Snakes Falling From The Sky Dream Meaning

If you see snakes falling from the sky in a dream, it means the very place you think help is supposed to come from will be the source of your trouble. The sky symbolizes heaven, and that is where most people expect their help to come from when all earthly means fail.

When people think of God, they imagine he dwells somewhere up in the sky. It does not matter whether you believe in God or not, in our collective psyche, the symbolism is the same. The snakes symbolize enmity while the sky can be interpreted as a source of help, that is, the dwelling place of God.

The fact that you are seeing multiple snakes fall from the sky symbolizes deceit. There is someone who appears to be trying to help you but is really out to destroy you. It could be a friend feeding you false information while telling others the same things about you. It could be that the person you have trusted to protect your resources is the one taking from you.

What to do: After the dream, take some time to see who the masked villain could be.

the dream might also mean something you think is helpful will turn out to be bad for you and it may not necessarily be a person. You could be embarking on a business venture that will backfire and harm you more than help.

You could be attempting to make a change in your career that may turn out to be more of a setback than an advancement. The problem is that everything may seem so inviting but that will turn out to be a dangerous facade.

Python, boa, or anaconda falling from the sky dream meaning

A python suffocates its prey before swallowing it. That means there will be a change in your life that will suffocate the life out of a department of your life. It could be your relationship, your business, or your education. The problem is that it will appear to not be a problem at first and the suffocation may happen so slowly that you won’t be able to feel it from the start until it’s too late.

Baby snakes falling from the snake meaning

If you see small baby snakes falling, it means there is some trouble coming that you will think nothing of at first until it’s too late. Just like most people would look at small snakes as just tiny inconveniences, they can still be as venomous as their parents. This can be interpreted as some serious problem that will first appear harmless.

What to do: Do not take any chances in any department of your life, whether it is your relationship, your job, your school or your business. Do not ignore any problems that may seem harmless because the little snakes will not even need time to grow. They will be dangerous right from the start.

Snakes falling on the roof of your house

If you see a snake fall on the roof of your house, it is a sign that your sense of protection is at risk. There will come an event in your life that will leave you feeling vulnerable, something that will shake your sense of protection in this life.

What to do: Be strong, you will only be as vulnerable as you let yourself feel.

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