Dream about soldiers chasing you

Soldiers chasing you dream interpretation

A dream in which you see a soldier or group of soldiers chasing you means you are the kind of person that does what they want, thereby attracting public opposition.

The soldiers you saw stand for the people that have assigned themselves the role of keepers of tradition or convention. These are people that oppose anything that deviates from the expected. If you try to do things your way, they will gossip, ridicule, and possibly sabotage your efforts. These people could be your friends, relatives, work colleagues, classmates, etc. Here are some more meanings of a dream about soldiers chasing you.

You are haunted by your past mistakes

Seeing soldiers chase you in your dream could simply mean you are being haunted by your past mistakes. It does not really mean you are a bad person, but sometimes, we are irrationally drawn into brutal self-criticism. This is something that you have to resolve as it can impact your mental well-being adversely.

You could be avoiding certain responsibilities.

The soldiers you saw chasing you could also symbolize certain responsibilities that you are avoiding. These could be responsibilities in your relationship, your career, school, etc.

Dream about soldiers chasing you down a hallway

A dream in which you see soldiers chasing you down a hallway, corridor, or passageway, means you need to broaden your perspective. It means you live your life along narrow limited lines. Your goals and dreams, for example, could be too limited and need expansion.

Dream about soldiers chasing you in vehicles

Seeing soldiers chase you in vehicles or helicopters means your life’s journey will be rewarded but you will face equally tough opposition.

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