White Snake Dream Meaning

A dream about a white snake should not leave you worried. It is a positive thing. In fact, most dreams about snakes, despite often being terrifying, have positive meanings. White snakes in dreams stand for transformation, wisdom, intelligence, patience, and integrity.

Here are some detailed meanings of white snake dreams as well as some common dream situations which might feature a white snake.

Symbolizes an enemy attack that works to your advantage

If you see a white snake in a dream, it might symbolize an enemy attacking you only for things to go in your favor. Someone might think they are destroying you without knowing that they are actually using their time and energy for your good.

What you need sometimes, it to lay back and just watch things unfold. You might get to see your enemies fall into the very holes they dug for you while you move ahead.

For example, an enemy might get you fired from your job only for you to find a far much better one. Your boyfriend, girlfriend mighr cheat on you or break up with you only for you to start a relationship with someone far much better for you.

Symbolizes positive transformation

Snakes are symbols of transformation because of their ability to shed old skin. If you see a white snake in the dream, you are probably going through a positive transformation, wisening up, getting epiphanies, and seeing things from new perspectives.

This transformation is not just for nothing. The dream means you are at a time when you really have to do this for you to move forward.

Symbolizes receiving help from someone you thought was an enemy

There are some people you might regard as enemies or might simply not like. However, this could all be because you have not yet had a chance to know them. A white snake in the dream stands for good things coming into your life because of certain people you mistakenly do not like.

This could be a boss you think is horrible just because you do not yet know them, an acquaintance you have all sorts of judgments about, etc.

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You are wise and intelligent and you use these traits for good

Snakes have always been symbols of intelligence and wisdom. A white snake dream might be an allusion to your intelligence and wisdom and the fact that you use these traits for positive ends. Such a heart is what a good leader should have. If you took up a leadership role, people would love you.

There are people with intelligence that use it for evil. These are the so-called evil geniuses. This is not you and this dream confirms it.

You need some alone time

Snakes are for the most part solitary, meaning they live alone. Seeing a white snake in the dream means you need some alone time. Because the snake you saw was white, it means such solitude would do you some good. Take a break from all the chaos of modern life.

There is a difference between solitude and loneliness. Loneliness is a negative state to be in, But solitude is something you choose deliberately. It is important to take a break for you to see things more clearly.

You need to transform a bad situation into good

When people say snakes stand for transformation, they are often referring to personal transformation. However, this transformation could also be about situations. Seeing a white snake in the dream could mean you have troubles that you desperately need to transform into good.

For this transformation to take place, you need the positive traits of a snake. These include wisdom, intelligence, tenacity, perseverance courage, and patience.

You are misunderstood by those around you

Many people see snakes as negative. The color white, on the other hand, is a positive dream symbol. A white snake is therefore confusing and this could be a reflection of your own life. Those around you have failed to figure you out and this has made some dislike you.

They say people destroy what they figure out, and hate what they cannot understand. You do not have to change for those that dislike you just because they cannot figure you out. Just keep on being yourself.

Symbolizes overcoming a strong fear of yours

Snakes are fearsome creatures. Seeing a white one in the dream symbolizes overcoming a strong fear that may have kept you from being the person you were truly meant to be.

It is a sign that what you fear is nothing to be scared of. You might be afraid of going into business even when you want to, or afraid of relationships for one reason or another. The white snake in the dream is a call for you to not be afraid as there is no reason to be.

Symbolizes a bad situation that ends up working well for you

A white snake stands for the negativity that turns out to be positive. Seeing one in the dream symbolizes trouble that could actually end up being a thing of joy. This dream should calm you down amid any storms you might be going through. Some good could come out of it all.

What you need to do is to always look for the good in every situation. Perhaps if you look closely, you might see the blessings in disguise.

Examples of dreams about white snakes

Here some common dreams about white snakes and what they mean.

Being bitten by a white snake

Being bitten by a white snake in the dream symbolizes a wake-up call for courage, tenacity, and a strong will. These are all traits of snakes but since it’s a white snake biting you, it means you need these traits for your advancement in life.

