The Powerful 3-Step Daily Visualization Technique

The underlying working principle behind visualization is simple: just hold images of what you would like to achieve. This, however, is far from building castles in the air or flashing fantasies across your mental silver screen.

It’s about simulating the exact emotional, mental, and, sometimes, even physical states that you would be in if your goals were indeed realized. The experience should be believable especially to your subconscious mind. That is the hardest part and this is where the three-step daily visualization method comes in.

What is the 3-step daily visualization technique

The 3-step daily visualization technique is simple. It is about coaxing your subconscious mind into believing in the reality of your goals.

You start with visualizing basic improvements to your current state of affairs, then dial it up to a middle ground between where you are now and where you want to be. The last step involves envisioning how you would ultimately want things to be—your final goal.

It is all about taking your subconscious mind on an incremental journey and avoiding dramatic jumps from the current state of affairs to something entirely new. This way, no step of the technique will feel alien to your subconscious mind, thereby causing it to “doubt” what you tell it.

Look at it this way: if you’re broke now and you try to envision yourself having $100,000 within a week, what will fill your mind is the thought of just how impossible it is for you to get that kind of money in such a short time.

The visualization, subsequently, backfires on you as your subconscious mind picks up your thoughts of lack and brings you more of just that—lack.

Bottom line: take it slow. Go one step at a time.

How to perform the  3-step daily visualization technique.

You have to divide your journey to your goals into 3 segments. The primary, secondary and tertiary segments. The primary segment should be done in the morning after waking up; the secondary segment in the afternoon; and, finally, the tertiary segment before you sleep.

The primary segment

First, you have to prime your mind and infuse it with the mere idea of improving your life. Visualize believable improvements to your life that you would consider reasonably within your reach.

For example, if you would like to be making $100,000 from a current income of $50,000, do not start with visualizing having a $100,000.

Start instead with, say, $60,000. That way, you introduce the idea of improvement to your subconscious without the shock of an unfamiliar idea. You make it believe growth is possible.

Your mind knows how it feels to make $50,000. By giving it the experience of $60,000, there will be little resistance.

The primary segment should be done just after waking up. It is important to visualize the first step in the morning. Psychologically, we associate mornings with new beginnings, infancy, or sowing.

The secondary segment

The secondary segment of the 3-step daily visualization method involves finding the middle ground between the primary segment, which is the first visualization, and the final segment which represents your final goal.

For our $100,000 goal, the primary segment is $60,000 and the secondary segment would be $80,000. It does not have to be a mathematical median. Just pick whatever feels like the middle ground to you.

The secondary segment should be done in the afternoon.

The tertiary segment

The third and final part is the tertiary segment. Here, you visualize your goal in its fullness. This should be accompanied by feelings of accomplishment and excitement. You should try to feel just as you would if it were really happening.

For our example, the tertiary segment would involve visualizing making $100,000. You have to feel the financial ease that would come with it, feel the excitement of having the ability to buy the things you desire, and experience the satisfaction that would come with helping those around you.

You have to make the visualization experiential on an emotional level. Abstract, unreal ideas can frighten, amuse, upset and inspire us. People can watch a movie and cry. Surely they are not dumb enough to think what they are watching is real. But that is the point.

It is not what you think with your conscious mind that steers your life but what the subconscious believes to be real. To it, there is no difference between a real event and an imaginary one that is simply believed to be real. Your subconscious mind takes imagination and reality as the same.

You, therefore, have to use all sorts of visualization aids to trick your subconscious into believing your imagination as real.

You need to repeat this daily. In order to breach your solid mental walls and sneak in new possibilities, the visualization has to be potent and repetitive.

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Why 3 segments?

The power of three in visualization
The power of three in visualization

As stated earlier, it does not matter how much of a leap it would be for you to move from where you are now to where you would like to be. However big the gap might be, you still have to divide it into 3 parts.

Everything in the universe follows numerical patterns. 3 is the seed of life. It is a numerical representation of the quality of being brief but complete. It is in the atom with its 3 main subatomic particles: neutrons, electrons, and protons. It is in the conceptualization of time: past, present, and future.

It is the number of complete but brief segmentation; the beginning, the middle and, the end. You see it in the rise, growth, and demise of empires. It is in the wholeness of a human: mind, soul, and body. 3 is the minimum number of points needed to support a base and three lines, as in the triangle, depict a stable structural construction. 3 is a charm. Literally.

What can you expect to see in your life

Your subconscious mind could be considered as a mediator between you and the universe. It is your spokesperson that unfortunately speaks whatever it is fed, whether good or bad, false or real. If you feed it the idea of poverty, that is exactly what it will communicate to the universe.

If you persist with this visualization technique, your goals become a new reality to your subconscious mind. It starts to bring circumstances that work to maintain your visualized state of prosperity. You will see opportunities where you would earlier have seen none.

You will find yourself being able to connect with people that could help you realize your goals. You will feel motivated to persist in whatever endeavor could take you to your goals. Where there is a subconscious will, there will be a way.


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