream with too much fear as that only makes the symbolism more likely to turn into reality.

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