You are at a time in your life where you feel like giving up but in a tiny corner of your mind, you do know that persistence might be the way to go. This dream is a manifestation of that little voice telling you to move right ahead.

Seeing a giant white snake

This dream means there is a  giant mountain standing in your life. You think you do not have what it takes to surmount them but this dream says otherwise. It means you have the requisite will-power, courage, strength, and persistence to successfully overcome.

What you need to do is awaken this giant white snake within you – a strong will, courage, persistence, and confidence.

Being chased by a white snake

A dream in which you see a white snake chase you means it is time to act with wisdom and intelligence concerning a situation in your life. However, you do not like this and are avoiding doing the right thing. Look at your life. Is there anything you know you should do but are not?

The wide and crooked path appears attractive most of the time, and the straight and narrow seems like too much work for so little gain. The fact that the white snake was chasing you is a sign that the wide path is not for you. Your greatness lies in being noble, upright, honest, and a person of integrity.

Small, tiny, or baby white snake

You are wise, intelligent, and have greatness in you. However, you lack confidence and you find yourself shrinking out of fear of being judged. The confidence of a snake is in you but it requires to be cultivated and allowed to grow.

The baby white snake you saw is a good thing. It means there is room for growth and expansion. However, you have to feed it by pushing yourself to act with confidence and boldness.

Seeing a white snake in water 

A dream in which you see a white snake in water means you are a great person but are hindered by your emotions. You have difficulties controlling your emotions and this has led to the loss of opportunities, loss of partners, and even loss of people willing to help you.

Water in dreams represents emotions, and seeing a white snake in water means you are a person drowning in the consequences of uncontrolled emotions. What you need is to learn to master your feelings and this will bring out the great person in you.

Dead white snake

A dead white snake in the dream means you are at a point in your life where you are wondering whether being an upright person is worth it. You have been hurt by the very people you have been good to and this is tempting you to act in dubious ways that are unnatural to you.

You are wondering whether to kill your wise, noble spirit for a bad-guy/bad-girl kind of spirit. But this might not end well for you if you take the wide and crooked path over the straight and narrow.

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White snake biting your foot

A white snake bite on foot is a wake-up call for you to move on towards your goals with the tenacity, wisdom, strength, and courage of a snake. The fact that the snake that bit you is white means your goals have to be noble. The bite is not a negative sign. It simply stands for empowerment. You will feel motivated and empowered to move forward.

There are times when we feel discouraged and demotivated seemingly for no reason. But there are also times when we get a wave of optimism, motivation, determination, and enthusiasm. If you see a white snake bite you on your foot, it symbolizes such a time.

White snake biting your hand

If you see a white snake bite your hand in a dream, it means you are doubting the benefit of being diligent, upstanding, honest, or simply noble. The hand aspect means this dream has to do with your career or job.

You feel playing by the rules may not be getting you anywhere and it could actually be slowing you down. You see others cut corners and get ahead while your honesty seems to keep you stationary.

But this is a misjudgment. With time, you will see that upright pays off more dividends than being dubious in your business.

Killing a white snake

Killing a white snake means there is something or someone good in your life that you misunderstand to be bad. You are misjudging people and situations and thereby losing certain blessings that come your way. You should not make your judgments on impressions or feelings.

The fact that you killed this white snake in your dream symbolizes burning bridges, ruining relationships with people that are important to you just because you misjudged them.

Stepping on a white snake

A dream in which you step on a white snake means you are in too much of a hurry to get ahead in life that you keep disregarding the good people and situations in your life. The could even mean you are abusing the very people that are helping you – you are stepping on them.

This might not be deliberate. You would not step on a snake unless it was an accident. This dream, therefore, implies you might not even be aware that you are abusing the people in your life as you hurry toward your goals.

The dream could also simply means there are some opportunities you are disregarding, not knowing that they could in fact change your life.

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