Snakes Falling From the Ceiling Dream Meaning

A dream in which you see snakes falling from the ceiling symbolizes the outing of fake friends. It could also be a sign that it is time to face your deepest fears and grow, or that you will have no choice but to transform since snakes are a symbol of transformation.

Below, I will explain how the symbolism of a ceiling intertwines with that of snakes, and give you the full interpretation of this dream.

The outing of fake friends

As I explained in my interpretation of dreams about a ceiling falling on you, the ceiling symbolizes deceit and lies – a false image since it hides the ugliness of the underside of the roof for better aesthetics. This dream could therefore mean that certain fake people in your life will lose their fake image and you will know them for who they are.

The snakes you saw stand for these fake people pretending to be your friends. The idea is that they are hiding in the ceiling, making you feel safe despite their hidden presence. However, their schemes will be exposed and be laid bare.

This dream could also be about the exposure of a fake girlfriend, boyfriend, or any significant other in your life. It could also be about someone trying to scam you out of your money, or even a dubious business partner out to steal from you.

A transformation that you cannot postpone

Sometimes we might know that we need to change in order for us to grow as we attempt to become all that we feel we could be. However, change is rarely comfortable so even when we know it is due, we tend to postpone it. But for you, seeing serpents fall from the ceiling means there is no more running from this. You will have to change.

This might happen by way of a situation that you cannot avoid but deal with. It might be uncomfortable and you may wish for it to go away. However, you will have nothing else to do but to face it. Once you do, you will gain new experiences, see things with fresh eyes and transform your life.

This is drawn from the idea that snakes in dreams symbolize transformation. The fact that they fell from the ceiling close to you paints a picture of you having nowhere to run, meaning you just have to face the transformation.

Someone you feel will be there for you might bring you trouble

In this dream, the ceiling provided you with beauty, hiding the ugly underside of the roof. However, it is from the same that snakes fell, and snakes stand for enmity as I earlier said. The symbolism here is that someone you rely on could actually be the one to cause you trouble in the near future.

You might want to make sure the people in your circle, the ones you rely on, are loyal. You need to cast any naivety away and see things as they are. Pay attention to the ones that show signs of jealousy. Those could be the ones that betray you. It could be a friend, a colleague, a classmate, or even a relative that you depend on.

You will transform your public image for the betterĀ 

Snakes symbolize transformation while the ceiling stands for your image since it gives your home an improved appearance apart from other functions. A dream about snakes falling from the ceiling could therefore be about the transformation of your public image for the better.

Your public image is simply your reputation. This means you will do something great that will cause people around you to admire, respect, and be inspired by you. There are many ways that this could happen. It could be through business, your career, your relationship, or even your education.

Beware of putting up a fake image, it might bite you

Instead of letting people see you for who you are, you might be tempted to pretend and put up an image that is a far cry from who you are. However, this dream is a warning telling you that your fake image might backfire and come to haunt you.

You might get a few points here and there but the real you might soon be unmasked and this will do you more damage than the gains you might reap from a built-up persona. You have to be your true self. Those that will love you will love you for you and those that don’t like the real you should not be in your life anyway.

Problems hanging over you will fall

There are sometimes certain looming problems that always seem to be hanging over our heads, waiting to rock our boats at any minute. But seeing this dream is a good sign. It means some of these threatening issues will soon fall, as in they will no longer be a problem.

The snakes symbolize fears and worries that keep you occupied day and night from time to time. Seeing them fall from the ceiling means these worries will no longer have any power over you. They will be cleared and your mind will be free from these thoughts that may have been choking the life out of you like a python does a deer.

It is time to act with wisdom

Snakes stand for wisdom. Their eyes appear to hold ancient wisdom gathered through ages. Seeing them fall from the ceiling could mean the time has come for you to act with wisdom. There might be ahead of you a puzzling situation that could make or break you. It will require wisdom if you are to come out of it.

If you do survive it, you will grow and be empowered to conquer more as you move towards your goals. The experience you will gain will make you wiser and capable of tackling even bigger issues. You need to act with wisdom in your relationship, business, job, or career.

Examples of dreams about snakes falling from the ceiling

Here are some examples of dreams in which you might see snakes fall from the ceiling as well as what they mean.

Cobras falling from the ceiling

A dream in which you see a cobra fall from the ceiling means you will realize that a problem you have been worried about was not that much of an issue at all. The symbolism is premised on the fact that the cobra is deceptive, in that it makes itself look bigger than it is by flattening its neck into a hood.

This problem is not inherently ruinous but is only damaging due to your anxiety and worry about it. Worry in one area of your life tends to cripple your whole life.

Black snakes falling from the ceiling

There is a problem that you know nothing about but that affects your life. You think all is well but that’s because you are in darkness with regards to what’s actually happening. However, the dream means you will soon learn about this issue and by that time, it will no longer be a threat. The black color of the snake symbolizes the fact that you are in the dark about the problem, not knowing anything.

White snakes falling from the ceiling

A dream in which you see a white snake or white snakes fall from the ceiling means there is a good thing that you mistakenly believe to a problem. You will only realize that it was beneficial to you once it comes to an end. You might want to look closer at the situations in your life before you judge them as either good or bad.

What if the snake falls on someone else?

You might have a dream in which you see snakes or a snake fall on someone else. This could be your child, your brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, grandmother, friend, etc. The meaning is usually the same as that of a snake falling on you. That is because sometimes, the dream world might show us things about ourselves through other people.

Red snake falling from the ceiling

A dream in which you see a red snake fall from the ceiling means there is something you are passionate about that will bring you an unexpected fortune. Red snakes in the dream stand for passion. The fact that you did not know about this red snake until it fell means you are not aware of just how beneficial or life-changing your passion could be. You will, however, soon not just know about it but experience it too.

Green snake falling from the ceiling

A dream in which you see green snakes fall from the ceiling means your finances will be transformed unexpectedly. You will get a breakthrough out of the blue if you just keep doing what you should. Green snakes in the dream symbolize wealth and prosperity. The fact that they are falling from the ceiling means that prosperity will come suddenly when you least expect it.

Yellow snakes falling from the ceiling

Seeing yellow snakes fall from the ceiling means you will be transformed from a fearful person to a courageous one. Yellow is the color of cowardice and fear while snakes symbolize change or transformation. The fact that the snake fell from the ceiling denotes the end of your fearfulness.

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